The 4 Most Destructive Emotions and the Beliefs That Fuel Them

The 4 Most Destructive Emotions and the Beliefs That Fuel Them

The 4 Most Destructive Emotions and the Beliefs That Fuel Them


Having been in the field of Hypnotherapy and Hypnotherapy Training since 1997, I have seen countless people suffering needlessly because of their own minds.  People are filled with false beliefs and negative emotions which ruin their lives, their relationships, and their health.  The vast majority of people come to hypnotherapy for issues that are completely resolvable because it is the mind that is causing the problems, and that very same mind can be easily transformed with the right tools and the right understanding.  Read more here about how our false beliefs and negative emotions can be resolved through Interpersonal Hypnotherapy in a way that is truly worth understanding.


What are the 4 major destructive emotions?

When a child gets hurt, the first major emotion is sadness.  A child is naturally happy, yet when pain occurs, there is a negative emotional response to let the child know that this is not something that he/she is wanting.  If that initial hurt persists, then that leads to fear.  Fear comes about when we realize that something can truly hurt us and where it makes sense to be afraid of that hurt.  Of course, when the hurt is severe enough, fear can develop right away.  In time, if the hurt and fear are not resolved, then this leads to anger as an emotional response to destroy that which is hurting us.  Because these emotions are often undesirable for our caregivers, and because it could be the caregivers themselves which cause our pain, then these emotions usually end up suppressed through the emotion of guilt.  While the development of our emotions is a complex topic, in Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, we primarily focus on hurt/sadness, fear, anger, and guilt.  When these emotions are brought back to peace, joy, love, and compassion, we get to see how our clients can truly thrive.


Are the emotions their own cause?

Emotions arise from our thoughts, specifically those thoughts which we call ‘beliefs.’  Beliefs about ourselves are the primary cause of our emotional responses.  For instance, if a child feels trapped, powerless, stuck and out of control, then anger can certainly arise.  If a child feels unlovable, ugly, abandoned, betrayed, and alone, we can easily imagine sadness and fear arising out of those beliefs as well.  There are dozens of false beliefs that we as hypnotherapists deal with every day, and by transforming those beliefs we find that the negative emotions tend to get better as well.


Is there anything wrong with having false beliefs and negative emotions?

We are never here to judge another person’s feelings or to tell them that they should not feel what they do.  However, we know that many people suffer needlessly and walk around feeling miserable unnecessarily. In the field of hypnotherapy, and with a solid set of hypnosis training programs, we change hurt into joy, fear into love, and anger into forgiveness and compassion.  We can change false beliefs into those based upon truth and right thinking, and we can truly liberate people from their own self-imposed suffering.  There is nothing wrong with our emotions, yet very few people learn how to open their hearts, clear their blockages, and live life to their fullest potential.  Our hypnotherapy school is primarily based upon setting people free through these deep and practical understandings.


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