International association of interpersonal hypnotherapists

IAIH Membership

Membership Benefits & Options:

Being an IAIH member offers many benefits, which are constantly expanding and improving.  Some of these currently include:

  •  – Website dedicated to Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and all that it offers and stands for
  • A refined Code of Ethics with clear values and principles
  • Active Law and Legislative Efforts with a dedicated IAIH Attorney
  • Always New Continuing Education Courses (All Members get a 10% discount on CEUs!)
  • Yearly Conferences Always Designed to Over-Deliver
  • Interpersonal Hypnotherapist Certification
  • Dedication to Being a Member-Driven Organization
  • Use of the IAIH Logo and Brand

IIH students and graduates may apply for (and renew) their International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists Certifications online through the student portal.

IAIH Certifications need to be renewed every 2 years and include all member benefits and responsibilities.

To apply for or renew your IAIH Certification, please log in to your student portal account and click on the menu item “IAIH Certifications” under “My Courses”. There you will see the certifications available to you.