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Seeking Only the Highest

Seeking Only the Highest

Seeking Only the Highest

At our Hypnotherapy School, we are blessed to be able to help people to earn careers, to experience profound personal and spiritual growth, and to create a community of practitioners who are helping to heal the world.  This is a beautiful path filled with friendship, camaraderie, kindness and love.

Students learn more about who they are really are and they discover a wealth of knowledge and wisdom both within the school and within themselves.  However, there are subtle traps on the path that lead us away from the real goal of our path, which is to know who we truly are on the deepest levels and to fulfill or missions on this Earth.  Read more about the profound nature of our training and also about ways to be sure that you stay on your path!

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A Path Worth Following

There are many fascinating themes with hypnosis and some are better than others.  Some paths might lead us to try to control other people’s minds or act in ways that are not solely for the other person’s best interests, and while there are very negative paths that people may follow here, we tend to not attract that type of person and we never teach those kinds of things.

However, there are more subtle traps involved with getting into Hypnotherapy Training for personal and spiritual growth.  We will not speak of all of the traps here in this short article, yet we will remind all students and graduates to Seek Only the Highest and we’ll elaborate more here.

Seeking Only the Highest

What does this mean in terms of an education in Hypnotherapy?  Of course, this means high educational standards, a never ending commitment to empowering others, and always working to protect our profession’s highest ideals, however many people who come into our training are deeply spiritually-minded and yet they sometimes misunderstand what we are really all about.  For instance, learning past-life regression is great, yet we do not want to get caught up in the past and end up developing pride in who with once were.  We are more than our past.  We can work to use Creating and Manifesting processes to create success in our lives, yet we need to understand the value of hard work, beneficial goal setting, and being committed to our path.  There are many ways to go astray from two primary objectives which we encourage here, namely:

  1. Remain on a true path of healing and enlightenment
  2. Heal yourself, heal others and fulfill your mission on Earth.

We often hear from students about how much they love our training and yet we often hear about journeys that people take that waste their valuable time.  This is a gentle encouragement to stay on a true path of healing and enlightenment, while working to fulfill your mission on this earth and to be a part of the solution to human and global suffering.

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