Anyone who has every practiced hypnotherapy for a long enough period of time will tell you that they have encountered three very unusual phenomena whether they believed in such phenomena or not; this includes: Supposed past-life memories, non-physical beings attached to one’s body (entity attachment) and the very strange and often very disturbing notion of alien abduction. Are all of these things mere fantasies of the mind or are they indeed truly happening whether we believe in them or not. Here we will briefly explore each topic and then the interested reader can join us for our free Monday Night Conscious Community Classes where we go into much greater detail.Past-Lives Since the best-selling book by Dr. Brian Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters, hundreds of thousands of people have opened up to and have even undergone the experience of past-life regression in hypnosis. Even before Dr. Weiss made this phenomena more public and more acceptable, hypnotists and hypnotherapists, regardless of their belief systems or those of their clients, were finding memories surfacing from the subconscious that were not of this current lifetime. Now there is ample plausible evidence that many of these memories are actually real and that we have indeed lived before. However, even if a lot of these memories are mere metaphorical journeys, they still end up being remarkably healing for the client who undergoes the experience. Entity Attachment In her book, The Unquiet Dead, Dr. Edith Fiore explores her thousands of hours of work as a psychotherapist who has encountered other beings who appear to be “latched on” to her clients. Dr. Samuel Sagan in this book, Entity Attachment, also discovered the same thing. Are these highly qualified professionals delusional, and are their clients delusional as well, or is there the possibility that other beings who are not in physical bodies can attach themselves to our bodies and cause all sorts of problems in our lives? Similar to past-life regression, the amazing experience of opening our minds to this possibility is that the technique of clearing entities is actually very healing for the client regardless of the belief systems of the client or the therapist. Alien Abduction If an open-minded researcher takes their time to look at the evidence and case-studies they will find an enormous amount of testimony that bears witness to the existence of other beings that are interacting with our world. From crop circles, to UFO sightings, to reports of encounters with these beings and even to reports of abductions with these beings we cannot simply ignore the fact that many credible people are reporting that they have experienced this firsthand. As hypnotherapists we must keep an open mind to this phenomena because there will inevitably be a day when we regress a client to the cause of their problem only to find explanations of a terrifying abduction experience that will feel as real for them as anything else they have ever experienced. Knowing how to handle this type of phenomena is crucial if we are actively seeing clients. Join us for open-minded discussions about these topics and much more on our Monday Night Conscious Community Classes.