EP 14 – How To Be Successful as a Hypnotherapist – Part 1

Episode Summary:

Hey everyone, welcome back to the show, and I’m super pumped to have you here. We took a little bit of a break last week, so please forgive me for not having an episode for you last week, but I am super excited about today’s episode.

This one actually goes back to my roots. We’re talking about marketing and how to really be successful in your business. If you are a hypnotherapist or you’re trying to start a hypnotherapy practice, you’re really going to get a lot out of this episode. So make sure that you’ve got a notebook handy with a pen, you’re going to want to take some notes.

In today’s episode, we’re going to listen back to a past conscious community class where Matthew Brownstein is teaching a lot of what he’s learned over the past 20 or so years running his hypnotherapy practice. Some of the different marketing and advertising ideas that he’s learned work and what doesn’t work, as well as diving into a course that he’s created called the Life Mastery course.

There’s a lot of principles within this Life Mastery course that can really help you create not only the business of your dreams but the life of your dreams as well. It’s really about manifesting and creating everything that you’ve ever dreamt of, everything that you’ve ever desired in your life, you can have it! You’re going to learn how to actually obtain that in this episode.

Some of the cool things that we’ll be going over today will be ideas that can help you be more successful as a hypnotherapist. Matthew Brownstein is also going to show you how to calculate what you can earn as a hypnotherapist and in your own private practice, and then how to get down to certain goals and metrics that you should be setting for yourself. And also, Matthew actually asked four of the school’s most successful graduates what they’re doing to run their practice successfully. So we get a lot of really great feedback on what other graduates and students are doing as well to run their hypnotherapy practices.

Now, this episode is going to be a four-part series. So we’re going to get into a lot of what one graduate has to say in this episode, but in next week’s episode, we’re actually going to cover what three other graduates are doing to run their hypnotherapy practice successfully.

So again, if you’re a hypnotherapist, or you want to become a hypnotherapist, this one is gold. Make sure you’re taking notes. And without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump into it!

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Transcript of the Episode:

Hey everyone, welcome back to the show and super pumped to have you here. You know, we took a little bit of a break last week, so please forgive me for not having an episode for you last week, but I am super excited about today’s episode. This one actually goes back to my roots. So talking about marketing and how to really be successful in your business. If you are a hypnotherapist or you’re trying to start a hypnotherapy practice, you’re really going to get a lot out of this episode. So make sure that you’ve got a notebook handy with a pin. And you’re going to want to take some notes. So in today’s episode, we’re going to listen back to a past, you know, conscious community class where Matthew Brownstein is teaching a lot of what he’s learned over the past 20 or so years running his hypnotherapy practice. Some of the different marketing and advertising ideas that he’s you know, learned work and what doesn’t work, as well as diving into a course that he’s created called the Life Mastery course. And there’s a lot of principles within this Life Mastery course that can really help you honestly create not only the business of your dreams, but the life of your dreams as well. It’s really about manifesting and creating everything that you’ve ever dreamt of everything that you’ve ever desired and your life you can have it. And so you’re going to learn how to actually obtain that in this episode. So some of the cool things that we’ll be going over today will be you know, ideas again, that will will be things that can help you be more successful as a hypnotherapist. Matthew is also going to show you how to calculate what you can earn as a hypnotherapist and in your own private practice, and then how to get down to certain goals and metrics that you should be setting for yourself. And also, Matthew actually asked four of the school’s most successful graduates on what they’re doing to run their practice successfully. And so we get a lot of really great feedback on you know what other graduates and students are doing as well to run their hypnotherapy practices. Now, this episode is going to be a two part series. So you know, we’re going to get into a lot of what one graduate has to say in this episode, but in next week’s episode, we’re actually going to cover what three other graduates are doing to run their hypnotherapy practice successfully. So again, if you’re a hypnotherapist, or you want to become a hypnotherapist. This one is gold, make sure you’re taking notes. And without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump into it.

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Welcome back to Illuminated Mind. I’m your host Corey Benschop, and this is your podcast for exploring some of the deeper ideas about what it means to be human in today’s complex world. We cover topics from psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and hypnotherapy to find answers to life’s most interesting questions. Enjoy this episode!

