EP16 – How To Be Successful as a Hypnotherapist – Part 3

Episode Summary:

Hey, what’s up everyone, welcome back to the podcast. And again, just a huge thanks for being such an amazing listener and joining this community. You know this has been a lot of fun so far. I really hope you guys are enjoying these episodes. So today, we’re going to continue in this theme that we’ve been in for the last two weeks, which is all about success as a hypnotherapist. Today is actually part three of how to be successful in your own practice, you know, either as a hypnotherapist or honestly, doing any type of therapy or service-based business, all of these principles still apply. Right? So obviously, we’re here talking directly to hypnotherapists, but if you’re working as any type of alternative healer or a therapist, counselor, or coach of any sort, this stuff should be helping you and giving you ideas on how you can increase your business and increase your success.

So today, what we’re going to be talking about is specifically, something that Matthew Brownstein has created called the Life Mastery course. Alright, so we’re going to get into sort of an intro into what the Life Mastery course is, and really how to manifest your success and prosperity.

Anything that you can imagine that you want for your business for yourself or your success, this is literally how you can do that, and how you can create that. So Matthew Brownstein is going to share with you what he calls “mental technologies”. The top five mental technologies that you can use to help manifest this success and prosperity in your life.

If you want to learn how to leverage the power of your mind, that’s what this episode is all about. So you’re going to learn these top five mental technologies, we’re also going to get into different aspects of this Life Mastery course. So the first thing is the getting organized process, which is really about you know how to set up this whole process for yourself and for your business. And then we’re going to start getting into some things called prosperity principles, which are just basic principles that you need to establish for yourself so that you can start manifesting this prosperity and success for yourself and for your business.

We’ll call this part three. And then next week, we’ll have part four where we’ll finish up on the prosperity principles, and then finish up on the Life Mastery course. But there’s just so much information I had to break this down into a couple of different classes. So I really hope you enjoy this episode.

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Transcript of the Episode:

Hey, what’s up everyone, welcome back to the podcast. And again, just a huge thanks for being such an amazing listener. And joining this community, you know, this has been a lot of fun so far. And I really hope you guys are enjoying these episodes. So today, we’re going to continue in this theme that we’ve been in for the last two weeks, which is all about success. Okay, success as a hypnotherapist. And so today is actually we could consider part three of how to be successful in your own practice, you know, either as a hypnotherapist or honestly, doing any type of therapy or service based business, all of these principles still apply. Right. So obviously, we’re here talking directly to hypnotherapist. But if you’re working as any type of alternative healer or a therapist, or, you know, just counselor, coach of any sort, this stuff should be helping you and giving you ideas on how you can increase your business and increase your success. So today, what we’re going to be talking about is specifically, something that Matthews created called the Life Mastery course. Alright, so we’re going to get into sort of an intro into what the Life Mastery course is, and really how to manifest your success and prosperity. So anything that you can imagine that you want for your business for yourself or your success, this is literally how you can do that, and how you can create that. So Matthew is going to share with you what he calls mental technologies. So the top five mental technologies that you can use to help really just manifest this success and prosperity in your life. Right, if you want to learn how to leverage the power of your mind, that’s what this episode is all about. So you’re going to learn these top five mental technologies, we’re also going to get into different aspects of this Life Mastery course. So the first thing being the getting organized process, which is really about you know how to set up this whole process for yourself and for your business. And then we’re going to start getting into some things called prosperity principles, which are just basic principles that you need to establish for yourself. So that again, you can start manifesting this prosperity and success for yourself and for your business. So this is a we’ll call this part three. And then next week, we’ll have part four where we’ll finish up on the prosperity principles, and then finish up on the Life Mastery course. But there’s just so much information I had to break this down into a couple of different classes. So I really hope you enjoy this episode.

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Welcome back to Illuminated Mind. I’m your host Corey Benschop, and this is your podcast for exploring some of the deeper ideas about what it means to be human in today’s complex world. We cover topics from psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and hypnotherapy to find answers to life’s most interesting questions. Enjoy this episode!

