POSTPONED IAIH Conference – Showcasing Mary Hayes

POSTPONED IAIH Conference – Showcasing Mary Hayes

POSTPONED IAIH Conference – Showcasing Mary Hayes

The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy is pleased to offer a high level education in Hypnotherapy with over 500 hours of State-Licensed training with our next class beginning on April the 16th, 2020.  We are also pleased to run the IAIH as a governing, credentialing and regulatory body for Hypnotherapy, with our upcoming Conference being held from May 22nd to May 24th, 2020 in Tampa, Florida.  This week’s newsletter features Mary Hayes, an IIH teacher and an IAIH presenter, whose clairvoyant and channeling skills make her a unique presence in our school and association.  Please check out this week’s blog article about our upcoming Hypnotherapy Training, the May Conference and our beloved special guest, Mary Hayes.

Opening to our intuitive abilities is an important part of being a good Hypnotherapist, so when our school discovered Mary Hayes, we knew that we had to bring her into our training.  Mary is now a permanent part of our 500 hour Hypnotherapy Training in our Online Interactive Tutorials.  The next training with our staff and with Mary begins April 16th, 2020 with locations in Florida, Utah and California.  We are pleased to welcome Mary back to teach at the May 2020 IAIH Conference in Tampa as well, as her presence always seems to benefit our students and IAIH members.

Mary Hayes is a well-respected Intuitive Counselor, Medium and direct Channel. For the past decade she has led workshops, been a featured speaker at numerous events and worked full time at both the renowned Cassadaga Hotel and in Winter Park, Florida. Mary offers a fresh, insightful and respectful approach to this longstanding tradition. She is also the author of the book Express Your Yes! which teaches a simple, yet highly effective approach to quickly accessing intuition anywhere and at any time.

For the past 14 years, Mary has worked successfully as a direct channel. Channeling has been defined as allowing the body to be utilized as an instrument through which inspiration in many forms, including the spoken and/or written word, song, music and dance is offered for the benefit and upliftment of others. Gentle, yet insightful guidance is offered through this liaison that is relevant, specific and beneficial.

​Mary considers her work to be an honor and a blessing as she has served to encourage, empower and assist individuals from around the world. As the featured speaker on Saturday evening, Mary will present as a direct channel and offer messages to select members in attendance.

Call us at 800-551-9247 or visit us online at www.InstituteofHypnotherapy.com to learn about our next Hypnotherapy Training, including Mary Hayes and staff.

Visit us online to learn more about the May Conference at www.InterpersonalHypnotherapy.com. The Conference is open to the public, and is available for members and non-members alike.

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