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Hypnotherapy and The Creating and Manifesting Formula

Hypnotherapy and The Creating and Manifesting Formula

More and more people are turning to hypnosis because they realize the power of their own minds, and they want to use this brilliant tool in a more positive and constructive way.

Hypnotic programming can be great to align our subconscious minds with our highest intentions, yet many people in our field are not necessarily aware of just how important the conscious mind is as well to empower us to reach our goals.

Through the IIH Creating and Manifesting Formula you can get your conscious mind and your subconscious mind aligned in a way that makes you a very powerful force indeed.

Creative Visualization and Hypnotherapy

The mind works within three representational systems – visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  The more of our mind that we can get to work for us the better.  Hypnosis does not work by mere words alone.

We could consider the suggestions that we give to ourselves or others to reach goals to be auditory.  However, the subconscious responds much more to pictures (visual) and emotions (kinesthetic).

We need to paint pictures with our words to bring about strong emotion, and then the subconscious aligns much more easily to our highest intentions.  Using the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Creating and Manifesting Formula in conjunction with good Hypnotherapy Training, we activate our mind power and truly begin living the life that we were born to live.

Is the Mind Really that Powerful?

The mind obviously influences your body, your emotions and your behaviors, and that in itself a power that can literally move mountains, yet what if your thoughts influence your reality beyond traditional understandings of time and space?  Metaphysical thought systems teach that you are not your body, but that you as Spirit are a Divinely Empowered Co-Creator who can create ever new beautiful life experiences for yourself.

Through our Life Mastery Course and our Hypnotherapy Training, we empower you with a potential career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist who can see private clients in an office or online, yet with the Life Mastery Course you create success in all aspects of your life.

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Creating & Manifesting Teachings and Meditation

by Matthew Brownstein, ,

Creating and Manifesting is a twelve-step process designed to align the mind to tap into the incredible creative power that resides within all of us. 

There is no limit to our ability to bring abundance, health and well-being into our lives.  The truth is that all of this goodness is already there and waiting for us – we do not need to create it at all.  True creating and manifesting opens us to the truth that Divine Mind has already created all that is and that to open to this abundance we simply need to align our minds to do so.

This process can be applied to manifesting success in any category of life including spirituality, mental/emotional health, physical health, career/finances, relationships, or any material thing that is desired – it can also be used for those little things that make lie so much sweeter – like those good parking spots.  Recording One is a talk on the topic that will teach you all of the basics of Creating and Manifesting.  Recordings Two and Three contain two meditations, one shorter version (about 7 minutes) and one longer more in-depth version (about 14 minutes) that lead you through the Creating and Manifesting Process.


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