The Sacred Geometry of Meditation

by Matthew Brownstein,

The Sacred Geometry of Meditation
Sacred Geometry is the study of how the Divine Source manifests itself into time and space. It refers to the fact that not only is the universe the by-product of light and sound, but that it is also the result of exact sacred geometrical patterns. Through understanding these patterns, we begin to glimpse the creative process of Divine emanation into form. More importantly, we can begin to experience and work with these geometries within our own beings as a means for Self-Realization and harmonious living in all aspects of our life.

In Anahat Meditation we come to experience these underlying energy grids directly and are empowered to work with the grids to create balance and harmony on every level of our being. Through the Anahat Meditation System, the practitioner finds his own body to be the Temple of the Spirit. Through following these patterns back to their Source, we come to truly appreciate how precious a human birth can really be. We not only come to know our very essence as Divinity, but we then integrate that immense love, light and peace into every aspect of our lives and into every facet of our being.

The teachings of Sacred Geometry and the Anahat Meditation System can be very complex. However, anyone with even the slightest willingness can come to understand the teachings because no detailed mathematics or dry logic are involved. In the end, the teachings become who we are and have always been. We simply know that what we were studying and meditating on is simply our true nature.