EP 15 – How To Be Successful as a Hypnotherapist – Part 2

Episode Summary:

What’s up, everyone? Welcome back to the podcast!

This is a follow up on last week’s episode where we really dive into what it takes to be successful as a hypnotherapist, talking about what you can do online to market your business and advertise your services, and start getting more clients into your door (or if you’re doing online sessions, obviously to start getting more clients booking time with you online).

So in today’s episode, we’re going to pick back up with some of the more successful graduates that we’ve had from our school. We’ve got three more that Matthew Brownstein is describing what they’re doing to be successful in their practice. Then we also dive into seven things that you can do to get clients.

So again, this is a great opportunity for you to be taking notes, make sure you have your pen and paper ready. There’s some really valuable information in today’s episode. All right, so let’s go ahead and jump into it. I hope you enjoy this one.

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Transcript of the Episode:

What’s up everyone? Welcome back to the podcast. And this is a follow up on last week’s episode where we really dive into what it takes to be successful as a hypnotherapist, you know, really talking about what you can do online to market your business and advertise your services and start getting more clients into your door or if you’re doing online sessions, obviously to start getting more clients booking time with you online. So in today’s episode, we’re going to pick back up with some of the more successful graduates that we’ve had from our school. today. We’ve got three more that Matthew is going to be talking about on what they’re doing to be successful in their practice. And then we also dive into seven things that you can do to get clients. So again, this is a great opportunity for you to be taking notes, make sure you have your pen and paper ready. Just some really valuable information in today’s episode. All right, so let’s go ahead and jump into it. I hope you enjoy this one.

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Welcome back to Illuminated Mind. I’m your host Corey Benschop, and this is your podcast for exploring some of the deeper ideas about what it means to be human in today’s complex world. We cover topics from psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and hypnotherapy to find answers to life’s most interesting questions. Enjoy this episode!

Let’s look what Andrew said Andrew. Andrew green is our Salt Lake City Utah director. He’s a wonderful guy. When he started his practice, he didn’t take off the quite the level he wanted to. And so he he got another job for a little while. And then he was like, you know, I don’t like this, I want to be doing hypnotherapy. He got really into social media wasn’t all that long ago, put himself out there. And I believe we’ll read what he wrote that he’s at a full plant load again, he’s amazing guy, we let him teach our curriculum is that good. But yeah, he struggled a bit at first, by tapping into social media was a huge thing for him. So he wrote, what has helped me the most in gaining a full time client load in less than two months has been social media. So there you go, it’s totally possible to do. And there’s many ways to do it. I’m not a huge social media person. Honestly, I have a marketing team that runs the school now for our marketing, and I’ve learned a lot from them. So I have a lot I can teach you guys that I’ve learned from many marketing teams. Over the years, I’ve tried five or six marketing themes over the years, I was learning a lot from each one. But I can show you what our marketing team is doing for the school and you know, work to duplicate that kind of thing as well. So I’m not a huge social media person, but I believe in it like it works. But honestly, I just pay someone else to do it. If so, don’t ever try to Facebook friend me or anything. I’m never on social media. In fact, we just recently did a public personality profile for me on Facebook, so I’m just never there. But um, you know, utilize it. Andrew is doing great with it. Alba Wyman, some of you know, of course, he’s doing exceptionally well using YouTube and social media. I understand I’m posting to Facebook about three to five times per week and creating engagement, asking simple questions, and then trying to reply to every single comment with a thoughtful reply. Occasionally, I’m posting about my profession and keeping people tuned in to the fact that I am a hypnotherapist. I Oh, yeah, don’t be like what he said there. Don’t be ashamed to call yourself a hypnotherapist. And honestly, you don’t need other credentials to succeed as a hypnotherapist. Some of our graduates, I’m not gonna say it’s a mistake. Everybody has their own path, but it would have been a mistake for me to continually keep getting more training to find other schools to find other. Like if we’re offering at a school like our neuro linguistic programming training, I do recommend it, you know, becoming all other sorts of professions as well, that might be your path and I respect that. But for me, I dedicate my whole life to hypnotherapy. If you get really good at one thing and marketing one thing, you can knock it out of the park. So Andrew here says, I’m not afraid to call myself a hypnotherapist. He said, I keep my engagements fun and interactive yet professional, Danny rock, Danny Fox, our Tampa, lead instructor and director of allocation, I would like to offer the idea about your referral program, I reward my clients for referring to me, I credit them $20 towards a session for each new client and that books and pays for a session. That’s great. But honestly, when I emailed our directors and said, Tell me what you’re doing that makes you successful. But please don’t say word of mouth. And Danny is kind of word of mouth. So I responded back. And I said, that’s great. Once the clients in the door, but how are you actually getting clients in the door. And I didn’t hear back before we did this class. But hopefully by the next time we meet, I’ll pick a lot of other successful graduates brains, and have more information for you about what they’re doing. But pretty much, you know, I can tell you, and we’ll get into that now. So that’s what three of our exceptional leaders are doing. And let’s go back the seven major things you can do to get clients, not in any specific order. So your website is obviously crucial. Again, we’re going to look at websites very soon. website needs search engine optimization, one of you asked me to talk about that. So we will also I’m a big fan of pay per click advertising. When renew comm our June, our Hollywood location director first started a practice back in about 2007. I wasn’t quite as busy then or you know, I whatever reason I can’t do this for any individual. But at the time I did, like you know, where do I believe in you help set up your pay per click campaign, we’ll get it started. And you know, probably two to $300 per month. She has said for all of these years, I’m not sure what else she’s doing. She didn’t respond back yet. But I know she’d been very successful. Because again, she’s been a teacher of ours since probably 2012, or something like that. So she’ll be with us quite a long time. And now she’s been traveling the world and I believe it