If you don’t mind to take you through tonight, more of the Life Mastery course and more of breaking it down into three components really. The first major component of Life Mastery course is the getting organized process show you how to very specifically use that for marketing and really, how does this align everything to help you to succeed. So the getting organized process wherever you tonight, then the creating manifesting formula and maybe specifically go into meditation specific for a successful hypnotherapy practice and then also some prosperity principles. But tonight I’d like to go a little bit deeper into the mental component manifesting success in your health. Every practice the Life Mastery course, which consists of the getting organized process, and the creating and manifesting formula. But then there are manifesting prosperity principles and whatever pops in my mind, I want to share with you what to write down and another thought, and then teach you or even guide you through different ways to successfully use those. That notion. What we did last time was we looked at some goals, but they’re not necessarily the exact goals that you might have, of course, so some people want to graduate and see 10 clients believe, you know, they’re good, or 15 a week. And to me, that’s still kind of part time work. When I was in full time practice, it was pretty much 20 to 30 clients per week. 30 being a bit much, but I would say on average, 2525 full paying clients per week, not all of our graduates do that. So I want to get a sense for those who are here, if you want to share with me what your goals might be for how many clients you’d like to see per week. And then let’s just talk about how to make that happen. So one of the things we have listed below, you know, if you want to make $100,000 per year, and you’re willing to work 50 hours per year, you don’t want to work less, you know, fewer weeks per year, and see more clients or charge more money. So the nice thing, of course, about the profession, a lot of flexibility, and you can choose whatever hours you’re going to work. But yeah, if you just say I’m going to do 100,000 per year, then plug it into the metrics below. So 50 weeks, to $1,000 per week, and then 70 to 90 per session. But last time when we did the math, yeah, so if you’re doing 180 per session, $90 per hour, and 20 clients per week, 303,600 per week, multiply that by 51 180,000 per year. So most of the therapists don’t make that much money. And it’s totally up to everybody what you want to do on or before June 1 2020, I make $3,600 per week or more. And my experience is that comes first right without that clarity of intent, then you don’t necessarily work towards it because you don’t know what you’re working towards. And also the motivation to make it happen. My experiences and needs to be bigger than just seeing the clients or even just making the money. So reminder, as you’re working to do this by I’m giving you major points here. And then if you have questions, you want me to go into specific areas, we certainly will. But I feel like tonight if I can get your minds in the right place. Because we’re all hypnotherapist we understand how important the mind is, you’re going to do so much better than your competition or other classmates who are unnecessarily you walk in the talk, right? taking everything, literally everything that you’ve learned in hypnotherapy training, and apply it to your private practice. So we have seven ways to get clients and the ones I’m recommending number one clearly with them. This is all below the notepad clearly having a website and then marketing that with search engine optimization, pay per click if that’s in your budget, and then your ideally weekly blog, social media presence, things like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, you know, so be on as much as possible and actively be building that referrals from other professionals. psychiatrists, doctors, dentists, personal trainers, lunch and learns, business networking groups, either join those or just attend a whole bunch as you’re getting started. Just appeal them out and meet people or have an idea and I encourage you to do consider starting your own Amen. print media display advertising does tend to work but obviously the internet in this day and age is the better way to go. And then Groupon or similar websites can be helpful especially during this lower months. So it’s not necessarily that you don’t know that already. If you attended the first class. Tonight I want to give you more of the prosperity principles and ideas that you may or may not be using. So hopefully you’ll start using Billy tonight to get your mind in the right place to make that happen. Okay, and then again when we go into specific advertising principles if you want to or maybe in a future class. With that said, I know those of you who have been through released our advanced hypnotherapy training this school you know this already, we got the new year coming up and those of you who are here who have goals, I can’t encourage you enough to plug everything you want into these formulas. They work I’ve been using them. I designed this stuff in my early 20s and refined it over the years but I still I’ll use this to this day, it’s more of a habit for me now, which is again, part of why I want to spend time with it. Because once your mind, when you do this enough over and over the process we’re going to talk about tonight, then you just simply have thoughts of what you want. And your mind aligns with these formulas as a habit. And then the things just start to appear in your life, it really feels effortless, always better than you ever could have imagined. And I like to say well worth the price of admission, meaning all you have to do is invest some time and mental effort in these processes. And they tend to really work. It also ties into what I was saying before, you’re not really doing this for the money. And most likely, if you’re really honest with yourself, you’re probably not doing it for other people, like the people come first, right being of service to your clients. That’s everything. And then if you’re seeing 20 clients a week, obviously, you’re going to make X number of dollars. But most of us, you know, we said, well, you know, you don’t have to work What does give you $100,000 per year, you know, you don’t have to live extravagant, but you don’t have to work, and you don’t have to ever be in business. A lot of people just take the money. And that would be, which is another way of saying that everybody wants financial freedom, right? I would love financial independence, and to be able to live an