We started the institute in 2007. I started my private practice in 1997. So I’ve been in the field for over 22 years now. And when I started my practice, I was at a full client load within about three weeks. I just realized that I want 25 clients in three weeks. And honestly, I thought everyone would be able to do that. But not every graduate is able to do that. And that’s okay. Nobody wants to be that busy, but a lot of people do. And I want that to happen for you guys. I took a sabbatical sometime during my career and went to India. And then when I came back, it was time to start my private practice again. So I moved to New City and started over and within one month I was seeing 20 or more full paying clients per week. So during my career And I’ve started three times in three different cities over the 10 years, I did private practice. During all of that time, I was consistently on a waiting list anytime I wanted to be about two to three months out. And when I opened the school, I gradually started cutting back and client load to put more energy into the school. But really, my energy has gone into helping our students and as much as I can to graduate. So I’m part of what we did in the unfolding of things, we became our own hypnotherapy credentialing body, because our standards were just so high, and we couldn’t find any organization that really matched the level of standard that we have. So we founded the International Association of interpersonal hypnotherapist. Every year we have an annual conference, which helps to keep all of our graduates and presenters and friends of i h, i h connected. So the major theme tonight is to help you guys to succeed not to talk about us too much. And I want to showcase to a degree four of our very successful graduates, we’ll look at their websites, I’ll give you all the tips of what I’ll be honest, I’ll be like, okay, I don’t like what they’re doing here. I love what they’re doing there, etc. The first thing we’ll spend a little bit of time talking about is getting your mind into the right place. If you’re a student, you have full access to all this material. If you’re not any like to jump in, you can go to our store, schools, e store online, and a lot of this stuff is available. So if you haven’t done it already, I highly, highly, highly, highly, highly, highly, highly recommend using our Life Mastery course, it consists of the getting organized process, and the creating and manifesting formula. If your mind because we’re all hypnotherapist here pretty much so are working to be if your mind isn’t in the right place, then obviously you’re not going to be as successful as you could be getting the organized process helps you to come up with your core mission statement and really encourage you to always live by that, you know, why are you here? Why are you on earth? What are you working to do to make the world a better place and to be of service to others. If you haven’t written something like that, then I would highly recommend that you come up with your own mission statement. So again, highly recommended, if you haven’t dived into it to do our Life Mastery course, come up with your core mission statement, come up with your life principles, the values that you’re going to hold yourself accountable to I call those life principles. And those are things like integrity, honesty, goodness, service to others, things that are important to you probably things like love, compassion, not everybody understands how important those core values are. So as we’re just launching into these topics tonight, it’s not necessarily just the fact that you’re doing a lot of social media. It’s what content, what’s motivating your social media, what’s motivating you to do blogs, what motivates you to do public lectures, or to join a networking group. And I can tell you all the things you can do to be successful. There’s no guarantee, of course, that any one person will succeed in this to the way they want to, but we’re doing our best to help you to do that. But if you don’t align yourself with some of these ideas, for mission statement life principles, in the getting organized process, it’s part of the Life Mastery course, again, our students have that as part of their training. And then if you’re not in the school yet, but you want to jump in, you can find it on our websites and our E store. And none of this tonight is meant to be a sales pitch, I just really want to encourage you to utilize the techniques that we’re giving you. Because I’m not sure everybody does. So the whole getting organized process helps you to get clear on your mission, your values, universal laws, you might choose to live by and program into your mind to help you to be ever more successful. In that we have a whole priorities concept, to get really clear on what’s really important to you. And then learning to prioritize your life. But the major theme there, which we’ll go into tonight is the topic of your vision. Or another way to say that are simply your goals. In that process, we work backwards to set your long term goals, your mid range and your short term goals. Once that process is complete, and you’re clear in your short term goals, then you start using a to do list and a date timer to ensure that you take action on the things you need to do to succeed. So if you’re not doing that already, that’s one of the best skill sets we have in this school that help you to succeed. The other major component of the Life Mastery course is the creating and manifesting formula. It’s a 12 step meditation process, not like a 12 steps, but a 12 steps that will align your mind that helped you I want to say ensure success because we’re a state licensed school. So I’m never allowed to promise what kind of money you’re going to make. But what I would say about that process and again I’m encouraging him to use it, if you’re not, it’s going to significantly increase the probability of your success. I’m sure almost everybody in this here has some strong belief in the power of the mind. And I would suggest the mind is far more powerful than most of us realize. And anyone I’ve worked with personally with that process, and I literally work with multi millionaires and even billionaires. Yeah, to billionaires with that process. It works, it works for anybody. And you don’t even have to believe in it or believe in