was love in her life. But we did pay per click advertising to get her her clients. She said that’s all we ever needed to do to get the clients coming in the beauty of and it’s primarily Google pay per click, by the way, it does take a lot to learn, and there’s a cost with it. But the beauty is this model of getting impressions, getting people to click and take action. There’s very clear metrics that I’ll show you in just a moment. And when you learn how to excuse me, when you learn how to work with those. It’s just simple math. And you can just say, Okay, how much money do I have to spend to get this many clients coming in. So your website, SEO pay per click, and I’ll definitely recommend, and I’ll show you what I’m doing blog SEO for SEO, Search Engine Optimization, it’s not as big of a thing anymore. There’s a few reasons for why SEO isn’t really your thing. If you’re kind of new getting into this, there is competition already people have been in this profession for 10 2030 years, and you’re probably never going to get above them in the search engines. So search engine optimization is really where you’re working to be in the first page of Google, you know, and ideally, like right there in the top, because it’s so hard to get there. Now with the search engine optimization techniques. Most marketing companies don’t even bother. Hey, everyone, I just wanted to jump in here real quick and give my two cents on this SEO tip, because actually SEO isn’t really that hard to do. And it’s very important for your website. So this is what literally gets you to rank on Google and other search engines when people are searching for different terms. SEO is extremely important for your success online. And in today’s day, it’s actually you know, yes, it’s difficult to rank amongst competition. However, if you do the right keyword research and you understand what your target audience is, you can still rank for SEO quite easily. So the first thing is going to be that you want to be writing for humans first and search engine. Second, this is a big mistake that I commonly see with people trying to do their own SEO is that they try to stuff keywords into their articles and into their web copy. And basically anytime understand that it’s people that are reading your website, not necessarily just a search engine. And Google is so smart these days that it knows the difference between stuffing your content full of keywords, and actually writing for people and for humans that are trying to have a good experience on your website. And that kind of brings us into the second tip, which is to focus on the user experience. Again, make sure that the people that are visiting your website are getting the answers that they’re looking for, you know, just write content, write blog posts that are actually value driven and they actually Answer a specific question, you’re going to want to do keyword research to see what people are actually searching for. And then write your articles around that. Next, make sure that you’re actually building relevant links both internally and externally linked to other websites, through your blog posts link internally, within your website from one blog post to another, this helps Google see that your website is valuable as well and doesn’t just keep people on one page, but that you’re trying to, again, solve a problem, it really boils down to user experience, you’re also going to want to remove anything that slows down your site. So another big factor in SEO performance. And what Google is looking at these days is how well is your website performing online? How fast is it load, this is extremely important. And there’s a lot of different things that you can do to improve your page speed, this is important, I would suggest searching it or obviously get in touch with me, if you need help with your website, SEO still works, it’s still very relevant. And I highly recommend that you try to work through this strategy for your business and for your website. And you know, what you do to get on the top of Google is you pay, and that’s the pay per click model. Again, once you do the math, you’re gonna see it’s not that expensive to get a regular influx of clients. If I ever had to start my private practice over again, the one thing I would do maybe two things now that social media has become more and more prevalent, I would have a website, I’ll show you exactly what I believe that should be on a good website. And very soon, you know, tonight, I would just do pay per click marketing to it, I would, you know, probably put again, this is like starting over and money was tight, maybe three to $400 per month, not a whole lot of money, I can pretty much in a moment, I can probably figure out the exact math of how many clients that would get you. And you always want to consider ROI, what is the return on the investment or cost benefit analysis, thinking Google those terms if you like and learn about the math behind it. But you really don’t have to do the math. So you know, as intensely as some of these formulas are, they go into, all you have to do is say, if I spent $400 per month, and I walk away $4,000 from that investment, was it worth it, you can’t get that kind of return on investment with stocks and bonds and mutual funds. But with a business, you can get a huge return on investment. I’m not gonna say $400 and make you 4000. But if it did, it’d be a no brainer. So again, look into that math a little bit. So I’ll be working the website. Number two, certainly social media. And of course, it’s going to evolve. I’ve seen very good graduate success with Facebook. Very good success with YouTube, I’ve definitely seen graduate knocking out a park with Instagram. Don’t mention the name now just because I’m going to be sensitive to that. But I do have permission from the star directors and instructors to showcase them tonight, I can definitely tell you one successful graduate, she was getting a huge number three referrals. This is going to be through Believe it or not psychiatrists, I don’t know if she had psychologists, but definitely doctors, therapists. So she Last time we talked was knocking out of the park like glitter definitely over 100,000 per year, completely full plant load. And successful graduates often out of other graduates working out of their offices, I’ll show you that with her new cup. And then she and she probably making some money off of the other graduate. I don’t know their setup, but I can show you, you know, that business model. So one of these graduates, she showed me her Instagram profile. And she said, you know, Instagram, and referrals from doctors and dentists. We also have very good success with graduates who network with personal trainers. So you can go to gyms or find these people you know, who are doing their own private Personal Training, and you hook up with them. And you just say, doctors can really refer for money. It’s called a kickback. I don’t think it’s legal. But you find ways to incentivize people to want to refer to you. And we can’t talk about every way that works tonight. But you know, thinking out for yourself, like what could you do to get a personal trainer to refer their clients to you for weight loss, and you refer all your weight loss clients to the personal trainer, so that they can lose weight that much more effectively. Let them learn about proper nutrition and exercise, referrals, work rates, this