amazing life. So the Life Mastery course is designed to help you to be successful in every category of your life. But without the financial part of it. Without seeing clients without creating, we talk about this tonight, other automated income streams with your hypnotherapy practice. soon as you start getting into that idea that I like, you know, the numbers you guys are talking about here. So you can potentially write no guarantees, but you can potentially be doing $100,000 per year. But once that money started to come in, I want to talk to you today about how to start to reinvest it. And I’ve created even more lucrative income streams. And that’s again in the prosperity principles. So you’ll see in the notepad below, we have the Life Mastery course, consisting of two parts, and welcome anybody who just joined in. So that’s a quick overview in case you just joined in part two of advertising marketing strategies, we reviewed the idea and asked you to share in the chat pod, how many clients you want to see per week. And then in the notes below, we talked about the four most important things I believe you can do to be successful, I seize the power of your mind, specifically in the Life Mastery course with is getting organized process, creating a manifesting process and manifesting prosperity. Then we talked about having very clear goals of what you want, and then a vague clear formula for how you’re going to get it the things you’re going to do. And I always recommend seven major ways that you’re going to get planes. From there, we started looking at the Life Mastery course in more detail. And I’m encouraging you, as you do this, to have a bigger reason for why you want to see these clients. Right if it’s just to help people, like I said, if we just give you 100,000 per year, you don’t have to help anyone, a lot of people would take that money and spend all day in the beach or something. So you’re doing this not necessarily just to help others, although that’s beautiful. And you’re not necessarily doing this for the money although you know, we’re all happy to have that you’re doing this for the type of life that you’ll get to live and you want to motivate your subconscious mind to be living that life that when you’re working with those clients, you have really good reasons to do so. So with that said is is kind of an overview. I’m going to teach even though I know some of you may know but we’re going to work to really customize it for why we’re here tonight. The Life Mastery course consisting of part one the getting organized process, and part two, the creating manifesting process. Also if you scroll down in the notepad below, you’ll see prosperity principles whenever those come up tonight I’m going to share those with you. And I highly encourage you to put those into hypnotic programming if you figured out how make subliminal programming or just to auditory suggestions. So we have a lot of technologies in our field now. And number one that prospecting principle but it’s more of a let’s just call them mental technologies that we’ll list below and encourage you to be using. So the first one This is hypnotic programming, if you haven’t done it already. Now, I’d like to assume every student does. But I probably can guess a lot of people haven’t. As long as you’ve been through our first 100 hours of training, then you know how to make your own hypnotic programming recordings. If you’re not listening to that one of those with your own voice, every with your own goals every single day, you’re really, you’re gonna work so much harder than you need to, you can be robbing yourself of just a lot of success. So, we’ll come back to the Life Mastery course themes in just a moment. But let’s look at some of the other mental technologies you may or may not be using. So definitely hypnotic programming, I would recommend, probably about 22 minutes is about how long my programming sessions are that of course, include your clarity of intent, setting the intention of the session. Alright, so if you haven’t already, let’s just pick someone’s goal here without using a names, I see 20, or more words, 20 full paying clients per week, you want to put in the programming, full pain. If you just see 20 per week, and you’re willing to give away sessions for free or do them as barter while you’re doing a sliding scale. Over a year, you’ll lose a lot of money. So when you say something like I want 15 to 20 clients per week, be sure you say full paying clients, it’s pretty easy to be like, Hey, I’m seeing clients, I saw a friend I saw a family member saw a co worker, but we did an exchange, those three people really don’t want to count. Right? As far as income goes great. They’re helping people great that you’re doing the work, but certainly, for paying clients. So the hypnotic programming starts with your intention. Right? So you know, just say, more time, and you can use the word Hi, Mike, is it your voice, ideally, in the programming, I’m beginning by setting the intention of this hypnotic programming session that I see 20 or more, or whatever your goal is full paying clients per week, on or before was put on the dates, June 2020, I would recommend that you actually pick the exact date. Right? So June 1 2020. The reason I’m encouraging you to be really specific about how many clients and when. Because when you’re sitting in your office, and if you get your own office, you have expenses, and there’s overhead for rent, utilities, etc. And you’re sitting there and you’re not seeing clients, it doesn’t feel very good. Right? So my advice would be, if you’re going to be in your office, and then be sure you say, you know, by June 1, I am seeing those clients. And then if you’re not, for some reason, no problem. Whenever you set a goal like that, let’s say June 1, this, if you don’t reach it, for some reason, just start redo the programming and move the goal out another month or two. And whatever you think is required to help to make that happen. So we can talk more about hypnotic programming. But you guys ideally know how to do that. Mostly, I want to talk about ways you can put into the program that leads to another mental technology can use a lot of toying, this call him loose suggestions. And at the end of this class, if you’re doing all this stuff already, you’re doing great. I would just imagine most people in our school are not doing everything possible. Auditory loop suggestions would be where you’re going to end I don’t really teach us in our schools curriculum, you’re going to write out 10 really good properly worded suggestions. Of course, you can use those in your hypnotic programming. And even when you make