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The Sutras on Healing and Enlightenment

by Matthew Brownstein,

A Spiritually Based Approach to Mind/Body Healing

In this revolutionary work on the science of healing and enlightenment, Matthew Brownstein explores the nature and depth of who we are, why we get sick, what true healing is, and perhaps most importantly, how this can occur. The Sutras are short aphorisms that can be read alone or with the author’s commentary. They are designed to serve not only as a textbook for those in the healing and medical arts, but also for those who seek health, healing and spiritual enlightenment.

Included in the Sutras are:

– In depth writings concerning the True Nature of the universe, its Source and of man’s place in it.

– The Order of Manifestation concerning how creation came into being and how this relates to the origins of dis-ease.

– The underlying reasons for suffering and illness and how to overcome them.

– A detailed look into the energetic anatomy of the human system and its place in the macrocosmic universe.

– Practical methods for healing, meditation and Self-realization.

– A compassionate view of the human condition and many simple ideas to improve it.

This is a book for anyone who has ever wanted to be free in this lifetime, to be happy, healthy and spiritually aware. Whether you are a healer or the one being healed, or both, this book will prove invaluable as a resource for yourself and anyone you can share its teachings with.