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Prioritizing Yourself to Benefit Others

Prioritizing Yourself to Benefit Others

Prioritizing Yourself to Benefit Others

In our Institute’s Life Mastery Course, we have a basic teaching that says to put yourself first.  For many this seems selfish, as so many of us are taught that it is more important to put others before ourselves.

This causes us to have poorly thought out priorities, and we therefore end up spending our precious resources (time, energy and money) on things that do not bring us true success.  However, as we learn hypnosis and engage in Hypnotherapy Training, we discover that we have tremendous potential to help ourselves and therefore to help others, yet only if we re-prioritize and work to live our very best life by realizing just how valuable and important we really are.  Click here to read more…

Why Should I Put Myself First?

In our Hypnosis School, we teach that you are a spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical being and that all of these levels are extremely valuable to find success in.  To be spiritually fulfilled is to live with peace, love, joy, bliss and inner guidance.  To be mentally/emotionally healthy is to live with a precise, clear, and focused mind, and with a heart that is truly open to give and receive love.  To be physically healthy is to be strong, energetic, flexible, fit, and alive.  By using hypnosis and our Creating and Manifesting Formula, you can create success on all of these levels and the better off you are in this way, the better off you are for others and for society at large.

Why is it not selfish to prioritize myself?

Perhaps, it is selfish, yet let us redefine that word.  Selfish, in this context, simply can mean that you take excellent care of you for the sake of others.  If you are the pillar of a temple, then you really can only focus on being the strongest pillar that you can.  You cannot lean over to try to support other pillars without compromising your proper role.

If you fall, then the whole temple falls.  To be the best parent, friend, child, neighbor, or employee, we need to be our very best selves.  We have all heard the idea that in an airplane when the oxygen masks fall, we must put on our mask first before putting it on our child.  First love and take care of yourself, and then you can be better for others.

How does this relate to Hypnotherapy Training?

When we learn hypnosis, we learn how to tap into the incredible power of our own minds.  This same power is the one that architects use to build massive buildings, bridges, and stadiums.  It is the same power that causes empires to rise and fall.  The same power that brought human beings to the moon is the power that can be harnessed to improve your life in beautiful ways.  As you find more fulfillment and success in your life, you are empowered to teach others to do the same.

Hypnotherapy then becomes a career where you serve as a role model for others, and teach them how to be happy and successful as well.  We teach what we are, and if you are successful then you can teach it to others.  It’s impossible not to teach, the only question is what are you teaching, and if we teach what we are, then we need to be prosperous in all ways to help others to do the same.

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