the hypnotic programming itself, if you’ve gotten good at the recording software, you would read the recording, read the suggestion something like let’s just say your first one on or before June 20. June 1 2020. I see 15 or more. So yeah, let’s look at I’ll say that again in a moment. And I’ll explain the auditory loop suggestions for sure. The way you guys wrote the suggestions, like 15 to 20, I’d encourage you to have an actual number. Again, the specificity of the goal is going to help you to succeed more than to say well, 15 to 20, but then 14. So I would just say like if you’re 15 to 20 say 18 right? And if you’re saying like June 2020, say by June 1 2020. I see 18 or more full paying clients per week. Are you going to stop or more just 18 and then if it’s Evernote 18 You’re working, fill those thoughts. So highly encourage that you’re very specific on the goal is, um, you know, I know a lot of our graduates, now I can tell you like the laziness factor, the patience factor. I don’t know, I’ll just see what happens, maybe it’s not Divine Will, you know those thoughts are fine. But really, they’re just ways to self sabotage or make excuses for not reaching your goals. So I encourage you to be very specific. So anyway, when you do the auditory loop suggestions, if you’re using the formula that I teach you how to do hypnotic programming, there’s going to be a time when you’re delivering suggestions, usually 10, properly worded suggestions, and repeat each one three times, and usually do that on the second person you learn now, or we’ll just make a nice statement since like, I see 20, or more full paying clients per week, on or before June 1. And then in your hypnotic programming, that’ll be repeated. Usually, we do the second person three times, but either way, you’re going to repeat suggestions multiple times, the auditory loop to suggestions, in case you’re not doing them is something you have listened to when you’re driving, maybe just play in the background when you’re doing co exercising or something. And then consider falling asleep to those suggestions. So what I’ll do is, I’ll pull those out of the recording, you have to know how to use the recording software and a computer to do that. But erase the induction, erase the deepening, erase the bridging to suggestions, and then erase the visualizations and then be hypnotizing and just take those suggestions. Loop them for about a half hour, I have to do is copy that little block. And then Ctrl V is paste, paste, paste, to get a half hour just to audio recording other auditory suggestions, he put music in the background, and then make an mp3 of that, and then listen to it all the time. So it’s again, a reminder that we believe in the power of the mind here and I’m going to say I believe your mind is so much more powerful than just able to motivate you to take action. I sincerely believe I’m sure a lot of you do. If you set a goal and you plug it into the form of this one talk about tonight, it’s going to become a reality. Right, your mind is inevitably going to externalize itself all thought inevitably externalize itself. So yeah, I’m seeing 15 or more full full paying clients per week, then it’s gonna happen one way or another. But the formulas we’ll talk about tonight require that you do take action, without getting your mind in the right place. First, the action is nowhere near as easy, right and more successful. Gabriel is that, what about when you want 15 during some weeks, and 20? During others? Gotcha. Okay. I would work to get that clarity, though. Yeah, so it was something like if it were me, let’s say I’ll just make it up January to June, I want to hit 20 per week. But then as the holidays roll around, I’m gonna want to see less so July to December 15. I would actually say exactly that, from January to June, and like June 30. I think that’s how many days are in a month. But you know, find that exact date to January 1 to June 30. I see 20 or more full paying clients per week. And again, listen to the subtleties, right? Or more full paying. And you don’t have to say those things. But I found it very beneficial. And you know, insane or more is a good problem to have. You’re probably like if I assume my rights here isn’t done is Yeah, you’re gonna like being in a waiting list. No, I would highly recommend that you manifest a waiting list. Right? So the most you’ll see is 20 per week, if that’s your goal, but be in a waiting list so that the moment somebody cancels. You just call those people and you get them right in. So you’re always at 20 per week. So definitely consider manifesting waiting lists. So yeah, specific goals for the 20 per week. And then something like and from July 1 to December 31. Right But in case you don’t know, the holidays are just good times take vacation, so take a whole week off for Thanksgiving. Take two weeks off during Christmas and New Year’s and then maybe another week, you know, so take a whole month off during the year and still make over $100,000 per year, unanimously, you can do that working four days per week if you really want to. So that’d be my advice in that 11. Thank you Gabriela. Gabriel, I said, I’m also a full time mom, so I need to be more flexible. Yeah. So when we’re writing the goals, we want to be very specific. But just be specific for your own life. The reason I’m saying that is, like I’ve alluded to, I see a lot of laziness with some of our graduates or too much flexibility or too much patience, really. And so if somebody graduates and let’s say they’re married, they don’t have to work. They’re just doing this because they want to it sounds nice. It’s not the same as someone who’s like when I, one of my stories, when I went to India, for sabbatical, and I pretty much blew through all my savings now working for a year, when I came back to the States, I was like, Alright, like, I gotta, I gotta make this happen. And I pushed myself, within one month, I’m going to see 20 or more full paying clients per week. It’s just that kind of drive, when you have to succeed, that really helps to motivate you to do so. So I think the flexibility is great, but the specificity and the intense motivation tends to help a lot. And I so we’re a hypnotherapist, we would encourage our clients for 60 to 90 days to listen to their hypnotic programming recordings, and your hypnotherapist and you’re not programming yourself every single day for something that you know, walking the talk, you’re really talking about everybody, nobody specifically right now, you know, so when I walk in the talk, and we’re gonna make our life so much harder by not using that. So definitely hypnotic programming once a