Interpersonal Hypnotherapy for Seekers of Truth

Interpersonal Hypnotherapy for Seekers of Truth

Interpersonal Hypnotherapy for Seekers of Truth

As a philosopher and religious scholar, I have always been a seeker of Truth.  It never mattered what that Truth was.  If it were horrific, at least I would know what is real, and if it was beatific, then I would get to know that as well.  My journey has led to me see Truth as the Reality of what we all really are; as Absolute Bliss Consciousness.  After 25 years on the path, I have found that at the core of every human being is love, peace, joy, bliss, Divine Guidance, a mission, and a state of oneness that never goes away.

The question then arises about why we are not all feeling this at every moment?  We can, and it is available for all.  It is the solution to the world’s problems, and we want you to be a part of that solution with us.  If you’ve heard The Call and desire to find a career that allows you to be yourself while being of service to others, and that nurtures your spiritual path, then please read on to learn about what Interpersonal Hypnotherapy is really all about.

One Problem, One Solution

In A Course in Miracles, it teaches that there is only one problem that all of humanity faces and only one solution that needs to be applied.  The one problem is separation, and the one solution is Oneness.  What if it were really that simple?  What if we could transform all lack and suffering by awakening people to who they truly are?

What if Truth is inherently good and what if the nightmare that many humans face is just a bad dream that they can wake up from?  What if you were an active part of that solution and found your own peace, love, joy, and healing in the process?

How does this relate to Truth with a Capital ‘T’?

Truth is what is.  However, people often see what is through the distorted perception of their minds.  They overgeneralize and they delete.

In NLP we honor three things that the mind does – deletion, over generalization, and distortion.  In Yogic Philosophy, we see how people suffer from illusion, delusion, and error.  In Hinduism, it is said that people suffer from ignorance of who they really are and that only by realizing the Truth of their own being are they set free of all pain and all suffering. In the Heart Sutra of Buddhism, the same promise is found that we can be free of all pain and suffering.

What if that is true, and what if Interpersonal Hypnotherapy could align with those highest ideals?  The truth is that it can, and in the way we approach it, it does.

Why Interpersonal Hypnotherapy?

Everyone wants a good career, and everyone wants to help others.  In our hearts, we all want to be financially free, of service to others, and fulfilled in how we live our lives.  Being an Interpersonal Hypnotherapist is about living from love, teaching love, and facilitating forgiveness as a return to love.  This path is so much more than just hypnotizing people to stop smoking and to lose weight.

This path is truly about empowering others with careers that help them to fulfill their own personal missions and to heal the world in the process.

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For the deeper spiritual heart of the work of Anahat Education Group and the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, please check out www.OnlineMOnastery.com.

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