When Hypnosis Sessions Do Not Go As Planned 

When Hypnosis Sessions Do Not Go As Planned 

When Hypnosis Sessions Do Not Go As Planned 

In a thorough Hypnotherapy Certification Training, students need to not only know powerful protocols to induce positive change, they also need to know how to handle situations when they do not go as planned.  We work from the model that it is not the client’s fault if they do not succeed.  Telling a client that they are not hypnotizable or that they are resisting is a very irresponsible way of being a professional in our field.  Read more here about why it is so important to get proper training and to know how to work with challenging clients in creative ways.

Planning Your Hypnosis Sessions

It is best to release the expectations of clients and to honor that they can never do it wrong.  When a client comes in, we serve them best by being open and clear within ourselves.  We need to listen carefully, truly understand what they are asking of us, and then we can offer modalities that we believe will work to help to get them to their goals.  Planning the session beforehand is an easy way to make the client feel like something is wrong with them.  While it is okay to think about how we will help a specific client in advance of your session, it is often better to simply follow the client in real time and to deal with what emerges in creative ways in the moment.

Are There “Resistant” Clients?

If someone makes it into your office, then they have at least the slightest bit of willingness, which is what is necessary for positive change to occur.  Anyone who asks for help is not to be considered “resisting.”  A client can only work in ways that are natural to them and we need to adapt to their preferred working style.  If a hypnotherapist insists that a client respond in a specific way and they do not, then we might say that they are resisting, however, using force against force is not creative, intelligent, or compassionate.  We need to be flexible, listen carefully, and shift our own preferred working style when it is just not right for the client.

Does A Hypnosis Certification Program Train Me to Adapt to Clients?

A truly high-level, career training absolutely must prepare you to adapt to a range of situations as they arise.  At the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, we offer 500 hours of state-licensed comprehensive hypnotherapy training and certification programs that train students in virtually every style of hypnosis imaginable.  We focus on direct, indirect, maternal, paternal, conversational, Ericksonian, and classical hypnosis.  By learning about many different styles of hypnosis you will find that you are better able to adapt to clients and to get them to their goals.

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