day. Auditory loop suggestions, again, your customized suggestion for you looped over and over for at least a half hour, that to music. And then I would just play that every day whenever I can, but you know, at least a half hour day. Number three and other technology, subliminal programming here in case you’re not familiar with it, it’s really easy to do. There’s other ways to do it. But this is super simple. It does work in the music software recording software. So I’m Keisha for me with that audacity, that audacity.com. It’s a UD a CITY, a UD a CITY audacity calm, you can download the software for free, and just start playing with it. You know, if you haven’t done this yet, you’re going to want to be able to give your clients auditory recordings of their sessions of their programming, maybe make them creating manifesting recordings, but I do like all this stuff listed below for my clients, you know, why not just show them just how much you can offer. And then of course, the major point tonight is use it for yourself. So some local programming in something like audacity or there’s others, I use Sony Music Studio, it’s only about $70, you can go to Sony and download it right away if you want to $70 just a little bit better, but pretty much same thing as Audacity. So what you do is take those suggestions that 30 uncf 10 suggestions repeated three times looped over and over and over again. Basically, it’s the same thing as number two, the auditory loop suggestions, but you’re going to set the decibel level for the music, let’s say at zero. Or sometimes I actually do negative 20. But doesn’t matter to suggest the volume on your your device. So certain music like negative 20 ohms, or let’s say 00 decibels, and then set the decibel level for the suggestions usually at about 30 decibels lower than the music. Now the way to make sure the subliminals are going to go through is put on headphones and kind of push them you have this really closely and you should hear the mumbling of your voice. But barely be able to hear but honestly, it’s fine. If you hear just a little bit if you really try subliminal messages have to vibrate your eardrum. You can play them 50 miles away and think they’re going to work and if you can’t hear it, on some level doesn’t work. So it’s really as simple as that. And if you have good music that Yeah, I have a whole subliminal programming said on our website that I’m really encouraging you to customize your own stuff. So mostly the point of that music when you listen to it is It’s about six minutes where there’s music and there’s a little gap. And then it plays again. My point is, be sure the suggestions are only playing when there’s music. And then you can do that, again, by looking carefully at the way that recording software works. And if anybody wants an online tutorial on that to say, so say, it was typed in the chat pod, show us exactly how to do it. And I’ll be happy to spend the time that way. But hopefully you can figure out how to do on your own. Oh, yeah. And Judy said, GarageBand is on your Mac, if he is what yeah, that’s all you need for that. So yeah, practice recording your entire hypnotic programming session, extract the suggestions, loop them so you can hear them for number two, below is the auditory suggestions, and then make your own subliminal. For that I would highly recommend, you know, we don’t recommend use this when you’re driving for liability reasons. But you know, I’ve done it. So it’s up to you. But maybe you fall asleep tonight. You know, if you’re just doing something new in the dishes, play the music, and just let it be in the background, programming your subconscious. And again, we’ll talk about prosperity principles tonight that you want to get into your head for sure. Okay. So other mental technologies, if you’re not using them already, I highly recommend that you start playing with by neural beats, or similar maybe isochronic tones. You can there’s a few ways you can get these. When the simplest is you get a YouTube video downloader and just type that in, and then you can extract, you don’t need the video, you just need the audio. So if you find something you really trust, you know, we’d like okay, yeah, this seems like a reputable person. They like the frequency. They’re using some like alpha activity, delta theta, whatever activity. So usually alpha activity in the brain is pretty much what we want for this, you can do theta. KC here, you don’t know you beta waking consciousness, regular awakened consciousness, you don’t need to program that in alpha activity is going to be more like the hypnotic state the hypnagogic state daydreaming. That’s pretty much the hypnotic state. But then as we go into much deeper states, where we’re experiencing things like past life regressions, or Natal regression, then theta activity in the brain tends to be a bit better. And then delta is basically dreamless sleep where theta would be dream like sleep. So I’d be using an alpha or theta activity. And, yeah, you can pull it off of any good YouTube video that you trust, or the technology I know that you could do it is called the sharm s h A RM. And that program will do pretty much everything you would ever want to do. In our field, and young, it’s about 300 bucks. Have you used by Neroli? subliminal? Yeah, definitely. What I do is actually I tend to combine all this so I will do the hypnotic programming with the by neural beat. And if I can use headphones, which most of the time when I do it, then the by neurobion, is that and then yeah, I’ve definitely done really powerful subliminal programming with by neural beat embedded in there, when you can do to make it even more powerful as subliminals is you can have one set of suggestions maybe in a second person and pass it off to your left ear. And then do another set with it’s a first person, the second person left here doesn’t matter which one second person left your first person right here and offset them. So this area here I am now and then just a little bit after saying you are now Yeah, so you can just listen to the music headphones for the binary beats. And you’ll go into a deeper brainwave state because the planner, ob and the subconscious, your subconscious picking up the subliminals. But because I usually play subliminals in the background in the house throughout the day, and I don’t necessarily put the binder I’ll be there. So that number five, creating and manifesting meditations. And I would highly recommend once a day, even twice once or twice per day, if you’re super serious about the goal twice per day, but doing it more than that just puts you into this lack or stress or desperation mentality, and