Yogis, Chakras and Chai in the Himalayas

colorful yoga chakra

Most people who are into a spiritual life know about the Yogic chakra system and about the many wonderful teachings that have come over from the holy land of India. However, there are also many watered down versions of these teachings that are not always accessible to western students. Many western translations lack the true depth of the yogic scriptures and many transliterations actually cause a mispronunciation of important terms. Through poor translation, poor transliteration and limited knowledge about the essential teachings, many westerners go missing the point of the true essence of these powerful philosophies and psychologies.

Many of us have heard about seven major energy centers known as chakras that run up and down the cerebral-spinal axis of the body. We have heard of their colors, their energetics and even the way they influence our health and our mental and emotional states. We have heard of the powerful energy known as kundalini that is said to lie dormant at the first chakra, which eventually awakens and journeys up the spine to shine at the crown of the head in the glory of enlightenment. Yet even in the midst of such understandings many students are left without a significant practical knowledge of how to bring these teachings into their everyday lives. Many people have been enchanted by esoteric topics and spiritual journeys into the Himalayas. We’ve heard about yogis who meditate on the top of great Himalayan peaks and of great masters who claim to perform extraordinary feats. However, in the end the seeker of truth is always led to the realization that what is sought lies deep within. Beyond the chakras, the profound energy awakenings and the awe-inspiring saints and sages, we always are led back to ourselves and to the fact that we all want to find is the peace, bliss and love within ourselves.

The yogic teachings, in their essence, offer us all a direct Vision of Oneness that transcends all journeys, all teachings and all teachers. The beauty of this experience is that hypnotherapy provides very easy access to such states once we understand them. The mystical teachings of India are extraordinarily simple, and at the same time true hypnotherapy aligns perfectly with them. Join us this Monday Night, October the 12th as we discuss the intimate union of hypnotherapy and spirituality as transpersonal hypnotherapy and deep yogic philosophy join in a marriage that leads to our own self-realization and inevitably towards the service of others. Grab your cup of chai, sit back, and prepare to find the beauty that lies within your very own self – as your very own self.

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