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Monday Night Webinar: Can Hypnotherapy Reveal the Truth?

Can truth be known by mere human beings?  Our religions offer us one perspective on truth, yet for many people these systems of thought fail to offer a satisfactory explanation of our origins and of who we really are.  Science has helped greatly, yet many still feel that something is missing based upon the limitations of scientific inquiry.

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Monday Night Webinar: Finding Purpose with Hypnotherapy

Is there a life that can be lived with purpose and meaning?  Can we tap into the answers that we seek within our very own minds?  Is it possible to have a rewarding life and a fulfilling career without having to work for someone else while robbing yourself of your own joy and passion?  We suggest that all of this is possible and more.  Therefore, join us this Monday Night at 7:00pm EST for a free Webinar with Institute Founder, Matthew Brownstein, where we discuss Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy Training, and the Deeper Principles that allow us to find true purpose while unleashing our full potential.

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Monday Night Webinar: Hypnosis and Your Inner Child

Everyone has heard of the idea of an inner child, yet not everyone knows how to truly heal this part of themselves and to resolve the outdated behaviors that no longer are of service to us.  We try to move on in our lives, yet find that this “younger” part of ourselves keeps holding us back.  Can hypnosis, hypnotherapy or hypnotherapy training offer us a true chance to make lasting and real change?  Is it possible to be free of the pain of the inner child and the behavioral outputs that can be so destructive to our lives and our relationships?  Learn more this Monday Night at 7:00pm EST with Free Monday Night Webinars with Institute Founder and Lead Instructor, Matthew Brownstein.

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