you don’t want to go there. So creating manifesting depending on how long and we’re going to talk about it tonight, five to seven minutes, usually about seven minutes if I do a longer one which is really just more time going into the meditative state. And we can talk a little bit tonight about hypnosis as opposed to meditation depending how we define it. But to me, there is a difference. With a creating and manifesting formula, I use the meditative states more than the hypnotic state. So once or twice per day, that notion, and again, we’ll talk about tonight, I don’t want to overload you with too many other things, I would say those are the top five, you know, and ideally, you’re doing that on a daily basis. The other thing, though, that is really important is the getting organized process, which really comes before the creating manifesting formula, the getting organized process of the Life Mastery course. And the way that works, we can start to go into it now. So I’m going to scroll back up to this number six at the very bottom. So we’re looking at the getting organic process. That’s a binder. So ideally, you have a three ring binder, each one of the numbers below and numbers one through 10 is a tab in that binder. So three ring binder, tab dividers, and then I just use loose leaf paper and pencil as I’m getting started. The collage might not go in there, the dream board or the daytime on my neck go in there or even your to do list. But the rest of it you ideally ever going to have a physical piece of paper. I know most people say like the other day and age, I could do that on my phone, I could do that on my laptop. The problem with having a digital device is you don’t necessarily immerse yourself in it the way you could if you have a binder laying open on your dining room table and every morning and breakfast, inspire eating your ob whatever. Read the binder every single day. And so to me when I say mental technologies, things you can do to help them really increase the probability of your success. Go through the entire getting organized process every single day. Now setting it up can take some time. But once it’s going, then in the morning, you know if you do that, once a day, you can read through the whole thing, you know, just over breakfast, 1015 minutes, you read the whole thing. Now this might seem like a lot, second hour total per day that you are dedicating to your mind. But when we review tonight in this review for those that you’ve been to our training, but again, I’m going to work to customize the top tonight to to opening your own hypnotherapy practice. Okay, so yeah, three ring binder, tabbed dividers inside loosely paper, we write this stuff down, and keep working on it until it’s complete. But it’s never really completed, I would say once a year, like the end of every year, I will go through the whole process again, and reset my goals for the new year. So there’s a perfect time to start thinking about it December 3. My advice if you can do it, is go on a little mini retreat, take a day after Christmas, or maybe the new five days, you know, by family and whatnot. But if you can lock yourself away for a day or two, and focus only on this, the probability of your success for the New Year increases exponentially. So I go through the entire getting organized process pretty much every year. And I review my mission statement, is it still relevant or want to change it, I review my priorities are those still relevant, I want to adjust those. And we’re going to talk about those tonight because the light categories prioritized always encourage you to prioritize yourself. They You are the product is a hypnotherapist, the way you look, the way you sound, the way to present yourself, the way you dress, Everything about you is gonna help you to get clients or not. And the more you’re prioritizing you, the better off you’re going to be. So let’s go down to the very bottom of this Notepad. Almost at the bottom it says prosperity principles. And I’m going to put a bullet points in the first bullet point will be prioritize yourself. Now that one principle can have a lot of different suggestions that might end up in your hypnotic programming. So one of them and then another Shin is its own points 10% Bob, all I earn is mine to keep or pay yourself first. And so you can find any way you my word that in a hypnotic programming session. One of the ideas I mentioned when covered tonight is as you’re let’s say you’re doing 100,000 per year. That means $10,000 per year goes into a separate savings account. It’s not the last thing that occurs. It’s the first thing that occurs, right. So if you make you can do this every single week, let’s say so $2,000 per week And 10% of that $200 thing. So every single week, you might even want to automatically have, so you have a checking account, and a savings account. And when the 2000 comes in 10%, that 400 years can do the math, and 10% of the 2000 goes into automatically into your savings account. So every month my accounts, just automatically checking counters dump into the savings accounts. And I you know, there are multiple accounts, but I would say for hypnotherapist, you have your personal checking. But ideally, depending on how you structure your corporation or your business, you have a business checking account, and your business savings account that 10% of all iron is mined to keep or pay yourself first prioritize yourself, make it a suggestion and hypnotic programming. And then you take action to set up the checking and kind of the two accounts. And then again, this day and age, everything is online, and you can automate everything, just every month, or even every week, have 200 $400, whatever, dump it into the savings account. At the end of the year 10% of what you earn is now yours. But the major principle at that is don’t spend a lot of vacation, that’s another percentage of your income, don’t you have to use it for taxes or emergency. Okay, but the whole point is that 10,000 is yours for reinvesting in yourself. reinvesting in another income stream, not necessarily just mutual funds or savings. Again, that’s like its own its own percentage of your overall income, the idea of a 10% of your overall income going into a separate business savings account is you’re going to use that to create another income stream. And if you have $10,000, to invest in the company or heal something, you can start skyrocketing with where you go. I’m coaching someone now in really building significant wealth, it’s already doing multi millions of dollars. As I mentioned in the last time, His goal is to be a billionaire. And when we realized in the coaching