networking groups there, somebody asked about the price, I don’t know. But they’re very inexpensive, even paid $200 excuse me $200 per month, which is probably high. To me, that would be worth it. One client who come every client, by the way, will come up four times. That’s a good average. And I don’t know if that’s true for everybody. But that’s what I that’s the number I work with when I was in private practice. So for clients, let’s just say get 200 per session, instead of 180 is easy, round number. That’s what $800 I’ll pay $200 a month to get an $800 return on that investment for sure. But you’re gonna get more than one client per month by being part of his networking group. You go in your network, you meet people a handout in your business This cards give them two or three cards, every person gets two or three cards. And, yeah, you’ll walk with clients, you can do public lectures at the business networking groups, they’ll often have different events and go to the marketing yourself. So any business networking group, if you can get in front of 20 to 30 people every week, or every two weeks, you’re gonna walk with clients, and you don’t have to even do a public speech. Usually, you stand up in front of a group, you talk for 30 seconds to a minute, oh, and then you want to develop what’s called your elevator speech or your 32nd sales pitch. If you’re stumbling about what you’re going to say, when someone asks you what you do, when you present yourself in front of a group, you won’t do as well. So learn about the 32nd elevator pitch, I have been a fan and it’s up to you to really think about, but I have definitely seen print media works. So that would be magazines. But a lot of full color magazines are out of the budget for a private practitioner. But this smaller coupon books always work really well for me. So those are things that I felt like the shoppers guide, the buyer’s guide, it’s sometimes stuff you know, you would just pick up at a newsstand or at a bus stop. like things like natural awakenings or Holistic Health magazines. I haven’t found that for graduates to be super successful, because a lot of the people who read that it’s kind of like preaching to the choir advertising to the choir. Yeah, it’s like, I want to say your competitors for that, because you hardly ever see hypnotherapist in that, which is kind of perfect, it’s not necessarily a great way to go. But my experiences, some of them print media, it’s also known as display advertising can be very helpful. Things like referrals, and word of mouth shouldn’t be in this list. Because that’s just gonna be nice bonus for you. Let me not even this, well, I was gonna say, let me know I mentioned six and seven, let’s at least give you like one more to consider. And that’d be Groupon or Living Social, I’m not sure if that team is still around. But those online coupon type books, it’s along the same lines, the print media, people like deals there are when you advertise. And when you search your name, when you’re really advertising. If you’re on Groupon, there’s a very good chance you’re going to be up there. Okay, I gotta jump in one more time. So I would actually recommend not trying to advertise on these types of websites like Groupon or, you know, really any sort of coupon website, because you’re getting people that really are looking for the best deal. They’re price shopping, and they’re looking for the cheapest service that they can find this is not necessarily your best customer. Now, if you’re just getting started, and you don’t have any clients and customers, it’s a good way to get your name out there. But again, you’re going to be getting what we call tire kickers, you know, people that are just shopping around for price, they’re not necessarily valuing your service, they’re just looking for the cheapest services available, and they may not ever come back to pay full price for your business again. And the nice thing about being in the first page of Google, you can pay to be on the top, it can be in Google Places, at least that’s what it was called, where your address shows up. And then you suddenly your SEO could show up. But things like the Yelp reviews, you plug into that, I can’t comment on it too much. But we can certainly in these classes, talk about your online reviews. And we’ll see that in a moment. So consider seven. And number seven is find the thing that works for you. If five of these are working for you do the top five, if their work are the top four, or honestly, the top two. But the thing that I don’t like is when a graduate emails me and I say what are you doing? Because they’re not succeeding yet. And they only mentioned one of those things, you know, so if you show me you’re doing five things, and you’re still not succeeding, now, then there’s, there’s something that you know, we got to look into it, let’s go on there. But you can’t really do five of these things and not beginning clients. So let’s look at the metrics briefly. At the very bottom of the notes below. It says impressions, let’s say 10,000. I’m not saying you need that many, or you’ll get that many. But it’s a simple number is probably kind of realistic. impressions have to do with just how much you’re broadcasting your net. And that’s that’s the biggest end of your sales funnel. Right? So how many people see you every month? Again, when graduates complain to like, I don’t know, I just don’t see any clients and how many people see your name and see advertisements every month. I’m suggesting you cast your net in front of 10,000 people. And there’s all sorts of ways to measure that. Now with the internet, you can expect approximately a 3% click through rate, Ctr. Eventually I’ll figure out how to 3% 3% of the other 10,000 will click on your ad. This is why competition does not matter this day and age, as long as you’re in front of 10,003% are going to click on that. And I’m sure it can be left on the head but again, we use a calculator times point oh three. So that’s 300 people who go to your sites, or your social media presence, right. So as long as there’s a way on your Facebook page, or YouTube videos, or your Instagram page, or your website, or all the above, is, again, don’t only do one thing, if you do those four things really well, you’re probably gonna have a very full client. But so if 3% take action on seeing that, you know, your hat, or however they get to you, then you’ve got 300 people have been to your website or your social media presence, every single month. Now, then the next metric you want to consider is the call to action, we’ll look at the call to action on our graduates website, and say what is actually the call to action, if the website doesn’t tell them what to do. And they sometimes just click off. But if you say click here, fill out this form call now, you see how the beginning of a sales funnel works. So you can expect a quick call to action of about 10%. Right? So if 300 people go to your website, then we’re talking 30 people. So the lead convert, so how are we doing here, so leads, you have 30 leads. And then there’s a whole way to talk about SCADA CRM, customer relation management, software, CRM, some are very expensive and probably out of a hypnotherapist budget, but there would be free ones available, I don’t know the free ones. And you can use an Excel spreadsheet when you’re kind of small, but you want those 30 people those are called