What Can You Do with a Hypnotherapy Certification?

What Can You Do with a Hypnotherapy Certification?

What can you do with a Hypnotherapy Certification?

Getting training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy can open many wonderful doors that you might not even be aware of! Graduates can go into full-time or part-time practice, can use the training as an adjunct to existing professions, or can join forces within holistic health, psychology, or other medical, mental health, or dental offices.

A Hypnotherapist can work out of other already established businesses, can have his/her own office, or can work from home using Zoom just as is being done more and more in telemedicine and online psychotherapy.

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Going into Private Practice for Yourself?

One of the most rewarding things that you can do with your hypnosis training and certification is to rent your own private office.  A simple 200 square foot room is all that is needed for the sessions themselves.

You can be your own boss, make your own hours, and charge a very healthy fee for your hourly rate.  Many graduates are encouraged to start at $140 per session, yet we have graduates who are charging well over $300 per session.

We cannot guarantee you how much money you will make after graduation, yet we can tell you that many graduates see about 15 to 25 clients per week.  If you do the math you can see the income potential of a truly rewarding and fulfilling career.

Private Practice and as an Adjunct

Many graduates prefer to keep their day jobs and to do hypnosis part-time on the weekends or in the evenings.  Many are already established in other caregiving professions, such as psychotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, or massage.

Hypnotherapy blends beautifully with these and many other professions.  The skills you’ll develop in a quality and comprehensive hypnosis training help you resolve the mental blocks within your clients to help them to succeed.

For instance, a personal trainer and/or nutritionist could integrate hypnotherapy to help his/her clients to eat healthier, to feel a desire to exercise, and lose weight naturally through the power of the mind.

Working in Other Settings

We have graduates who have used hypnosis to work with major corporations and even the Department of Health.

Hypnotherapists can act as consultants and team leaders to mobilize others to tap into the power of their own minds for individual and group excellence.  Graduates have worked out of doctors’ offices, dental offices, and even psychiatric clinics.

You do not necessarily get a job as a Hypnotherapist, yet arrangements can be made to work with others while paying rent, offering a percentage of income, or working within a referral system where you are your own independent contractor.

Learning hypnosis and hypnotherapy and creating a career is amazing, yet the personal and spiritual growth opportunities are quite worthwhile as well.

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