Tips of the Day ~ February 2021

Flowing Into the Gap

Like the first small patch of blue

within an otherwise cloudy sky,

our first glimpse of something beyond

and behind the morass of thinking

can be a revelation.

See if you can notice the gap between

thoughts—and flow into this gap.

Be the vast blue sky

through which gentle or tumultuous

thought-clouds float …

Power Nap!

Access deep rest and insight with

a midday power-nap. Here’s how:

Lie down and focus gently on

feelings of relaxation in your body.

Notice, also, moments of external silence

and the inner silence of the gaps

between thoughts. Become aware

of emotional ease, and see the field of

shimmering darkness behind

your eyelids …





Road Bliss

Next time someone cuts you off in traffic

or taillights pile up in a jam,

invite the emergence of “road bliss”

rather than “road rage.” Here’s how:

Say “ahh” a few times to relax

your jaw and release the tension

in your neck and shoulders. Now,

put on your favorite music. Smile gently,

and send out thoughts of loving-kindness

to all the drivers around you.


Getting Naked

Every now and again, just for fun,

perceive nakedly. What does this mean?

It means appreciating shapes and colors,

scents and sounds and tastes,

without the overlay of mental commentary.

Resist the temptation

to tell elaborate stories about

what you’re seeing, hearing or touching.

Instead, become deeply intimate

with the simple direct sensory experience.


Candle Flame Meditation

Focusing gently on a candle flame

is a beautiful way to calm your mind.

Let your gaze be soft and relaxed,

as you rest attention there.

If you get distracted, no problem—

just come back to being interested

in the flame, how it shines and dances.

Fall in love with its simple beauty.

Notice how you feel.


Commune with a Tree

Stand with your back against the trunk of a tree.

Understand the beautifully symbiotic relationship

that the two of you have:

Your exhalation (of carbon dioxide)

is the tree’s inhalation.

And the tree’s exhalation (of oxygen)

is your inhalation. How amazing!

If so inspired, plant a tree or two,

in honor of this deep connection.

One Arrow or Many?


When someone does something that

harms you, physically or emotionally,

it’s like an arrow that has lodged in your flesh.

When your mind mentally replays the offense,

obsessing over it—this is like shooting yourself

with another arrow, over and over again

in the same place. Is aggravating

the wound in this way

all that intelligent?



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