leads are very valuable. And you want to get really good at converting those leads these numbers by the way off top my head. So at the end, if this doesn’t look really optimistic, we would just tweak the numbers, until we figured out the exact formula. But 30 people plug into your system, that means I’ve either called you or they fill out your contact form. Now let’s just say you can convert 50% of those in when I get phone calls, I usually can again, this was when I was a full time practice, I would convert 95% of the phone calls very, very rare. But somebody be like, Alright, well, let me think about it, I’ll call you back. Like I know how and I teach you how to get people once they call into the office. But this day and age people fill out contact forms as well to again, lead just their contact form, those don’t convert as well, it was super easy to fill out the form a little bit harder to not bother, but you know, they take more risk to call you. So I think 50% is a pretty fair number. Now 50% of 30 leads is 15 new clients per week. Again, I can’t tell you good to do that, or those are the exact perfect numbers. But start thinking in that way. If you have 15 new clients, I’m sorry, that’s experimental. But remember, each client tends to stay for about four sessions when you’re running a practice really well. Therefore 15 per month should keep you at a full plant load throughout the whole year. Now you just want to also consider, like I said, return on the investment. What is the cost to get this many leads, but I would encourage you out of your working capital for every month, let’s say you have an extra $1,000. Well, let’s let’s do it from thing and making 100 Yeah, $100,000 per year, that’s $8,000 per month. So of the $8,000 per month that you’re making 10 per door either way, 10% of that should go back into advertising at a minimum. If you’re like me, you’re dedicated to a mission, you can bump it up to almost 20%. And I’ve done that over the years. But honestly, my businesses have not been as profitable, maybe they have, it’s debatable, they would have been more profitable, possibly if I put less money into advertising, but you can’t back in advertising. And you tend to have less income. So 10 to 20%. Right now we’re operating at 10% budget, to be able to reach our goals 10% for advertising. So I encourage you to do that. Therefore, you’re gonna spend at least $800 per month to advertise. Like I said, you can probably get away with $400 per month from Google pay per click and do really well. And then go the other money could go into print media, social media is pretty much free. So if you’re on shoestring budget, and you’re not able to be putting in 400 to 800 per month to build your business, social media is pretty much completely free. There’ll be some basic operating expenses, which is another percentage of your overall income. Okay, I wanted to add to this point as well. Social media is extremely important today, right? If you’re not on social media, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table and missing a lot of opportunity to read new customers and clients, you have to understand that marketing is all about attention. Okay? You’re simply trying to get people’s attention. And where is everybody’s attention at today? It’s on their smartphone, right? If you go out in public anywhere, you’re going to see people staring at their phones. And more than likely, what are they doing, they’re on social media. This is how people spend their time, this is how they pass time. So this is where their attention is. And if you’re not there, meeting them where they’re at, then again, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity, get into social media, get comfortable sharing your stories, sharing content about your business, you don’t have to be on every platform, pick one that you’re comfortable with and start there. But really focus on social media as a marketing tool, as an advertising tool. And remind yourself as much as you can, that this whole game is about getting attention, there’s going to be services. So services would be things like you’re actually we have like the 3%, that goes to the merchant account. So that’s another 3% of out of 100%. And then about 5% should go to services. That would be things like your customer relationship management software, your website hosting, if you need email hosting, you know, the school obviously has a larger, larger expenses to do everything we do. But running a private practice, you know, there’s not a whole lot, I would say, 20% probably goes into operating costs, and you walk away with the other 80%. But really consider mapping that out 100% of money, whatever that is, and then break it down into percentages and how much you want to walk away with. And then just another couple of tips in those percentages, pay yourself first 10% goes to you. Alright, so always automatically 10% goes to you can call that savings if you want. And we can really talk about how to take that 10% tonight and grow it into something much bigger, but start putting 10% away automatically no matter what. If you’re if you have debt, then try to do 20% of the income that comes in to knock off the debt because you’re paying possibly 20% on the credit card interest rate man is killing it. So 20% pay off debt. And that’s 30% 10% for advertising 5% to run your business, she gives you plenty of extra spending money up to 15 new clients per month and you want to try to find a percentage, I can’t say exactly what that will be. But make it as high as possible. Client referrals, which means your clients will refer their friends, or your clients will come back again and pay for a pack. In just a moment, we’re going to do screen share. And I’ll show you what the school is doing because you can do what we’re doing. And it’s might not do it as well, because we have a very successful professional marketing team doing our marketing, but they’re doing this stuff that works. You know, so you can duplicate that in your own way. And then I’ll show you what our graduates are doing. Mike Did you say it would be number seven for the seven point I actually said, I’m leaving that open for you. So if I had to pick one, I’ll try to come up with that now. But I encourage you to find your own. So that’s number seven is find your own. Thank you, Mike just fine, you have this great way. If it were me well, referrals relates to lunch and learns. But that’s what popped in my mind lunch and learns, you know, honestly, this day and age with social media, I would probably just make number seven, a stronger social media presence. And one of the things I was weak on, like honestly, I could be doing a lot more YouTube videos or posting these kind of classes. I have like a total of 400 plus hours of these classes. And it would be really good if we just took the time. Again, we as a team to post my class, not the school drink materials, but you know all the other stuff on YouTube. So I would probably make number seven, this is stronger social media presence. Great, thank you. So we don’t let’s do screen share. And let’s see what this successful ones are doing. Alright, so I wanted to jump in here because at this point, Matthew is going to dive into doing an actual screen share on some different websites from past graduates and other hypnotherapists that you can use to model how you’re going to build your website, some