Would You Use Hypnosis to Cure Cancer?

Would You Use Hypnosis to Cure Cancer?

One of the most common questions that I get from new students is something along the lines of “Can hypnosis be used for…?”  The answer is generally always the same.  “Anything that the mind affects, hypnosis can work on.”  However, “to what degree can the mind help,” might be the better question, and “what specifically can we really do to help?”  For significant issues such as cancer, Hypnotherapists can accomplish a lot with the proper training.  For many years, I gave lectures called “Healing the Mind, Healing the Body,” and working in conjunction with a patient’s physician we can significantly improve the quality of life for the patient and even aid in their recovery.  Read more here about how hypnosis can be used to support cancer patients through every stage of their process.

Can hypnosis cure cancer?

We never say that hypnosis can cure anything, however, we acknowledge that the mind has an incredible power to do good for one’s physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health, and for one’s behaviors as well.  Hypnosis can be used in coordination with traditional medical treatment by:

  1. Creating a positive mental attitude to overcome any challenge that life brings us
  2. Reducing anxiety related to medical procedures, surgeries, and end-of-life themes
  3. Reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments
  4. Possibly shrinking tumors and eliminating cancer cells through visualization work
  5. Improving the quality of sleep for accelerated healing
  6. Clearing emotional blocks which could contribute to any psychosomatic illness components of any medical condition.


Can any Hypnotherapist work on medical conditions, such as cancer?

We strongly recommend only working with graduates from state-licensed hypnotherapy schools who have specialized training in medical and clinical hypnotherapy.  We recommend working with practitioners with at least 400 hours of training, and specifically those who get regular continuing education in their respective fields. Medical hypnosis requires specialized training in working with medical professionals, high ethics, an understanding of hypnosis law for medical conditions, and the right techniques that help to make positive change in a patient’s life.


What are the laws for working with medical conditions?

Most states do not have specific hypnosis laws, yet we defer to Florida Hypnosis Law for all 50 states, because that law makes a clear distinction between therapeutic and non-therapeutic hypnosis.  Therapeutic hypnosis is when we focus on medical conditions, mental health conditions, or dental conditions.  In these cases, the law requires a prescription referral, supervision, or direction from the appropriate licensed practitioner of the healing arts.  In the case of cancer, this law would apply.


Is it worth using hypnotherapy to support cancer treatment?

Yes!  Absolutely!  I have seen tremendous results with tumors that have shrunk through the power of the mind, and I have seen medical results which defy explanation because of hypnotic interventions.  No harm can come from working with a well-trained Clinical Hypnotherapist; when it comes down to matters of life and death, we cannot recommend enough using hypnosis to supplement traditional medical care.  The power of the mind is inestimable, so using it to create the best possible outcome is always worth the time, energy, and money.


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