metaphysics, it’s just, um, there’s the whole goal setting component, which is very down to earth. And the creating manifesting formula absolutely helps to get your mind into the right place. But also, it does help to attract what you want into your life. So let me actually encourage everybody to be doing in our schools, advertising, marketing, training, I call it psychic advertising. And basically, it’s just saying, we believe in the power of the mind here. So if you’re not doing that, that’s really my highest recommendation to start. But before we move on to more, really practical ways to build your practice, I would suggest those of us who are in this type of field, and those who may call themselves spiritual or into New Age, thought or metaphysical type thought, just the power of your mind, while the attraction the secret, creating a manifesting formula hypnotic programming, prayer, you know, whatever you do, is great. But it’s not enough, right? If you say, Well, I just I live from love. And also, you know, keep doing that. But love is not enough to build a private practice. But I’m going to suggest if you don’t align yourself with those kind of energies, your clients pick up on that, they’ll see it in your advertising, they’ll see it in your pictures. And so we want to be presenting us as the product, and we’ll talk about that tonight, I’ve seen graduates and again, we’re going to showcase some successful graduates, I’d encourage you to look at their websites, look at their social media presence, and see what they’re doing. We also have an entire manifesting prosperity course, again, part of the school’s training, but also available on the school’s website, if you aren’t a student yet, and you want to dive into it, it’s actually really very inexpensive. I think the product is like 3495, or something, maybe 4495. Again, this is not a sales pitch tonight. But what I want to say is if you’re not programming your mind, for prosperity, consciousness, you’re making a tiny, small investment to do so you’re missing a huge return on the investment because what if you started programming your subconscious mind, I doubled my income every year, right or I make an extra $10,000 a year, wouldn’t a simple little investment of a little bit of time little bit in money perhaps. And for our students, you know, nothing extra, and program yourself with the manifesting prosperity stuff. So again, I get off my soapbox about encouraging you to use your mind to manifest your goals. The cars were hypnotherapist we believe in the power of the mind. Things we can talk about us in this area in this order. I have not really a plan, but tons of stuff I can share with you. But we can talk about your credentials and how to showcase those. The corporate structure, if you have any questions about how to set up your business, whether you’re to be a sole proprietor, an LLC, an S corp, or a C Corp, certainly ask, we can go into that more if you want to Office set up we can spend time in these classes talking about, you know, thinking of getting an office, you can do it with a fellow graduate to do it on your own. She’d be an Executive Office Suite, should you open a holistic health center? Do you want to try to work out of a doctor’s office, we can definitely talk about that office set up the payment systems. Let’s just take a moment of that. So Christine said square and then cat says Pay Pal takes the same amount of square and provides chip readers and credit card are transferred to your bank account. Yeah, Chase Bank uses zeal or is le is pronounced. So um, we use Pay Pal merchant services, it’s this kind of all, I think square and PayPal are pretty much about the same. You just want to plan if you’re taking credit cards, which I think you should, they’re just gonna take 3% you know, can get a little less than 3% great, but just plan on. That’s the cost of doing this. And if you want to take credit card, so 3% of everything you earn is pretty much gonna unless you know they pay you cash or cheque that’s going to go through that merchant account. And I don’t really know of a way around that I found with other merchant accounts we’ve used over the years. And we means primarily the school but at some point in my practice, I started taking credit cards. And actually I didn’t get first because I didn’t want people to go into debt to utilize my services but honestly that’s their their thing. I felt it was in their best interest at some point to allow them to pay however they want it like every other service in this world. Or you know, product that’s delivered. So it’s up to them. And what’s nice about paying credit cards is your clients will pay for bigger packages. So in the school we always talk about, and if you haven’t wrapped your head around this yet, definitely consider. You’re never just trying to get one session out of a person, you’re never prolonging their suffering or going slower. But they can work on a lot of issues, right? People have more than one issue, don’t really consider selling 10 hour package deals for that we encourage you take 10% off. And if you do a 20 hour package deal, and you take 15% off, the credit card thing makes it a lot easier to sell those. So yeah, you can just go to PayPal or square and expect to pay 3%. The reason you don’t want to work, I don’t like to use traditional merchant accounts, I came in mention the names of any of them anymore. It’s been so long, they always have hidden fees. You know, you just keep going along through the year and you think, okay, there’s taking 3% next thing, you know, they’re charging like $500. Like, what is that? Like, Oh, that’s a service fee. Most of those companies have some kind of hidden fee that they throw in one way or another. PayPal is just $30 per month. And again, they take 3%. But I don’t think you can get that much better than that. Anyway, if you want to talk about insurance, we absolutely can. There’s professional, much like malpractice insurance, and also liability insurance. But I do screen share, I’ll show you some information you may not know depending on when you graduated, or just things that I’ve mentioned, things that we’ve done with this school and primarily with the IH, our credentialing Association. We’ve done a lot of good work. So I’ll show you some of that on the website in a moment. And then I would really