do’s and don’ts of web design, if you will, obviously you can’t see anything that he’s talking about. However, he does mention every URL so you can definitely go visit these websites on your own time and on you know, if you are in front of a computer or if you’re on your phone right now you can actually take a look at these websites as you’re listening. You can also just listen and still take away a lot of amazing pieces of information and tips and nuggets on how you can improve your website and again some do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating your website. Now I’m just going to put this out there one more time. If you need help building a professional website for your business then visit us at hypnotherapy sites calm because that’s exactly what we do. We build professional affordable websites for hypnotherapist, and we can definitely get you out there into the marketplace very quickly. So make sure to check us out hypnotherapy sites comm slash illuminated and you can get 20% off our normal rate and I’m going to show you the school first cuz I’m not doing anything that much different than what I’ve done in the past but of course you’re not promoting an association or school And if you are, we got to talk. So anyway, so the first thing you notice right away is Matthew Brown, Steve, then the major thing is you brand yourself. And that’s clearly what’s being done here. Matthew brown scene is clearly the brand, so encourage you to be your own brand, have a video of you, that goes a really long way, there needs to be a call to action called CTA, and you’re ideally giving something away. So we’ll look at what the graduates are doing. But the call to action on this website is to fill out the form. So most of you know you’ve talked to Monica already, once you fill out the form, you become a lead, and then somebody works the leads, when you’re in private practice, you work your own leads, but we’re giving something away, you know. So, by filling out this form, you will get four and a half hours a free introductory training 10 hours, but honestly, it’s 400 hours, people just got scared with 400. So we dropped it to 10. You know, we have 400 hours of free classes we give away. And then a complimentary hypnotherapy training guide. Also, we show our credentials. We are licensed by private education, that commission for independent education, that Division of Vocational Rehabilitation licenses us and we work with that for continuing education and high standards, and TFC tuition financing. So you know, find stuff for you guys, you can be a member of I Ah, you can use a school’s logo, you know, saying you’re a graduate of the school, I don’t recommend you join a whole lot of other associations. I think there’s a lot of reasons that I won’t go into tonight. But please only support organizations that require state licensure, where you really just cheapening our profession, honestly. And then going down. Again, I’m branding me. And then something else you’ll see, these are actually some of you might be here. And these pictures. These are actual real students. If you use stock photography, people know. And we’ll see that on some of the websites. So ideally, it’s not stock photos, ideally, they’re real photos, other things. So really good graphic design goes a really long way. There’s a beautiful imagery our marketing team is doing. And what this is, is based on our blog, so every week I write, I encourage you to do it because it helps with yourself, your SEO, and your social media. So every week I write a blog and we’ll click on one as you can see, 400 words super easy. This is where the SEO actually comes in. There’s other ways but blogging makes a big difference. So all of these key words help to get the school seen and again, you can do exactly this for your private practice. We get seen under things like acupuncture body, mind, spirit, and you know, feel free to use these kind of words. Yeah, massage therapists, spiritual spiritual growth. Of course. My name is there. Matthew brown Steen. Okay, so the blog is here. It’s about 400 words. Lately, I’ve been telling trade a little bit more and you want to embed the vlog with keyword so we’re obviously marketing hypnotherapy training, stay lights, diplomas, hypnotherapy, clinical medical hypnotherapy, actually, those words, you know, words that weren’t for my school. This is like certification and training. You want to work with words like this hypnotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, medical hypnotherapy, but you hear like the word hypnotherapy training, that’s very intentional to put that into a blog is a search engine see it and say, Ah, this is good. The other really good point about blogging is it shows that your website is still alive. You know, like, is this school still in operation? Is this private practitioner? We’ll look at the graduates websites in a moment. Can we tell that they’re actually still in business? Right? And this school is clearly still in business, right? This, there’s a new one coming out every week. And here’s a page for blog. So it’ll help your search engine optimization, and it shows your customers that you’re interested, thank you out there, you’re still around. If you make these interesting, engaging, then people will read them. You can post this so all I do is write the 400 word blog, and then our marketing team puts it on Facebook, LinkedIn, I think there’s a Twitter feed. I don’t know maybe Instagram and Pinterest. You should be an all that stuff. But again, I just pay someone to do it. I just want to show you briefly on the AI age web page under advocacy. Some things not everybody may know. There’s some new HIPAA regulations you might not be aware of if you graduated a while ago, so please click on HIPAA compliance. One of our attorneys Jan gauvin, is also a graduate of the school. He planted out at a recent conference of ours, that when we get medical referrals, we are bound by HIPAA, so that’s good. It’s gonna look good in your advertising. To show that you’re HIPAA compliant, and there’s a class here I gave you can watch is probably an hour and a half, two hours. And then the things we came up with thing you’re gonna want to do. But again, it’s gonna look good for your advertising this show these high professional standards, we also are aligned with liability insurance companies. So I personally use locked in affinity, there are like $200 a year for professional and general liability insurance, setting up your practice, but we also are officially in with the APA, American professional agency for professional liability insurance. But honestly locked in affinity has been really more than good enough. Anyway, in case you don’t know about that, and then the legal efforts for private practice, you should be using professional disclosure forms are found here. And you really should be part of an association. Of course, I encourage hours, and they assign a code of ethics, and you abide by it. Because if you are and you get in trouble, we really got your back to say, look, this is a graduate, this is a member of the association, and they they signed the code of ethics and living by it and using professional disclosure forms, you know, and we have attorneys that we need to help to protect you. I’m not saying we can always afford to pay them but yeah, you know, we do everything we can to help you. Okay, anyway, let’s