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Quality Hypnotherapy Training with a Heart

We work tirelessly to deliver the best possible education in Hypnotherapy, and while there is a solid business side to our work, we offer this blog as a way to remind our students, graduates and prospective students about the real reason that we exist.  Hypnotherapy transforms lives and therefore transforms our world.

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New Standards for HIPAA and Hypnotherapy

Becoming a Hypnotherapist with 500+ hours of training from a State-Licensed School is something to be proud of.  To be a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, with legitimate diplomas and IAIH Certifications, puts you in a category that is way beyond a weekend hypnosis workshop or a simple online hypnosis training course. 

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Hypnotherapy & Being with Grief, Loss and Death

Because hypnotherapy acknowledges our emotions, it has a profound way to transform the way we see the events that unfold in our lives.  Grief can indeed be transformed into peace, loss can be seen with more beauty, and even death can be viewed as a glorious transition into higher levels of being.  The change all begins with a change within each of us as hypnotherapists, teachers and healers.

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