Why We Suffer and How Oneness Consciousness is Key

When the Buddha became enlightened, he was asked what happened to him.  His simple answer was “I woke up” and it is said that he was completely freed from all suffering.  Is that true?  Can a human being really be free from suffering?

In A Course in Miracles, there is only one problem and only one solution.  The problem is separation, and the solution is oneness.  In Buddha’s enlightenment, he discovered that the false-self, or ego, makes us feel separate from the whole and that by transforming this false-self, we discover our true nature as being one with all that is.

The real question in this context is if a state-licensed hypnotherapy training and set of hypnosis training programs can truly align us with the deeper spiritual principles of healing, enlightenment, and oneness consciousness.  Read more here…

One Problem – One Solution

When we truly look deeply within ourselves and study the great wisdom and traditions which came before us, we can see that our minds are the problem.  The great teachings do not tell us to make our lives perfect, our bodies perfect, and our souls perfect, in order to be free.  They tell us that the mind (and specifically the part of the mind called ego) is the only problem.

Spirit, or soul, is already enlightened and is already perfect, whole, and complete, and that aspect of our being does not need healing. Our bodies and our lives are always changing, and the solution is not to try and make them the way we think they should be. The real solution is to transform the part of our mind (ego) which creates the illusion of separation so that we can experience the truth of reality as it is, without our deluded mind getting in the way.

Therefore, the one problem is the false sense of separation which comes from our ego-mind, and the one solution is simply a return to oneness, which is where we already are anyway.

Can Healing and Enlightenment really be that simple?

Yes!  People complicate true healing, yet Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, is rooted in the ancient wisdom traditions of Hinduism/Yogic Philosophy, Buddhism/Zen, Taoism/Traditional Chinese Medicine, Judaism/Kabbalah, and Christianity/A Course in Miracles.

These teachings all point to one simple truth – dissolve the false self and experience not only freedom from suffering, but also peace, love, joy, bliss, and oneness.

The path is not necessarily easy, yet the teachings are very simple indeed.

Solid training in hypnotherapy can be a gateway to a path of true healing and enlightenment, which when it is all said and done, is truly a path to relieve suffering and restore oneness consciousness to our very own minds.

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