like to be able to spend some time talking with you guys about numbers tonight. So goal setting would be a good place for us to start talking about, what is your startup? What are your startup expenses? What is your month? What could your monthly expenses to hypnotherapist look like? You don’t know, how much money should you out of that, say the 100% of money make? While the 100% of money you have, what percentage of that should go into advertising, what percentage of that should go into rent. And then SWOT analysis, a lot of people don’t have real business background. So I don’t know much about that. So I’m just gonna mention it now and encourage you to do some research on it on your own. You can Google anything and learn about it once you know what to learn about. SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. And the reason I’m mentioned it as always, before we started this class, like right before I was just yapping before we started. And I was saying, you know, if there’s certain weaknesses you might have, you might want to work on strengthening them or something like that. So SWOT analysis is a way to look at what are your strengths, and learn to really nurture and market your strength. Now, honestly, one of my strengths, something I invested in, and it was, it seemed like a risk it really did was by spirituality. I was in college, and I was like, I don’t know what I want to do with my life. But I’m not really impressed with Western psychology, I don’t want to go down the western medical path. My friends are business majors, but that’s just too dry for me. So I decided to be a philosophy major. And I learned to think, and then I was just not really impressed with where philosophy was leading. It’s just too intellectual. So I actually got into religion, and studying the world’s mystical traditions and a lot of meditation practice, won’t go into that whole story. But I found that to be actually a great strength for me, people tend to like that stuff, especially people drawn to this field. So really said like, what are your strengths? What are people attracted to? And then work to promote that. But then the W for SWOT is are your weaknesses, right? Where do you find yourself weak, maybe you’re not a good public speaker. So Toastmasters in case you’re saying we’ll talk tonight about, I always encourage seven major ways to build your business. And public speaking is absolutely one of those. If you’re not good at that yet, then consider going to Toastmasters and just got an introductory group for free kind of feel it out what it’s like some groups are a little more rigid than others, but learn how to get the confidence to speak in public. Because actually below you’ll see from some of our directors and instructors, I asked them, What do you do that really works? And Rene Brent, our Orlando, director and instructor who’s running a full time very successful practice on a waiting list. Vernay, highly recommended networking and public electric. So we’ll talk about that a little more read exactly what she wrote relatively soon. Okay, so if you feel like you’re weak in some of those areas, you are losing a lot of money. And you’re not helping any really, you know, of course we all want to make money. But in hypnotherapy, just prioritize your clients. So we talk about goal setting, I’ll say, Okay, how many clients do you want to how much money do you want to make? My goal for you guys is hypnotherapist and I hope you can make more. But I’m expecting at least $100,000 per year, you can do a six figure income and hypnotherapy. Again, I can promise anything as a state licensed school or as a person who likes to think I live from integrity. So I can promise you do over six figures, but start considering tonight setting some goals, and then do the math. And we’ll do a little that math night is simple, but not everybody’s done it. We say okay, what does it take to make $100,000 per year as a hypnotherapist? So Rene Brent Orlando, instructor, Danny Fox, our Tampa instructor, I can just mention them for sure. And I won’t say exactly how much they make, I don’t actually know. But I do know from validating with them, they do make over $100,000 per year, and both of them I believe are in a waiting list for about two to three months out. Everybody’s capable of doing that. But not everybody does that. So when you if you’ve met these wonderful women, they are very strong, confident, professional businesswoman. And if you find like how you say I don’t feel that I’m quite there, then consider that in the SWOT analysis, a weakness, not something to nail yourself down with, but something to grow and improve upon and do things. You can use hypnotic programming to nurture your weaknesses. So if you say I don’t like public speaking, I don’t like going to business networking groups. I’m not good at online marketing. I don’t know what SEO is, I don’t know what Pay Per Click is. I don’t have the money to do pay per click advertising. Those are all weaknesses. If you’re willing to do a serious personal analysis and even a financial and or social analysis, you don’t ask yourself, if I suggest seven major things tonight and say just do that. All you have to do is do that. If you feel you can’t, then consider that a weakness and then work to improve that. Then in SWOT analysis, the O r opportunities, what opportunities are available to you. And that could be other things you haven’t done yet. I have have you joined a networking group. Have you figured out how to give a public lecture how to get people in the room and do the lecture opportunities can be a colleague, you know, and maybe it’s a doctor and you say, Hey, can I do a lunch and learn and teach your staff about hypnotherapy? I, there’s so many opportunities out there make a list of like 10 opportunities that you haven’t taken yet. Right. And then again, like in the getting organized process, the encouragement is you set goals, do you use a to do list and you use a day timer. So if you set a goal and say, Hey, I’m going to do a lunch and learn at my doctor’s office, and my dentist office, then you put it in your to do list and you hold you make yourself do anything write down. And by the way, a really important tip in all this stuff, is write it down. If you have an idea, I hope all of you are meditating or doing hypnosis, you know, doing