look at Danny Fox. So what do we notice right away? Danny, of course, is our Tampa director and lead instructor. She graduated in about 2011 2012. She has been a full time practice ever since she said the training saved her life literally. But what do we notice right away from her. So color. She chose the blue color palette. Good move, like the color psychology. Also her clothing, right? She’s professionally dressed. She’s wearing the same colors. The professional picture is is everything Really? So the major thing what do we notice is Danny Fox hypnosis? Not Wow, hypnosis. Right? She She took my advice she marketed and branded herself. If we say I don’t want to contact her right away, there’s a phone number. Right? There’s no doubt that we know right away how to contact Annie it’s up in the top left. And as is her email address, careful about putting an email address out there. I’m not sure how this is coded in there. But the problem is, you can get on a lot of spam filters. If your email addresses there. There’s ways to do it where you don’t get spam but careful about that. Also, of course, your social media presence, I would encourage you to look at it. I we’re not going to do it tonight. But Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For sure. Not a minimum and then Instagram and Pinterest. And especially what I’ve seen Instagram works well for graduates. So professional photo. I don’t know if that’s a video but then I’m pretty sure there are videos with Danny you definitely want to have your own video. So now the second call to action, what is she doing to sell Okay, I’m like like, and he looks like a wonderful person. His site looks professional. I think I want to do a session with her. What do I do? And then right here, free consultation. That’s your primary call to action as a hypnotherapist. Just get them to do a free in office or phone consultation. Danny Do you do Tony Robbins training so she’s a life coach. Again, I don’t really encourage you to branch out. But that’s up to you. Obviously daddy’s doing really well. So your offerings you know what what products are you offering is super important. Your testimonials are super important. testimonials are good, you want to collect a lot of them and once you do, you’re pretty you know your salad for the school, this website as much as our other website but I’ll just show you briefly. So we have video testimonials, you can do that from your clients. So lots of video testimonials, lots of written testimonials. And this site doesn’t have pictures but on the TSI wave comm website we have a lot of pictures of me with the successful graduates again, you can do this for your client and with your clients. And you want to once you have enough you can stop and ask for testimonials and you many years back to Danny. So Danny is doing that very very well. five star review on Facebook and it’s actually populating right into her websites. And then yeah so actually, you know be honest with you. Mack is a graduate and Eva graduate on her Kim is so you know Danny just asked for testimony from graduates you can ask for testimonials from your classmates you know if you’re just starting but get testimonials on your website. I do encourage that you put their first and last name like she did here this person see him. It just passively makes the customer say how do I know that’s a real person, but if there’s actually a person and we don’t ever want you doing fake testimonials so I think How’d you do their first name? Let’s look at a testimonial page because it’s super valuable for the client to buy into. She’s doing initial that’s up to you. I like confidentiality, of course for clients. But, and this is enough to show she’s not making this stuff up. Yeah, no, this is either, so she’s not making this stuff up. But if you only have three and only initials, it might be questionable that this is obviously real. And we know that because we all know Danny in the bottom really look at her disclaimer, I see a lot of graduates when he asked me to look at your website, and you don’t necessarily have a good disclaimer, you actually can’t even highlight and copy and paste which you wrote here which is kind of nice for her. But definitely have a good disclaimer about not treating medical or psychological or dental conditions that you do by abide by the laws of your state. Danny also has a very nice book now concept where you can schedule with her right on her website. Not a lot of graduates do this. I would encourage you to look into that. But Danny facts hypnotist calm is the way to go when it comes to how you market yourself. So you know I would be like Matthew browsing hypnosis from acupressure. hypnotherapy.com this market yourself. Let’s look at Rene. Rene is our Orlando director and lead instructor again like the color she’s choosing first impressions whether you see color blue, color red for the call to action to schedule an appointment, very clear branding or a brand hypnosis and now we immediately know who the person is. Call to Action call today there’s a phone number should never be I don’t know how to find this person. Like they shouldn’t have to click on the Contact button. Find you know it should be right there. Again, what is she offer her picture? I like what Danny did I think the bigger picture. You know, go goes further you can see the professional look. Here. We don’t know what Renee is wearing. So I think that’d be nice, but when you scroll down, here she is she’s dressed professionally the video looks nice. And there is a video so I’m encouraging you to do that. She was she’s the one I gave the advice of working with a lot of issues as I’ve encouraged you probably learned from me, you know his work with a lot on chsp spiritually minded, do the whole spectrum of what hypnotherapy can work up. And things like stop smoking, sleep issues, weight loss. Notice how she’s not doing medical terms. I’ve seen graduates make this mistake, anxiety, depression, PTSD, you know, be careful if you don’t have those credentials to work on that directly. Then either don’t put it or be sure you have abstracts and disclaimers. Again, testimonials. You’ll see on my website, it’s got the homepage of YouTube with therapy calm. And some of our graduates have done this for sure. write a book. It’s not that hard to write a book. Interpersonal hypnotherapy, one of my books isn’t lemnos less than 100 pages long. I probably wrote it in a few days. Professional proofreading editing is not that expensive. And then you can obviously self publish it on Amazon. Their thing is create space and just set a goal write a book. It’s really easy. And you know, so here’s Matthew Hussey with a microphone, and he’s the author of a book, you know, if your clients see that, that’s gonna make a big difference. So Renee, and those of you have been through the training, you probably know my gap. But technique, Rene wrote a book called How big is your book? And she said, I don’t know exactly how its measured. But number one international bestseller available on amazon.com. That’s true. I don’t know exactly how that’s measured. And then here again, is a call to action. She’s building a database here. Like I said, their CRM, customer relationship management software, once they’re in your email list, you start to promote to them. And you got to be careful about promoting especially with HIPAA. so careful about promoting