POSTPONED IAIH Conference – Showcasing Dani Fox

POSTPONED IAIH Conference – Showcasing Dani Fox

POSTPONED International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists – Featuring Tampa Director Dani Fox

At the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, we continually work to help our students and staff to actualize their full potential in all that they do. We love taking students through our 500+ hour Hypnotherapy Training, and then empowering them with careers in Hypnotherapy.

To support graduates into their careers, we also created the IAIH as a credentialing body for Hypnotherapy. Through the IAIH we hold our annual conferences where we truly get to see our graduates shine. This week’s blog post features Tampa graduate and now Instructor and IAIH presenter Ms. Dani Fox. Click here to learn more about Hypnotherapy and NLP Training, our May 2020 IAIH Hypnotherapy Conference, and the wonderful energy that Dani brings to our school and our association.

In 2012, Dani Fox enrolled with the Institute of Hypnotherapy in our Tampa, Florida location. We already knew that Dani was quite the Rockstar when she attended her in-house practical hours and we watched her shine all the way through to her graduation. Dani successfully opened a private practice in Hypnotherapy and has developed such a following that her clients are happy to be on a waiting list for two to three months out in order to get a session with her. She successfully co-taught there with Orlando Director, Rene Brent.

Dani then went on the become the Tampa Location Director and Lead Instructor with the Institute. Dani will be presenting and co-emceeing at the May 2020 IAIH Hypnotherapy Conference. Our next Hypnotherapy Training begins April 16th, 2020.

Dani is not only our Tampa Lead Instructor, Examiner and Mentor, and an IAIH key presenter, she also trained with Richard Bandler, Roy Hunter and Tony Robbins as well as having been a life coach and trainer for over 25 years, working with corporate leaders such as Disney and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Dani is in the process of receiving a Masters in Science in Applied Neuroscience and is a sought-after lecturer at Nova Southeastern University and East-West College of Natural Medicine.

We love and appreciate you Dani!!!

We are always so grateful to see graduates shine and to find true fulfillment in their lives. Of course, when they go on to open their own businesses, teach with us, and then present at our Hypnotherapy Conference, we at the Institute are always beyond pleased.

During the May 22nd to 24th, 2020 Conference, Dani will present the topic: “From Chasing to Inviting Wholeness.” Here she writes, “We will explore the concept of Wholeness – what it is, why we seek it and how we unconsciously create it. We will explore how we navigate life, balancing the intention of the soul and our many roles as well as the many mirrors we use in an attempt to create wholeness.” She will be closing with a unique compassionate process drawn from a synthesis of modalities to bring us to a new more authentic definition of whole living.

Dani will lead Conference attendees in exercises designed to identify the desires of the soul, the many roles we play in life which create our parts (aspects of wholeness), and break, blend and bend participants’ mental constructs of the wholeness they are trying to create in life. The process is a synthesis of tapping, breathing, mindfulness, Ho’oponopno, focusing, parts work, and NLP perceptual positions. Dani will reference case studies with clients as well as delve into her own journey using these techniques to heal, integrate and live an undivided whole life.

The May 2020 Conference is open to the public and to IAIH Members and Non-Members alike. Click here to learn more: https://www.interpersonalhypnotherapy.com/conferences

Our next Hypnotherapy Training with Dani Fox in Tampa, Florida, Rene Brent in Orlando, Florida, and Renukha Arjoon in Hollywood, Florida begins April 16th, 2020. Click here to learn more.

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