inner work during emotional blocks, tapping into your mind power, you’re extremely powerful. And when you’re in silent meditation, you’re gonna have all these ideas coming through. If you don’t write those down, they get lost. And every idea is in the old model of SWOT and opportunity, then the T of SWOT is threats, strengths, opportunity, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, threats are the things that you might find could end up hurting you later, or even you know, sooner or later, competition could be considered a threat. But honestly, in our field, I don’t think that model holds up at all. All I do is promote myself full force, and people are drawn to it. And I get clients and students and you guys just you just promote yourself full force. Nobody can be you. And so we talk about branding. Tonight, I’m looking at the screenshare for ourselves, our successful graduates, the ones who do what I say, and brand themselves market themselves tend to do extremely well not saying you can’t do well, if you’re hiding behind some corporate name or company name. But nobody and you know, anybody could be just make something up. Wow. Well, hypnosis. Not that you’d use that. But um, I just know none of our graduates are doing that. So if you got like, Wow, well, hypnosis, calm. Maybe still, somebody else could compete under the wow brand name. But nobody can be Danny Fox hypnosis or RNA brand hypnosis, or hypnotherapy. So we’ll look at that. And just the reminder to hopefully with all of our students and graduates now, is you brand yourself is what I always recommend. Let me see what you wrote in there. You said the package of 10 with 10% off would be how many hours? It’s 10 hours, 10 hours or 20 hours? Yeah. So I would recommend that you do two hours. sessions, the stuff we train you guys. And if you do less, you tend to not to get to give your client the full value. And if you do more Honestly, it can be exhausting. When you’re doing 20 to 30 clients per week, it’s a pretty full workload. And when I started, I tried to squeeze in an hour and a half sessions, and I could do it, but I always felt like I was cheating them on something valuable. I even tried to now in 15 years, like back in 1997, when I first started, and there’s no way after, like a week, I’m like, I could not feel good about myself, only doing an hour and 15 I want to have sometimes that’s all it is. And then you only charge them for the hour and a half, but book a two hour slot and plan and getting paid for two hour slot, we’ll get a look at some of the numbers to like, how much money can you make. And again, if you guys haven’t done this, it’s a very valuable exercise the first time I you know, it’s like 24 years old when I started getting into this. And at the time, I never really made any money. So I just was like, Okay, if I charge $65 per session about it’s only 10 clients per week. Yeah, how much would that be? But I want to teach you to do much more than that. But that was like my initial mindset. So yeah, I can answer right now. Peggy’s question 10, our package would be five sessions with two hours per session. The nice thing about the package is when they’re done, they can buy another package and you become whether you like it or not, you don’t have to use this term, but you become a salesperson. And you’re working to move them through a sales funnel. And work to cover that as much as we can tonight, at least introduce you to the idea, maybe talk to you a bit about how a hypnotherapy sales funnel can work. You know, funnels, like you’re catching a whole lot of impressions, or people who hear about you. And they move through what are called stages of buying, right, so let’s say you get 10,000 people to hear about you, only a percentage, but a percentage will take the next step, another percentage will take the next step. Once you start selling 10 to 20 hour packages, then your next step is get those people to refer more people. And we’ll talk about the referral system a little bit tonight. Because one of our successful graduates had I said, What are you guys doing to succeed. And that’s one of the tips that came back when I pulled some of our graduates. So the referral concept is once a client in the door, they are a lot less expensive to have or really free for you to get to take the next stage of buying and every client will probably cost you some money to get in the door. Maybe not as much. But usually there’s going to be something that you have to do to get them in the door. But once you’re in the door, they’re your easiest customer to up this cell or to move to the next stage of buying. So yeah, you really might start saying the goal is say, you know, of the, let’s say 20 clients per week that you want to see that five of those are renewing their package deals, I’ve had clients who have come for 123, the longest was four years of doing hypnotherapy, and some of those people would come twice a week. And the benefit of that is obvious, but it’s beneficial for the client. Because again, we’re not prolonging their suffering or trying to go slow. They’re just working on everything. They’re clearing every block they have. They’re working in their finances with you. They’re working on their spirituality, their mental emotional health, of course, their physical health and weight loss, their behaviors, their relationships, we can help with every aspect of a person’s life. So here’s the tip on how to get your clients to know that. And I do teach this in our schools training, have your new clients make a list of everything that’s wrong with them? If you’re not doing this already, really it’s a huge thing. When they call on the phone, and you know, you’re doing the free consultation, which of course we talked about. And they say, yeah, I’m coming into stop smoking. He said, Okay, great, happy to help with that. Absolutely. But please, just so I can get to know you better and get a holistic picture of what’s going on. Write down everything that you don’t like in your life. Right? That can be overweight, health issues, financial issues, debt issues, relationship issues, write down everything, it just helps me to get a sense of where you’re at client. But really what you’re doing without Obviously, these once they come in use, you look at the list, and you just let them know, I can help you with