“My Personal Journey into Hypnotherapy” with Matthew J. Brownstein

“My Personal Journey into Hypnotherapy” with Matthew J. Brownstein

“My Personal Journey into Hypnotherapy” with Matthew J. Brownstein

I began my journey into this field in 1992 when I had a profound spiritual awakening which changed me forever and caused me to need to learn about how to tap into the incredible love, light, peace, and bliss which I had inadvertently discovered.

I was in college at the time and I changed my major to philosophy and religion to try to discover what had happened to me, to tap into it again, and to share it with others.  I did my post-graduate studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, yet never felt that acupuncture or herbology were really going to get me to where I wanted to be and it was not how I wanted to be of service to others.

When I finally found hypnosis and NLP, I was hooked.  Finally, after many years of formally studying holistic health, I found the solution – the mind!  Read more here…

Why did I dedicate my life to hypnotherapy?

I didn’t.

I actually dedicated my life to relieving human suffering and promoting health, wealth, and enlightenment for myself and others.  I needed a profession that could do that.

I wanted something which could liberate the human heart and the human mind.  I needed a profession that was rooted in Spirit and could liberate others from their self-imposed limitations, false beliefs, and negative emotions.

I lived in various monasteries, ashrams, and spiritual communities throughout my life to learn directly about what the ancient wisdom traditions taught about healing and enlightenment, yet I also needed a profession where I could help people every day in these ways.

Hypnotherapy was simply the closest thing to help me to fulfill my mission and therefore I dedicated myself to creating a system of Hypnotherapy that is truly rooted in the paths of healing and enlightenment.

Why hypnotherapy and not psychology?

When I was in college, I seriously thought about being a psychotherapist and the basic courses which I took on this were very interesting, yet as a religion major, I saw that the enlightened saints and sages were doing much better than most psychotherapists.

I saw within a university model a therapy void of spirituality, where diagnosis was crucial, and where insurance billing was the way of things.

I saw a model that seemed to make true healing impossible because those who were practicing it were not healed themselves.

I chose to study the inner workings of great saints and sages to learn what they were doing with their minds to be truly happy and free.  I found that their spiritual paths and practices were are more aligned with what I was longing for myself and others.

Once I found hypnotherapy, I realized that I could truly help others to heal and reach states of true freedom and success in alignment with the world’s great spiritual traditions.

My life changed forever once I found my true calling and dedicated myself to helping others through hypnotherapy.  I invite you to seriously consider this path by learning more at www.InstituteofHypnotherapy.com or calling 800-551-9247.