So, you’re joining the team as a Supervisor. Now what?

Thank you for your willingness to join the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy’s team of Supervisors!  We are so excited to welcome you to the team and look forward to working with you to help our current and future students get the most of out of their in-house practical experience. And “while we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher Seneca, what an incredible opportunity to grow in your own skill and expertise!
The Role:  The Supervisor role is a paid support role performed by a graduate in good standing.  Supervisors work with Directors, Instructors and other Supervisors during all or part of an in-person “Practicals Weekend” in various capacities – supporting the staff in moving small groups of students through the exercises.  While performing the role, a Supervisor is a representative of IIH and follows the direction of the Instructor or Director and does not introduce or disseminate handouts, models or techniques outside the scope of IIH content.
The Time Commitment:  As you know, there are 5 “Practical Weekends” – one for each module of the training.  A “Practical Weekend” consists of 3 days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am – 6:30pm.  Typically, a Supervisor is scheduled for the entire weekend – all three days and arrives 15 minutes early.  You may supervise as much as your availability allows, yet the need for Supervisor support is contingent upon student enrollment.  The School desires to keep a student / staff ratio of 5:1.  So the need for your support may be subject to changes in enrollment, attrition, and shifting student schedules.  You will be notified well in advance, of the need for your support.
Invitations to Supervise will be extended in order of seniority staff and staff available and willing to work all three days.  IIH will communicate Supervisor needs no less than four weeks prior to each “Practical Weekend.”  In the event of too few students scheduled for a “Practical Weekend.” (less than 5:1 ratio) and with no less than two weeks notice, Supervisors may be released from their support obligation.
The Compensation: A Supervisor receives $200 per day or $600 for the entire “Practical Weekend.” Just as with any other employment, neither your travel to and from the “Practical Weekends,” nor your accommodations is paid for.
The Career Path: The career path of a Supervisor is as unlimited as your imagination.  Supervisors are eligible to train to become Instructors, and then ultimately, with time and experience invited to become a Director of their own location. It’s an exciting step into a dynamic opportunity to grow with the school while continuing to grow in your practice.
The Preparation:  In preparation for the role of Supervisor, ideally, you shadow each of the five “Practical Weekends” to observe and gain experience with each exercise.  However in some cases, you may be fast-tracked and be asked to jump right into the role right away – nothing like baptism by fire!  Yet, you wouldn’t have been invited to join the team if you didn’t already demonstrate the highest level of character and skill.
The Next Steps: Please read the steps below thoroughly and take the requested action.
1.  Sign the Informed Consent:  As you know, COVID has caused us to make a lot of changes to how we deliver our in-house practical content.  The decision to attend practicals in any capacity carries with it some risk.  As such, in order to move forward in your training, you must sign the Informed Consent document located at the link below acknowledging this risk.  Please read it carefully.  If you do not feel comfortable signing this form or attending practicals under these circumstances, then maybe this is not the right time for you to move into the Supervisor role.  In that case, please let me know as soon as possible so I can identify another candidate.
2Review the schedule and reply with your availability:  As mentioned, COVID has caused IIH to make adjustments in how we are moving existing and future students through the content.  As such, we have secured several large facilitates to provide a large number of students their required in-person training as a group, while allowing for the square footage necessary to keep everyone safe.  Unless we have already confirmed the dates for your support, please review the schedule at the link below and reply to me at dani@interpersonalhypnothearpy.com with your availability.  I will reply with a confirmation of the anticipated need for your attendance as well as forward your contact information and schedule to the Instructor / Director you will be supporting.
3.  Begin reviewing your training as soon as possible:  As a graduate in good standing, you still have access to your online training.  So now’s the time to start reviewing your content.  You don’t need to review it all at once.  Chunk it down. Yet, prior to your attendance at each “Practical Weekend,” you are required to do 4 things:
  • Log into the IIH Student Portal and REVIEW THE EXERCISES for each module. Organize your note cards for each exercise – you will definitely want to bring those with you.
  • Log into the IIH Student Portal and WATCH THE LIVE CLASSES for each module.  This is a very important step as these videos feature Matthew unpacking the most-to-date content relevant to the module and how to perform the techniques.
  • Log into the IIH Student Portal and WATCH THE EXERCISE DEMO VIDEOS for how to execute each exercise.
All of these resources may be found at the link below.