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EQ is for EVERYONE by Dr. Hank Clemons

by Dr. Hank Clemons,

This book has been written to answer the question when it comes to emotional intelligence, “Who’s it for?” Over the years, since emotional intelligence has made its way back into the mainstream, hundreds of books have been written on the topic. I, for one, am glad to see this level of interest in what is sometimes seen as a “warm and fuzzy” topic. This perception is slowly changing.

Most of the writings focus on “leaders” or “leadership” and their need to be or use emotional intelligence. But, is that where it stops? Does it “hit the wall” at leaders and leadership? Of course not. It doesn’t matter what’s your occupation or level in the organization, having well developed emotional intelligence (more on this later) is an asset. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to be employed at all! You can be a stay at home mom, dad, student or someone in transition.

This book attempts to communicate that emotional intelligence is for everyone – not just leaders. Your specific occupation or position in life may not be mentioned but the concepts and techniques can be universally applied.