IAIH Code of Ethics

We work hard to ensure that IAIH is an organization that you can be truly proud of, and one that will help lead the way for the future success and longevity of the field of hypnotherapy. With that aim in mind we have carefully crafted an IAIH Code of Ethics that goes beyond anything we’ve seen thus far in our field.

The Code of Ethics exists to provide healthy guidelines for your practice and to help us to create more legitimacy for hypnotherapy as a profession. Therefore, the Code outlines a standard of conduct and a core set of principles for professionals amongst professionals, peers, colleagues, co-workers, clients, and referring practitioners. Because we never stop striving to raise the bar for ourselves and our profession, the Code of Ethics will be an ever-evolving document which all members will be required to sign for applications and renewals.

While some of the guidelines within this Code of Ethics are clearly measurable and enforceable, others are more general and not as easily defined. Violations of the Code of Ethics are therefore treated on a case-by-case basis by IAIH Board Members to ensure the integrity of the profession of Hypnotherapy, the protection of the public and the reputation of IAIH and IAIH members.

Contents Include:

Purpose, Competence, Responsibilities in Practice Settings, Ethical Principles, Access to Records, Insurance and Billing, Ethical Standards, Sexual Relationships, Continuing Education, Hypnosis Law, Physical Contact, Responsibilities as Professionals, Scope of Practice, Sexual Harassment, Private Conduct, Responsibilities to Clients, Derogatory Language, Misrepresentations, Commitment to Clients, Payment for Services, Solicitations, Conflicts of Interest, Termination of Services, Acknowledging Credit, Privacy and Confidentiality, Referrals/Client Transfers, Integrity of the Profession, Informed Consent, Responsibilities to Colleagues, Research

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