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Basic NLP Certification – 40-Hour In-House Training

by Matthew Brownstein, ,

Program Title: Basic NLP Practitioner Training

What is NLP? Neuro – refers to all of the information that comes into our mind through our five senses – it is our first mental map of the world. Linguistic – refers to the way that we structure this information in our minds – it is our second mental map of the world. Programming refers to the changes that we can make to this internal structure to create states of excellence within ourselves and within others. NLP honors that we do not see reality, but only our internal models of reality and that these models can be changed and therefore our experience of life can be changed.Why Learn NLP?Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful way of thinking that creates powerful modalities that can facilitate significant change in ourselves and in our clients. When NLP combines with Hypnotherapy and Hypnotherapy Training, we truly enhance our skillsets and also our credentials. The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy is pleased to officially announce its Basic and Master Level NLP Training Certification courses with Master Instructor Matthew Brownstein. Seats are limited.

Why would a Hypnotherapist learn NLP? Aside from having the additional credentials of being a Basic Level and Master Level Practitioner of NLP, 80 additional hours of in-house training significantly enhance your ability to promote powerful positive change. While the Institute’s Hypnotherapy Training does offer some NLP instruction, there is so much more to learn. Each new level of understanding helps you to help your clients in even more powerful ways, and these NLP trainings themselves offer many techniques that most hypnotherapists are not aware of.

Number of Clock Hours: 40
Credential Awarded: Basic Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming
Certified Master Trainer:  Matthew Brownstein
Location:  IIH Tampa, Florida Location

  • February 6th to 9th, 2020 – Thrs. to Sun.
  • May 2020 – Exact dates TBD

Cost:  $995.

Content Covered:

Introduction to NLP
Questions and Answers About NLP
Working With Integrity
Martial Arts & NFNLP
Further Defining NLP
Basic NLP Terminology
Flow from Input to Output
Sensory Acuity
Exercise – Opening Your Senses
Why NLP Works
Eye Accessing Movements
Representational Systems
Sense and non-sense
Senses in Language
Sense preferences
The power of stimulation
The Power of Sensory Language
Reflecting the Sense Preference
Witches Brew
Sub-Modality Distinctions
Mapping Across Love to Disgust
Sensory Perceptual Strategies
Natural Theory of NLP

The Reticular Activating System (RAS)
Sensory Acuity and Rapport
Mirror Neurons
Major Presuppositions of NLP
Building Rapport
Introducing The Meta Model
Information Gathering: The Key to Successful Interactions
Exquisite Information Gathering
The Meta-Model
Three Universal Modeling Processes
Meta-Model Outline Summary
Body Language
Multiple Accessing Representations
Classical conditioning
Anchoring and Adding a Resource
Chaining Anchors
Changing Personal History
Circle of Excellence & Power
Eliminating Fears and Phobias
The Fast Phobia/Trauma Relief Technique
The Fast Phobia/Trauma Relief Technique of Milton Erickson
How to Mend a Broken Heart
Visual Squash (revised)
The New Behavior Generator
Role Modeling
The Swish Pattern
Computer Swish
Godiva Chocolate Pattern
Godiva Chocolate Pattern Advanced
Swish Pattern Exercise – Version 1
Swish Pattern Exercise – Version 2
Developing Self-Appreciation
Building Self-Confidence
APPENDIX I: Enhancing Awareness
APPENDIX II: Timeline – Hurry Up and Slow Down
Giving Yourself More Time – Control Your Internal Clock
APPENDIX III: Lie / Truth Submodalities Exercise
APPENDIX IV: Reframing for Change!
APPENDIX V: Glossary of Common NLP Terms
APPENDIX VI: NFNLP Activity Summary