this, this this, this this. And maybe they say none of us want to stop smoking, but you know, thanks for thank you anyway, and you wouldn’t push it. But almost every time I’ve done that, which is a lot. I’m able to sell them I’m working on other stuff like wow, sign me up, you know, 10 hour package 10% off, let’s do it. And then you can’t resolve all their issues in five sessions, you know, 10 total hours. So they just do the next session, the next package, and then if they refer and they will say you know, a bunch of them will refer their friends and family or colleagues then Obviously, you’re not having to spend extra money to get those people in the door. In my earlier years before I get into any of this, I was working in bicycle shops, I was very into cycling. And I eventually became the assistant manager of one of the shops and the Monday employees said, Hey, Mike, I got this great idea about a way we can hang the bikes from the ceiling. And it’s gonna save a lot of space. And like I said, Okay, well, you know, I’m not the bond with the owner of the company. So I want to talk to you and I said, write it down, you know, draw a picture, map it out. He’s like, No, no, I got in my head is no problem. I can see it. I’m like, No, just write it down. I knew this in my very early 20s that if that guy didn’t write this down, it wasn’t going to become reality. And sure enough, it became reality. I do. Yeah. I mean, not a lot of students. I only see Honestly, I only have one client right now. He’s, I believe he’s a multimillionaire. I know the exact gross his net worth, but he is His goal is to become a billionaire. I’m like, Alright, cool. I don’t need that much money. But you know, let’s do it sounds like fun. And again, I’ve worked with millionaires, multimillionaires, and billionaires before so it’s fun. But every time I work with somebody, no matter what I’m always encouraging looking like when I’m helping them to really succeed in their life. I write down these ideas like wow, I was meditating last night, I had this idea come in, like, is it on paper yet? Okay. So again, your opportunities in the SWOT analysis, the O for opportunity, all your great ideas or opportunities, but you don’t write them down. They don’t necessarily happen. All right, I love Toastmasters group, and B and I will talk about group has also been very valuable. And starting the Practice Test matches roughly $60 for six months. Yeah, and they’re gonna thank you for getting the return on the investment. So someone that is well worth it. So we’ll talk about some of those before I wrap it up tonight, specific ways to market yourself, of course, we’re just getting started. So let’s start general. So we’ve talked about SWOT analysis. Let’s talk a little bit about goal setting, I’m going to do this. And some of you may be doing this already. But again, this class is for those who maybe aren’t as successful as you want to be at in your practice. And maybe you just haven’t done some of the things that I’ve been encouraging through your training. Before we look at exactly what’s in this Notepad, let’s look at some numbers. So let’s say you want to do $100,000 per year as a hypnotherapist, and that’s gross income. So you can see my calculator, but 100,000 divided by let’s just say 50. So you at least you have two weeks off per year. So you need to do $2,000 per week, right to do that type of income. So you know, I really set some goals, if you haven’t done it already a short term goal, you know, and the way we do that, and you know, simply stated how you write goals, make sure it has a time frame, don’t just say I will see however many clients and cities per week, set an exact timeframe and be specific about the number of claims, I must have you notice ready but don’t say a lot of money. Don’t say a lot of clients. One of the biggest problems that I see is people just don’t do this really basic stuff. And they don’t hold themselves accountable to reach their goals. And sometimes that means pushing past your comfort zone, to just get out there and do whatever you have to do to succeed. Now as a hypnotherapist you can when you graduate, we usually say you charge 70 per hour, but you can definitely charge a lot more. So we can say 70 to 90 per hour. And just to give you guys a sense, you know, I’m really having pulled a lot of our graduates. But I would say I would imagine our successful graduates are doing about 150 per session, probably 150 to 200 a session. And then I personally charge 250 per hour 500 per session. But I intentionally do that, because I can take on so many clients and that high amount keeps a lot of people away. So that’s too high. For a hypnotherapist. If you want to have a really successful client load, I would recommend start with 70 per hour. And then that’s 140 per session. Once you have a full client load, then every new client don’t ever raise the rates and current clients because it kind of emotionally dependent on you. Not really have integrity to do that. But once you’re getting the full client load that you want, and you are making the money you want, then where are you getting this 140 per session, let’s say 20 clients per week, then raise the rates for all new clients. You don’t have to be afraid at that point. And every time I have raised my rates, I started at six and I got started when I was young. And when I started I was charging 65 per session. And then I got to 20 clients per week and let’s just raise it to 75. Nobody had an issue with that at all. Once I was there, I remember jumping up to 90 per session. And then I was like let’s just try 90 per hour, you know 180 per session and it worked. No issues at all. You know, not everybody can afford it. And you can do a sliding scale if you want to. But when you’re doing your goal setting, you want to say, however many you know, we’ll write it out, I’ll show you exactly how to write this suggestion if you haven’t done it already, but they have to be full paying clients per week. And then if you want to give two sessions away for free or reduced price, that’s okay. But you can’t do that for everybody. If you’re really in business like no other business does that. I know you guys have great heart you love and care for people, you do anything to help a client, I get it, I really do. But this is a business like any other business, you