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Life in an Altered State

Life in an Altered State

Life in an Altered State

One of the primary definitions of hypnosis is that it is a natural and yet altered state of mind.  This state gives us access to the tremendous power of our subconscious mind and becomes the basis for our amazing profession.  By learning hypnosis and by becoming a Hypnotherapist, we not only put our clients into the altered state known as hypnosis on a regular basis, we put ourselves into that state as well.

When you see 15 to 25 clients per week, then you make a very nice living, help a lot of people, and enjoy the peace and radically transforming nature of trance.  Click here to learn more about Living Life in an Altered State.

What is Hypnosis?

We define hypnosis as a natural, yet altered state of mind, where we have a high degree of responsiveness with the subconscious mind.  With this, we tap into the creative power of that mind.

We can access memories that need healing, we can motivate new behaviors easily, we can find the root cause of our problems, and we can change our general outlook on life to be one of positivity, prosperity and joy.  Because the subconscious mind can be “programmed,” we can skillfully get it to move us to our very best life, by simply aligning it with our highest intentions for a life worth living.

What is so appealing about the Altered State of Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not just relaxation.  It is a state of mind where we tap into the vast majority of who we really are.  Our conscious mind is only a small fraction of the totality of our mind. When we go into the altered state of hypnosis, we generally feel more peaceful and aware, yet we also become more powerful when we understand that we can choose what we think, choose what we feel, and choose the life we want to live.

By helping others to do the same, we find a rewarding career where everyone that we help to succeed helps us, because when they go into hypnosis we do too, and when we program them for success we get that programming for ourselves as well.

Drug-free Natural Altered States

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, available to us at any moment.  Once we learn to move into trance, then we can do it on airplanes, when taking a nap, before bed at night, or any time that we want to distress.  Inside of us is a tremendous amount of love, joy, bliss, and peace.

When we learn to alter our state to feel that good, then we realize that everything that we have sought is truly found within. By learning hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we tap into a power within that can benefit us and our clients in truly remarkable ways.

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