model working with him was every time he makes more money, he spends more money, since I was picking on numbers, you know, so if you’re making easy numbers, if you’re making 50,000 a year, and you spend 50,000 per year, then you don’t really know at the end of the year, you know how much money left in the bank after. So then you know, if he makes 100,000 per year, but he spends 100,000, there’s no money left in the bank. Now, ideally, yeah, the income is going up. But the idea is that you are accumulating more on the savings, but then you’re able to reinvest a lot of that into creating other income streams. So something you might consider, maybe it’s a suggestion you’re programming, but either way, it’s something to really focus on is multiple income streams. And let’s put here up the South. Alright, so start to brainstorm. Now it’s like, yeah, I gotta get to my 15 and 20 clients, those people are worth more than just what they pay you for private sessions, right? They might come and do a workshop with you. So that’s a whole another income stream and I got I need to create another website. Not really, but you know, let’s say I gotta create another website for that. Maybe want to pay people to market that. Right? You guys are all with the training you have to our school, 500 hours of training, past life regression, astral projection, breathwork, weight loss, smoking, you can do workshops. And if you market them, well, let’s say you create a workshop where people pay pay $500 and you get 10 people, that’s 5000 extra dollars, do that twice, let’s say four times per year, do that quarterly and you just made an extra $20,000 a year. That’s completely an extra spending money. But again, take 10% of that, put it away and reinvest it in another income stream. So my way of thinking about this is seven sources of revenue, not just your hypnotherapy practice, the problem with being it’s all hypnotherapy is amazing. But the problem with being your own boss is because you are the product. If something happens to you, and you can work you can make money. But once you have new income streams that are dug deep enough, right, like if you can imagine a river is deep enough and there’s enough water flowing. It takes a lot for that stream to dry out. But as a hypnotherapist If one thing happens to you where you can work, that income stream dries out. So for long term success, I would highly, highly, highly recommend, take 10% of what you earn from your practice, put it into a savings account. And when you’re ready, and you don’t have the plan already in place, and this can relate to the Life Mastery course working with short term mid range and long term goals. So short term goal, and short term is less than a year, but also like one to two years. So you know, immediate, and then this is a two years or less, but it’s really important to emphasize like immediate, right, so you’re taking action right away, not saying it’s a year or two out. But still short term is like one to two years or less, I would say for hypnotherapist during that timeframe, you guys should be able to graduate within a year, easily. I mean, ideally within a month, but you know, it’s a lot to be said within six months, within six months be seeing your 15 or more clients per week. But then why not create some extra workshops. Now you can mark those to your existing clientele and your past clients. But if you want to start advertising those, or building a better web presence or paying a marketing team to do that, then there you go, that money is there to pay an advertising team or have somebody build a gorgeous website for you create really high end promotional videos, but that extra money is there. And then again, I’m encouraged that you get seven different income streams. So starting with wrapping your brain about where you can do product sells, so having the time and the resources to create really good high quality products. So write a book, the book becomes a whole you know, a whole nother income stream. You can make a lot of audio recordings, the hypnotherapist subliminal programming, create a whole website with the shopping the shopping cart, e commerce, you know, people are downloading that stuff, workshops are weekly classes, you can have your clients come in and pay you, like those of you who do, or those of you that can teach yoga, or Tai Chi or Qigong, something like that, or meditation classes, you’ll have people come in, and they’ll pay 10 or $15 per class. So let’s say $10, a class four classes a week, or I’m sorry, four classes a month, you know, once a week. So that’s $40 per person. And let’s say 10 coming in. So what was that 400 extra dollars. But um, the nice thing about doing these classes is your clients can come to the classes, and your classes can get people who’ve never been clients who get to know you like oh my god, yeah, and you’re selling your sessions during those free classes. So you’re talking about like, you know, the power of hypnosis, the power of the mind the power of meditation, but you’re mentioning that that only go so far, right, they’re coming to a free class can only do so much. But now I can do private sessions with me or the other way around your private sessions, get people in for classes. So I encourage you to make a list of seven different income streams. And again, once they’re running, they basically run themselves. And then again, I’m encouraging you to consider things that don’t require you to have to work. So one of the models that you might put this in your program is financial freedom, or financial independence. So to be financially free to not have to sit there in an office for 30 to 40 hours per week. It’s wonderful. But what if you don’t want to what if you want to take a month or two off? What if I want to take a whole year off? If you do what I’m saying, you can really sincerely create financial freedom by having seven automated and that’s a key word here, sources of revenue. Alright, so let’s say you work hard first year, get your private practice going, and you get other products and whatnot in place, then you hire marketing team, and you can get it, you can probably get somebody to market you. I’m gonna guess for like 1000 a month. And you might say, out of my budget right now, why not dream to the point where so here’s the model as far as percentages 10% of what you earn is yours to keep another 10% and that’s ideally happening like your first 10% though the next 10% goes to advertising. So a 10% of what you earn should go back into your business for advertising. And that might mean that you know the beginning you’re paying for your website you’re paying for, you know, whatever