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Nourish a Tender Heart


When you see someone suffering,

can you remain spacious, still and quiet—

offering genuine Presence, true intimacy,

a tender heart that is ready

to be of service?

Can you do the same

for the wounded places within you?





Observe the Mutual Influence of Mind & Breath


Breath and mind (prana and citta) deeply influence one another—

like a horse and rider, together navigating

a wide plain or mountain pass.

By calming your breath, you can calm your mind.

And a settled mind naturally harmonizes the breath.

Have fun playing with this connection!






Your Secret Superpower


The simple act of smiling releases a cornucopia

of health-promoting biochemicals.

It’s your own inner medicine chest!

So, dial up a gentle smile (something like the Mona Lisa)

say “ahh” to release any tension in your face and jaw,

and notice how you feel …


Your True Body


Your true body is the universe—

the entire cosmos!

Love and respect every leaf, every tree,

every sentient being.

Know that as you drink a glass of water

you’re communing with lakes and rivers.

As you eat a piece of bread

you’re feasting on autumn wheat

swaying golden in the wind.






Clarify Your Intentions


Intentions are important!

Like setting preferences on your computer,

your intentions shape your future experience.

Write them, beautifully, in a journal.

Speak them out loud—or silently, as in prayer.

Then trust that the universe within you

is already gathering what is needed

for their fulfillment.






Random Acts of Kindness


Just for fun, and in the spirit

of sweet childlike innocence, practice random

acts of kindness: simple blessings bestowed

upon friends, family, or complete strangers.

Use your imagination! Make it into a fun-loving game,

a playful service to humanity—

and watch your heart blossom.






The Subtle Body as a Portal to Presence


Explore your subtle body: the felt experience

of inner warmth or coolness, tingling sensations,

or feelings of flowing energy.

Then rest your attention gently in the space

along the front of your spine. Imagine this space

as a river of liquid light. This is your portal

to Presence—to the unmanifest

core of your Being.






Anointing Your Sleep with Gratitude


As you’re drifting off to sleep, bring to mind

one or two (or five or ten or twenty) things you feel

genuinely grateful for.  Revel in this sweetness.

Allow a gentle smile. Say “ahh” ….

This is how to anoint your sleep

with the blessings of gratitude—

and infuse your dreams

with inspiration and healing.