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IAIH May 2019 Conference – Presenting Alba Weinman, CCHt

In this week’s IIH newsletter and weekly blog, we are honored to showcase Conference presenter Alba Weinman.  Alba is a graduate of the Institute and has developed quite a significant online following of people who enjoy YouTube videos of her sessions.  As a very successful IIH graduate who is utilizing the power of social media to grow in her career, we invite our readers to learn more here…

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Re-Introducing Orlando Hypnosis Training with Rene Brent

For years the Institute ran successful and highly-praised classes in our Orlando Location with our dear friend, director and instructor, Rene Brent, RN, CCHt.  We are beyond pleased to be offering classes again at the Orlando location with the next one coming up for April the 9th, 2019.  As an IIH graduate and an IAIH presenter, Rene brings a unique and innovative style to the field of Hypnotherapy, while still consistently teaching students our tried and true methods.  Learn more about a unique trainer within the IIH training system here…

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