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Way More Than Hypnotherapy Training

Way More Than Hypnotherapy Training

Perhaps you have been looking for training to become a Hypnotherapist and to start leading a life that is truly meaningful and fulfilling.

Making Hypnotherapy a career or an adjunct to an existing career is wonderful, yet at the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy we offer so much more than just our basic 500 hours of State-Licensed Hypnotherapy Certification.  We also offer:

Going beyond that which is already quite comprehensive

When we founded the Institute back in 2007, we wanted to create one of the best Hypnotherapy Schools in the world.  At the time we started with 410 hours, yet as there was so much more to teach we added an additional 90 hours to our already very thorough curriculum.

We succeeded in creating a hypnosis training that covers fundamental and advanced hypnotism concepts, regressive hypnotherapy, clinical and medical hypnotherapy, and transpersonal hypnotherapy.  This became the core of our three State-Licensed Diploma programs, yet that was still not enough because we never stop working for you to offer the very best possible hypnotherapy education.

Building Upon the Foundation

Once you have 500 hours of training, there are ample CEU and growth opportunities available to successful graduates.  NLP is a very powerful addition which gives you an additional 80 hours of training.  IAIH Annual Conference offer 30 hours of additional training and counts as CEUs for the required 30 hours every two years.

CEU courses in Eye Movement Therapy, Psychic and Intuitive Development, and Meditation deepen one’s skillsets and understandings.  Matthew Brownstein’s books on Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, Sacred Geometry, Healing and Enlightenment, and Peace Under All Circumstances add to an already deeply spiritually inspired curriculum.

Workbooks with audio recordings are also available for Manifesting Prosperity, Creating and Manifesting, Life Mastery and Astral Projection.

Growing with Us

After you graduate, we have programs for Clinical Internships, Supervisor Aide and Supervisor Training, Instructor, Examiner and Mentor Training, as well as opportunities for you to open a branch of the Institute in your home town and to be a Director of that location.

We are serious about growing with you and helping you to succeed

Our first 500 hours of hypnotherapy training is just the beginning of leading an inspired and joyful life.  We invite you to call us at 800-551-9247 as we want to create win-win relationships with everyone that we interact with where the entire world is benefited from what we do as a Team.

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