In the fields of alternative thinking there is a commonly accepted notion of something that we call the Higher Self. This is considered to be a part of our being that is not necessarily in a physical body, yet is directly connected to our minds and is available to us to offer wisdom and insight into our challenges in the human experience. This being can also be said to have a higher vantage point where it is able to tell us about things we could not know otherwise. Being a source of love, light, inspiration and wisdom, anyone who is practical in wanting to improve their lives can benefit from tapping into this source.

When we do open up to this idea of a Higher Self, then we can also ask the question about whether our Higher Self has a Higher Self? In metaphysics, this is called the Oversoul Theory and it acknowledges that there is always a higher order of being and that even our higher self is growing, learning and evolving through working with a higher mind than its own.

In her book The Education of Oversoul Seven, Jane Roberts (who was known for channeling a non-physical being known as Seth) explores how a Higher Self, known as Oversoul Seven, has to work with its many lower selves while being counseled by its higher self. This idea relates to what we find in hypnotherapy where we explore past-life regression because while we may appear to have many past-lives, the Oversoul model helps us to acknowledge that they may not actually be occurring in the “past” at all, but right here and now depending on the point-of-view of the observer.

For us, from the bodily level on the physical plane, there appears to be a past, a present and a future, yet for the Higher Self these are all existing simultaneously. However to expand our minds even further we can ask the question about whether our Higher Self also has its own past, present and future that is being observed by another higher being – and then going on ad infinitum beyond all imagining.

Hypnotherapy becomes a powerful and open-minded platform to explore these ideas in a space where we are not criticized for being willing to consider such thoughts. Join us for our Monday Night Conscious Community Classes as we explore these topics on on September 21st, 201 at 7:00pm EST.