ever go to your doctor and you know, they can’t afford it, can I do it for you find a way to pay for that session. So your clients will as well. So I’m going to encourage you in a goal setting that we do the 90 per hour, which is 180 per session, because the 70 per hour is just a starting point. Right? So start setting goals for what would your life look like, if you’re doing one ad per session, if we do 20 clients per week, so that’s 3000. This is you know, more money than most people make $30,600 per week, 50 weeks times 3600. That’s $180,000 per year. So that’s not so bad. So now, I’m not saying you will or can make that I’m sure some of our graduates have. But that’s only 20 per week, I was seeing 30 per week. Oh, and by the way, before I open this school, the highest I was charging per session was 115 per hour, and doing two hour session. So 230 per session. And I was again, my professional practice, I was doing 20 to 30 clients per week. 30 is a lot you can burn out you’re really you know that 60 hours a week. That’s a lot. So undergraduates are very happy with 15. So literally, I just gave you numbers 20 clients per week, if you do 10 clients per week, at $180 per session, that’s $90,000 per year. Again, it’s really really nice money for the average person. And that’s a part time job that’s only working 20 hours was 20 hours a week. And if you do the math, you can make 90,000 per year on this. So if you haven’t set those goals definitely do. If this is your goal, you would write something like this honor before this date, I make this much money or more. If you think weekly, and you understand these numbers, then you really can hold yourself accountable. If you set a goal for the whole year, I make 180,000 for the year. The problem is you know like a week goes by two weeks go by and I thought well eventually, you know, we don’t use the word will and hypnotic programming I will make 180,000 per year. Okay, well as always future tense. But if even if you put this goal on or before June 1 2020, I make 100 $1,000 per year, it’s not really a great way to think although you do want to wrap your head around the idea of making as much money as you want to honor before June 1 2020. And make 30 $600 per week. And with money we always say for more because why not? Like weight loss we just say more or less. So if money or more body weight or less. So honor before June 1 or you know come up with a realistic goal for you 2020, I make 3600 per week or more. One of the major mistakes, not only mistake, but as something to be aware of it’s complacency. And you might call it being lazy. When you have money or you have a job and you don’t have to do this. People don’t always do as well. I’m not encouraging anybody to take risk here. I’m a big fan of risk, actually. But I can’t encourage you to take risk and I don’t want to cause any harm for you. But those who are really comfortable financially, but they love to be seen 20 clients per week. If you don’t have to you don’t necessary push yourself. So either you need this self discipline to push yourself why I’m not encouraging you to do this, but it’s something consider doing on your own if you want to force yourself to have to succeed. When I went to DMV and did my sabbatical when I came back, I had I spent like all my money for a year sabbatical that I had saved up now this is way back when. So when I came back, I had a car that was worth $4,000 and that was about it. I sold the car I got the four grand and I moved to Gainesville Florida is where I opened my practice at that time. I bought a bicycle. I sold my car, I rented room at a somebody’s house. I rented an office and I was left with and that was my first last and security plus having to furnish the office. So I literally started my practice with $4,000 and a bicycle. One time my life within one month. I was seeing 20 full paying clients per week that so I can teach you how to do it in an actual training I do with this is this class hopefully it’s going to help even more. So to do that the whole point here is I I was so scared to go work at a grocery store to go work at Publix down the street. I’m like, no way. I’m making this happen, and I just worked nonstop to do it. So sometimes when you force yourself to have to succeed, you do better than those who are not encouraging they quit your day job, what I usually recommend for that is rent a small office or rent space out of a friend’s office and keep your day job, and then just start getting clients on evenings and weekends, once you learn how to do it, you transition in the problem, though, again, is I’ve seen a lot of graduates who stay stuck in their day job, because they just didn’t force themselves into it. But again, I’m not gonna encourage you to take high risk here in these classes. Let me stop for a moment. And Suzanne said, how often Yeah, so let’s open the question answer for a moment on the things we’ve talked about. And if we’re all good with these topics, then we’ll move on design. So how often do you raise your rates, I usually do it whenever I’m at full playing load. But you know, when you ever like really full plant would, hey, there’s not a set thing of that. But for me, the Life Mastery course the getting organized process is something I designed. I’ve been doing, you know, I’ve refined but I’ve been doing since my mid 20s. And I really will redo that process for me pretty much every year. You know, so like, Alright, I’ve been to Singapore quite loaded, I’m doing over 100,000 per year. What’s next? You know, and if there’s not much next, but just keep maintaining What’s good, you know, just to see a whole nother year of 20 clients per week. Yeah, I would just say for the new year, you just really consider a lot of bump up my rates. The nice thing about doing it is you just practice with a few people who call, you know, again, you never do with existing clients. So the next guy calls like, okay, it’s, you know, it’s like hard to get your mouth at first because whenever you’re under 100 per hour, it’s a little bit easier, don’t do exactly 100, by the way, you like 90, or jump up like 105 or 115 a moment, you start saying it’s not maybe anymore, it’s 115 per hour 230 a session, I was a little scary when I did that. But honestly, it worked. And when I started that, I can talk teach you guys how to do this, if you