Losing Your Mind Through Hypnotherapy

man lying down for hypnotherapy

Everyone wants peace of mind and many people turn to hypnosis and hypnotherapy to find what they are looking for.  Some people believe that they can simply be hypnotized and that all of their problems will magically go away.  However, those that approach this topic from that point of view quickly find that change is not always that easy.  In the meditative traditions it can be said to take many years before the practitioner finds a truly quiet and peaceful mind.  Here we briefly explore the nature of inner calm through hypnosis and meditation and what it really takes to be at peace.

To begin our journey we can understand that the heart is the root of the mind, or in hypnotherapy terms we can say that the subconscious emotional mind is the root of the conscious reasoning mind.  This model basically says that the conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg and that we cannot find true inner calm by trying to stop our conscious mind from thinking.  The more the heart feels, the more the conscious mind will chatter.  Therefore, hypnosis or hypnotic programming alone cannot bring us the true peace we are looking for.  To make progress in this realm we need to consider the more in depth work that hypnotherapy has to offer.

During a hypnotherapy session we can not only reprogram the subconscious mind, yet rather we can talk directly to it.  We can explore why we are not at peace and get to the very root cause of our present day troubles.  When our deep emotional mind is calmed, then we find a natural ease within our conscious mind.  Meditators have spent many years trying to still the waves of the mind, yet once we clear the blocks within the subconscious then this inner work becomes so much easier.

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