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Dear Students, Graduates and Friends of IIH,

We are in this for the long haul and we want to grow with you over the years.  Together we make for a profound team of practitioners that are truly helping to relieve human pain and suffering.  We are part of a global mission of waking people up to who they really are and to their full potential, and we invite you to be a more significant part of that Vision.

To that end, we are inviting you to consider joining forces with us over time to be either a:

– Location Director
– Instructor
– Supervisor
– Supervisor Aide
– Mentor
– Examiner
– Associate with Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Clinics
– IAIH Conference Presenter
– CEU Course Presenter

Please read below about what it would look like to grow with us into the future for many years to come:

Becoming a Location Director:

Directors are graduates in good standing who run their own private practices and where the Institute utilizes their location to run our Clinical Externship Practical Hours.  A Director does not need to teach, but a qualified teacher must be in their location when Clinical Practice takes place.  Directors who are not Instructors get paid for allowing us to use their space.  IIH Clinical Externship Locations need to be in other areas beyond where the school is currently established.  We are very open to creating locations in other cities and states outside of Florida.

Becoming an IIH Instructor:

We are very particular about who we allow to teach our materials.  Instructors need to have at least two years of professional experience in private practice, and have either repeated our entire 500 hour training or have gone through one of our Instructor Training Programs that ensures a very solid grasp of our materials.  Instructors also must show strong leadership and interpersonal skills, must act in a professional and ethical way, and must be seeing clients on at least a part-time basis.

– Directors are often Instructors, yet they do not have to be.  Many of our Director/Instructors’ clientele are on a waiting list, and are comfortably making over $100,000 per year.

Becoming a Supervisor or Supervisor Aide:

Students are allowed to repeat our training at no charge if they are in good standing with the school.  When they repeat the training, they often go through as an unpaid Supervisor Aide and will take small groups to supervise for basic skillsets in which they feel competent.  Supervisor Aides work with Directors, Instructors and Supervisors to eventually become paid Supervisors who can train small groups at IIH locations in our methods.

Becoming a Mentor and/or Examiner:

With enough experience in private practice and as a Supervisor or higher rating, graduates can mentor students who are currently going through the training when they need extra help.  Here the mentor gets paid directly by the student.  Examiners also need to at least be at the Supervisor level of training and can then test students on the IAIH Final Exam.

Becoming an Associate of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Clinics:

You can open your own private practice and as an IAIH member you can use our logo and certification number for your advertising, however those who want to grow directly with us can operate an Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Clinic and benefit from our brand name and marketing.  Here we refer clients to you and work together for your success.

Becoming an IAIH Conference Presenter:

Our association holds an annual IAIH Hypnotherapy Conference which you are more than welcome to attend, and at which you are welcome to present.  Pushing yourself to present helps to make you a leader in the field as you refine your public speaking and leadership skills.  IAIH presenters currently get free admission to our Conferences, and tend to find huge networking opportunities unfolding for them through the increased industry recognition this type of opportunity affords.  Presenters get Certificates of Appreciation and tend to get a lot more referrals from us over the years.

Becoming a CEU Presenter:

The IAIH offers Hypnotherapy CEUs, as it is a requirement that members get 30 hours of CE every two years.  If you have a skillset or topic that complements hypnotherapy well, then let us know about how we might empower you to teach that in an online CEU course which can earn you residual income for the life of the product.

As you begin to visualize your future success, be open to the idea of being an IIH/IAIH Director, Instructor, Supervisor, Mentor and Examiner, Clinic Associate, IAIH Conference Presenter or CEU Presenter.  If that is of interest to you, feel free to email Matthew Brownstein directly at matthew@interpersonalhypnotherapy.com to plant the seeds for a journey that we all take together.  It might take two or three years for you to be teaching our curriculum, yet “A thousand mile journey begins with the first step.”


Matthew J. Brownstein, CIHt

CEO – Anahat Education Group, Inc.
President – International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists
Executive Director – Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy
Florida Department of Education – Commission for Independent Education – License #3448
Florida Department of Vocational Rehabilitation – License #VF202535784001


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