don’t already, I get a big public lecture. I know, lunch advertising wasn’t that expensive. I had 100 people in the room, I walked away with 13 clients, all of whom were paying $115 per hour $230 per session, you know, so you just do the math on that one simple lecture yielded that many clients. And again, that means you have to be good at lecturing and knowing how to convert to close the deal. Alright, let’s talk about some of the numbers below. And I’ll put those in bullet points, you know, what I’m referring to, if you’re looking at numbers like that, you want to start learning about metrics to say, well, what’s it gonna take to make that happen? And it’s really not just let me try and see if it works. So we can talk internet marketing just a little bit right now. And then we can expand upon and in future classes. Internet Marketing is basically all about impressions, right? People have to see your ad, or they have to see your social media presence somewhere they have to know about you. So let’s just say you’re advertising one way or another. And I’m not saying you’ll get this, but we’re gonna use a round number 10,000 impressions. Now that can mean just 10,000 people within a certain radius, I have seen your advertisement. Now, it’s not a show just one advertisement. Because I always encourage seven different ways of putting yourself out there. of the seven ways to put yourself out there. Let’s say you get in front of 10,000 people, every single month. Now that would involve let’s start to make the list right now. So seven, because we’re going to run out of time, and it’s probably the most important thing, seven ways to get clients. And again, I recommend doing all seven not just one or two, you know, you post fliers or you build a website. And then you email me You said Matthew I it’s not quite working I level what show me a marketing plan. You know, what are you doing? Show me your seven things you’re doing? Honestly, people don’t succeed. They’re just not doing this one thing. Let’s take a moment before we look at those I asked our say senior staff, our successful graduates, but these are the directors of our branch locations, their lead instructor, so I got feedback from Renee brand. Orlando director, Danny Fox, Tampa director and Andrew green are Utah Salt Lake City director. I didn’t hear back from her new car Jr, who is our Hollywood director. But we’re gonna look at all four of their websites tonight using screen sharing. I’ll point out what they’re doing that helps them to succeed. But these were their responses. Renee said. A few tips I suggest is business networking, market to mainstream. So this is networking market to mainstream as it gives you a broader audience and teaches you how to consolidate Talk about hypnotherapy using your approach. Let me comment briefly on what Dr. Rene said there, which is very valuable. A lot of you got into this for the spirituality for the personal and spiritual growth to be, because you want to, you know, I’ve seen your website, it’s a lot of people get a lot of our graduates send me their websites. And, you know, a lot of us are very deeply spiritual. And that’s, that’s beautiful. And when you get clients like that, that’s awesome. And some people can do that they can focus 100% on a spiritual market, and draw people to them, honestly, it’s not necessarily going to work for everybody. So you cater to a broad audiences, Rene is saying here, do the smoking, do the weight loss, if they’re spiritually inclined, they get to work on the or they get to work through their mental emotional issues, great. But I work in the mainstream things as well target mainstream audiences. So if you do a lecture at a public library and get a hand like I say, I would do that a lot. Get 100 people in the room. That’s I’m not only talking about angels and chakras and past life regression and channeling 90% of the room is going to probably walk out, I have when I talk about the power of the mind and goals and healing your body and mill all these amazing things we can do as hypnotherapists, then, you know, again, I walked away, usually about 10% of the people in the room will become a client. in smaller groups, actually, that number tends to be higher because a bit more intimate. Okay, so Renee said, talk concisely about hypnotherapy. And your approach helps you to gain confidence in the chair as well. But when you’re actually in your office, she said, I would also suggest in the beginning to always say yes, if someone asks you to speak about this or speak for 15 minutes to this meeting, yes. helps get practice gain confidence and get clients. She said no one spoke to an audience of elderly men at a breakfast meeting. I walked in and thought, Oh, well just have fun. I walked out of there with four new clients. Don’t judge just do. The last is get a feel for brand, which I want to talk about a little bit tonight. Maybe we’ll do right now. brand logo, excetera color and stick to it, make sure it is in all your marketing handouts, etc. So let’s talk briefly about consistent branding. And then we’ll look at their websites in a moment. There was a time when we were the Florida Institute of hypnotherapy. And then we have just grown too much in Florida was you know, we’re bigger, bigger than that. And interpersonal hypnotherapy became our brand. So and when we opened the association, so there was actually the association logo has never changed and the school’s logo has never changed. The the colors never changed. But the name changed at one point. But that was a big risky move, actually, because the Florida Institute of hypnotherapy was extremely successful. And I took a risk to change the name. So it’s really important to start things properly. And ideally, and think it out. So your corporate structure. If you started an LLC, you don’t want to change that, you know, a few years down the road. If you come up with your business name, you don’t want to change it a few years down the road. So certainly think about your color palette, and you want your websites to be really appealing. We know we’re gonna go back for two hours tonight. So I got another hour, but there’s a lot to cover. So let’s move that aside. Yeah. Alright, so at the bottom of this, we look at what Renee said. Let’s look what Andrew said.

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