IAIH HIPAA Compliance

At our recent IAIH Hypnotherapy Conference, IAIH attorney Mr. Jan Govan, brought to our attention the importance of understanding HIPAA and our role in protecting our client’s confidentiality and how to properly work with medical and mental health professionals where Protected Health Information (PHI) is concerned.

Mr. Govan’s lecture sparked the need for expanding our knowledge base on this topic and for opening up IAIH member dialogues.

IAIH President, Matthew Brownstein, has been in contact with multiple attorneys and medical professionals on this matter and has taken CEU courses to continue this IAIH HIPAA compliance process.

First Online Meeting: Recording from July 24th, 2019 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm EST

Click on the Button below to watch the first video of this ongoing presentation and discussion with IAIH President, Matthew Brownstein.

IAIH Official Conclusions on HIPAA Compliance for Hypnotherapists to date:

When a Hypnotherapist receives a prescription, referral, supervision or direction from a licensed practitioner of the healing arts who is HIPAA compliant, then the Hypnotherapist becomes a Business Associate and is also bound by HIPAA.  If you are working with medical or mental health professionals, then we recommend the following:

While the IAIH will continue to advise you on HIPAA compliance as a Hypnotherapist, it still remains your responsibility to abide by all Federal, State, County and City Laws.