to your clients based on HIPAA. And just the fact that when a client is done, they’re done. Talking trying to get them back in the office. Shawn, she has a real professional location is a good idea. where she’s located in the map is a good idea. People really like local business for hypnotherapy. You know, and same with a school we’ve done very clear branding and location. I believe it’s in the contact page. Yeah. So you go down you see Tampa, Orlando, Hollywood, California, and you talk right if you see how there’s only a Florida school, that may be you know, in California, Utah, whatever, they don’t sign up. So same here with Renee, very clear that we know where she is like, Oh, I live right here. You know, she’s my neighbor, a great and then he goes here. Again, third party credentialing. So that would be what organization so here’s the school and here’s the Iron Age, and other associations. He’s connected. This goes a long way in your website, but also the third party proof with your testimony. Niels and your online reviews and then yeah, I would just encourage you to look at our site. Let’s look at Andrew. So, Andrew green hypnotherapy again, these are successful not not the only ones that are the ones I chose to highlight tonight. Andrew green hypnotherapy, you know not Wow, cool hypnotherapy calm. Andrew green hypnotherapy.com he clearly branded himself. You go to his website, there’s him, there’s a picture of him. Another picture showing, you know, this is semi professional dress, here’s casual really consider that What are you wearing? Look at Andrews color choices. He chose green. I forget exactly what that is in marketing. But you know, think about it. So blue will be looked at because that’s what I usually use orange, emphasize everything, like too much emphasis makes nothing of emphasis at all. I’m not saying Andrew did that here. But when we look right away, what’s the call to action? Yeah, I have to look for a moment. But that is in a contract Andrew schedule a session. Honestly, I would put free consultation. So Andrew is doing here and he listened to this, it might be a slight mistake, although he’s doing really well. You’re asking for too much right away. All right, they probably know, the guy’s probably going to cost 150 200 bucks. If I call I’m probably committing too many hundreds of dollars. But if I call for a free consultation, we’re softening the stage of buying. So when you consider the sales funnel by guy now Andrew got an impression. Now we want something he wants his customer to take action. The action is a little bit bigger of a call to action. He’s saying call me and schedule a session. But Rene. Well, are they saying schedule appointment to Danny says upload. So yeah, here’s her video. And here’s free consultation. Oh, honestly, I think Danny’s presentation is probably the most clean and it covers everything you would need call to action pre consultation, you know book now or so they have the option they can book a session or they can do a free consultation, they can watch a video of her. So the stages of buy in are gentler, right all I have to do is watch a two minute video, no big deal, I can handle that. I can get a free consultation. That’s such a big deal. But booking your session a little bit more of a big deal for the school. This to give you a sense of how sales funnels work. Yeah, basically all you have to do you can watch a video, you can get one and a half hours of training for free. But here, notice what we’re doing we are more expensive product, then we’re selective. We don’t want anybody going through the school. So you actually these are all required fields notice, you have to put in first last name, city state email. The other steps are optional. We get fewer people who fill that out. But we’re intentionally trying to get higher quality leads. If we look at what Renee is doing. For her book, all she says is full name. But notice how it’s not a required field. So you can just write your first name. And that’s not a risk. Right? If I put first and last name, creamy bit risky, first name, no big deal. So that’s not a required field. Email is required. But it’s not such a big deal, right? The most you’re going to get is a few extra emails you don’t want and then you can unsubscribe, right? Nobody’s going to break into your bank account with an email, or know where you live or something. So consider what is the first call to action and work to minimize risk for the prospect. Right? So here’s this like, so let me say brace happy to share a free download. That’s easy. The intro and chapter two of her book, right now let’s do is get an email, I give her the email. And then I get that stuff for free. I don’t have to commit to a session I get to start to learn about this person. And you know, but yeah, I’ll probably be on her newsletter but not such a big deal. So I think she’s doing really well to get leads in that way to back then who phone number great video rate. Honestly, these sites may be a little too busy. But I don’t want to sit here and read all this as the consumer. If you look at Danny’s there’s not a lot to read, right? The picture’s worth 1000 words, right? She’s lovely. He just like Okay, okay, she’s booked for months in advance. It’s super easy to just say I like this person, I want to work this person. Here’s a phone number. And then of course, your website should be mobile friendly. More and more. And it’s a very high number now, people go to their phones to find what they’re looking for not websites. So if your website doesn’t work pocket, present well on a mobile device. You really got to work on that. Okay, so Andrew has testimonials. Awesome. He’s got a video he has the call to action phone number. Call Now, these credentials and mention definitely showing your credentials. Contact me for a 20 minute phone consult. See, that’s that Ideally, is up on the top, don’t schedule a session, come in for a consultation. Okay, and then again, be conscious of putting your email there, it’s good. But there’s a very good chance that this is getting him a lot of spam. Which you know, one because then let’s look at renouveau. We’re Nuka. Our June is our Hollywood, Florida lead instructor. So first thing we notice right away is we don’t see or Nuka that would be a concern. But I looked at a website before and you scroll down, but you have to scroll down a lot to see the person. And if I had to give, never here to critique some of the best people in the field, but I’m just here to help you guys to grow and to succeed, renew good shows healthy living, hypnosis, calm. That is not what I recommend. I would like to see our new cartoon hypnosis calm. So that’s my advice to you guys. But you know, like she did do whatever you like, personal opinion, this sites very busy. There’s a lot going on here with this whole header thing. When we look at Danny, it’s very clean and simple. It’s nowhere near as busy. So same with Andrew has a lot going on that. There’s a lot going on here. If we look at the school’s website, again, it’s a school so it requires more information. But you know, no, we don’t expect anybody to read all this stuff anyway. But they love this era. Okay, here’s a leader in the field. He’s a public speaker seems like a nice guy who wears glasses. He’s got some gray hair. Now he’s intelligent, probably. And then here’s, he’s in front of people. So that that picture