For anyone who has ever walked their own spiritual path they have inevitably encountered that which we call sacred in one form or another.  Perhaps it was in a very deep and blissful meditation or perhaps it was after moving through some deep seated emotional pain.  However we end up experiencing the Divine we are forever changed after the experience and once we bring that knowledge to our relationships then those relationships are forever changed. Interpersonal Hypnotherapy becomes a place where this connection is nourished and deeply treasured.

During this Monday Night Conscious Community Class we explore how love becomes the true driving force of a well-established hypnotherapy practice.  The beauty of this work is that the devotional love found within a spiritual practice can be brought to our experience with our clients.  Regardless of our own unique spiritual journey it is in our interpersonal relationships that we get to experience the reality of, as Gibran wrote in The Prophet, “Work is love made visible.”

 The beauty of an occupation in hypnotherapy is that the client knows when we are being real and sincere.  In our marketing nothing works better than being genuine and truly caring for another human being.  Where we have a profession, we can also find our true calling; and where we have our passion we can also find a healthy income for ourselves and our families.  When spirituality and one’s profession harmonize it is truly beneficial for everyone involved.

For those who are motivated to live a life of service where spirituality and professionalism go hand-in-hand, then there is nothing like hypnotherapy or adding hypnotherapy to one’s existing care-giving practice.  The beauty of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy is that it goes beyond even our Hypnotherapy School’s Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training because it is only by experiencing the Transcendent that we can truly bring it to our work with others.

For those moved by this writing and those looking for deepening their understanding of Hypnotherapy we invite you to join us on Monday Night’s at 7:00pm at to learn more about a profession rooted in Spirit and rooted in love.