else. You’re doing display advertising, and my experience a lot of our graduates don’t dump their money back into advertising. So pay per click, for instance, we can go look at that real quick. It says, impressions 10,000, click through rate 3% site visits 300. That’s a pay per click model where you basically get to pay Google to be on the very top of the listings, you’ll always be coming up first or second place, you know, people are actually going to see your ad, they’re going to click on your ad, they’re going to go to your website. And the metrics below pretty well show that a percentage of those people are going to call you. And they’re going to become clients. The model here, it’s what’s called the sales funnel. Now, when 10,000 people see you, that’s the beginning of the larger part of the funnel, when it filters down, then you’re gonna eventually have your 15 clients per week, if you have to constantly work on Facebook, and blogging and social media, or giving lectures, I mean, I encourage you to do all of it. But the nice thing about dumping the money back into the pay per click model, is it just completely automated. So if you’re able to take, you know the story on numbers here, but let’s say $500 per month, can go into pay per click advertising, your phone’s just ringing, let me possibly once a day, I’m not guaranteeing anything, but you set up Pay Per Click right, you’ll just get a new client every day. It’s completely possible depending on where you live. And if you know how to do the pay per click advertising, if you know how to if you have a really good website, and if you know how to convert that color into a client. Yeah, you can expect if you do this really well, again, no guarantees I’m hesitant to say aloud. But again, I really, I wouldn’t be able to set it up where I’m seeing one new client today. It does cost money. But I’d rather be doing that and spend the rest of my time you know, recreation travel family, you know, why should you have to work an extra 10 hours a week on your advertising plus your 40 hours a week seeing clients just take 10% of income and plan that goes right back into advertising. But people say I don’t want to spend that money, I’d rather save it miss a major principle. And here it is. Back in your life, the Life Mastery thing, mental now under prosperity principles. The theme is during you may have heard the seven skills training during times the emergency promotes your business during times of prosperity, save, most of the time, people are backwards, right? If money starts getting tight, the one place you tend to pull it out of is advertising because you got to pay the rent he have employees gotta pay employees as well, what’s what’s left? Well, I don’t need to advertise. during times of emergency, you need to promote yourself. The issue though, with people who are studying their practice, I would say I don’t want you to feel like emergency is not the best word. It’s just a principle. But when you’re not seeing clients yet considered in emergency mode, again, that feeling of I have to make this happen, I have to succeed, I can’t just sit back and hope it’s gonna work or take time for it to work. That attitude of I’ve got one month to make this happen. I can do whatever it takes. Even the six months. Some of you guys, Santa and enough some of you are in school, but think about right after graduation. Maybe don’t give yourself six months, maybe give yourself three months. And if you don’t do it by three months, fine, then give yourself another three months. But try and do it in three months. Because what happens is when you’re forced to do it, you’ve got to do it. So if you don’t get an emergency desperation mode, but if you get an emergency like I’ve got to do in mode. Here’s a quick story I was told to me it really helped. I was like I’ve got to do when I graduate, I’d have to start making $4,000 This is when I first started in my early 20s I had to start doing $4,000 per month to be able to live. I never done that before. I was like wow, that’s kind of scary, you know, and how many clients is that at the time $65 a session your way back when finding clients a week and I was like alright, I can do that much. But I’ve got to do my 20 clients per week. So the story was a rabbit once got out of his hole and started moving away from the hole. And in between the hole and the rabbit there was a fox and the rabbit could have run back into his hole for safety. So the rabbit darts off, runs up a tree and is hiding up in a branch and the fox comes over and the thoughts can climb the tree and the fox had been ahead of you get up there. You’re just a rabbit rabbits can climb trees. The rabbit said man when I had to do it, I did it. And that energy that attitude helped me to succeed so much more than when I see graduates gone. Six months I can just relax into it. I have One month, where I was going to have problems. My parents who are actually visiting now, I’m sure they know this story. They put me You know, my parents or grandparents put me through college and post grad studies, and then went on to have my business. I’m like, Alright, money for the business. They’re like, No, no, we just said we get through school, we didn’t say we’d help you’d open your business. I was like, Oh, crap, I didn’t expect that. And so it just forced me, you know, for, for better or worse, but I think for better, it made me say, I’ve got to do $4,000 per month to support myself, I’ve got to do it within one month, or I’m going to start not being able to pay bill, you know, my office rent my car payment, my house payment, cell phone, you know, like, at least 4000 a month plus taxes. So when I only had one month to do it, it forced me to do it. So again, back to the prosperity principle during times of emergency, promote, if you’re not a 1520 clients per weekend, that’s what you want. Considered a time of emergency. Yeah, must promote, but during times of prosperity, save and that’s a principle of take 10% and put it into business development. 10% goes to advertising. Ideally, another 10% is going into savings depending on how old you are and where you’re at with your savings. So break it down so I can get 100% of the income that comes in. So let’s just say $2,000 per week. $100 of what you make every week, automatically goes into business savings for future reinvestment and creating seconds. 10% goes into advertising, as long as you need to do it. And if you’re in this class, you probably maybe not need to do it. But if you have a goal, to me, when I set a goal, I need to do it. If I write it down, I must do it.

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