is speaking volumes. And then you know, the more casual picture says, Oh, you know, guy just like this is actually he’s customized for you. And once again, too busy isn’t always good. Look at the color choices. And they say, Oh, you know, we got red, we have yellows? Or what’s the psychology of this? I’m not saying it’s good or bad. But one market would be she catering? What would she be catering to? With all those colors? And honestly, because things are changing so much. It’s hard to say. So when she’s doing nice, you see a professional office complex, for sure. She’s doing this stuff that’s good, raise self esteem, improve relationships, relieve stress. But again, this this slideshow thing isn’t really as modern anymore. Most marketing, people don’t encourage that you do it. It’s like I’m starting to read but then it goes away really quickly. gift certificates available. I tried that in my private practice. Honestly, it didn’t work. Maybe it’s working for Monica. But let’s look things about is this still a real business? You know, is she in business? I mean, it looks like it. But when I saw that gift certificate, there was a date. And the date made me say out it’s a modern date. Right? So that’s a good thing. As we scroll down, this is stock photography. And we can you can tell that stock photography and you just bought it on the internet or maybe got it for free. You should pay for these so that they are royalty free, then you’re not going to get sued for stealing someone’s pictures. But oh, I don’t mean to critique so much, but I’m really just here to help you guys. Her logo is too small up here. You can read what this says, transform your life with hypnotherapy. Yeah, like really close to see what that says. Personally, I’d like to see that finger. And I would encourage you guys to use real photos, not stock photos. And then again, I got a professional picture and promoting yourself super important. So why Healthy Living hypnosis? Honestly, I would say why we’re Nuka Arjun, you know, so she’s saying like, but you know, she is growing something? Well, you know, to give her a lot of credit, actually. And maybe this if we asked her and said, Well, why? why are you doing it this way. She is a instructor for our school, and she has her grab one of our graduates is working out of her location. So maybe her model is creating a brand, which is a larger business than just myself, and therefore wouldn’t be a critique at all. It would be actually brilliant, you know, say also mean that you found you found a way to grow, and that’s great. So, but you know, if you’re just in private practice, Yeah, why? Matthew Brownstein hypnosis wire in a cartoon hypnosis. Yeah, so about her Nuka we’re no longer with the ACG but she was with us when we were so we’re now just in high school. But again, you can see she’s showing her credentials, which I’m encouraging you to do. I actually did a video endorsement for her many years ago when she was getting started. So you know, that’s priceless. I can’t do it and I won’t do it anymore. But it’s super valuable if you can get a leader in the field to endorse you is significant. And then here’s testimonials. Here’s the note physician referral is required. Whether physical or psychological. Just remember, it’s not always a physician referral. It might have to be Like a psychologist, the physician can really refer initially for mental health conditions, although they kind of do. So a dentist, refresher dentistry psychologist or others in that field for mental health physician for medical, you really want to consider how you make sure the client gets in your door, because they’ll book sessions, and then they won’t show up. It’s the no call no show phenomena. It’s one of the most frustrating parts of our profession. as wonderful as our profession is. Everything has its pros and cons. And that’s, you know, that’s a really uncomfortable thing. When you put a lot of time energy money, you get dressed, take a shower, you shower, which is you know, hot red heat show up to your office, and you get the seagull and everything. And then the client doesn’t show up, and really doesn’t feel good. And when that happens four or five times a week doesn’t feel good. So I’d encourage you to consider the same age texting, I used to not do it, because actually, I was in business before I ever said there before, they’re really cell phones. And then I just never really got into that. But this day and age, you should get their phone number, of course, be sure to stay out, be sure to their cell phone and text at least once. But you can text right away after you hang up to confirm. This is your reminder to be there, please let me know if you’re not going to show up. And then the day before, not the morning before but the day before or two days before text, you don’t have to have an automated system you can handle doing. Let’s say you get 10 new clients a week, you probably won’t be that many, you can handle 10 texts a week. So every new client should get a text that says just you know your appointment is at this time, please say yes, if you plan to attend, or no whatever if you need to reschedule. So that would be a do, as you’ll lose a lot of money. For the no call no shows, you want to find every way possible to limit that. And I think that’s the best advice I can give you for this day and age with that one. Alright, that pretty much wraps it up guys. And I just wanted to talk about one thing here, which is this no call no show problem. This really is an issue with many service based businesses where you’re trying to get people on your calendar, you’re trying to get people to you know, show up for a session or a service that you offer. And if they don’t pay for it ahead of time, then there’s really not a lot of risk for them if they just don’t show up. So you can create some sort of policy where you know, if you charge a little bit ahead of time, or if you say that you’re going to charge for half of those session fee if they don’t show and don’t call, you know, it’s up to you. However, I wanted to say that there are automated systems out there that can really help you with this, because your client will actually use this system to create the appointment with you. And then the system will automatically send reminders as much as you want them to. So for me personally, I use a system called calendly. It’s like calendar, but it’s calendly.com. You can actually use this service for free and you can put in as many reminders as you want. So I send out an email and a text reminder two days in advance 24 hours in advance, one hour in advance, and even five minutes beforehand. This just ensures that people are going to show up for their session, right. And if you’re doing the session online, it’s even more easy for them to just not show. So if you give these automated reminders, it’s a lot less work on your plate. And again, it ensures that they’ll actually show up for the session that they booked. I really hope you enjoy this episode. This has really been a lot of great valuable information on how you can market your business and get started and your hypnotherapy practice and really just be successful. Again, if you have any questions or you need help with your website, visit us at hypnotherapy sites comm slash illuminated and we can definitely hook you up and get you started.

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