Striving for excellence in every aspect of our life can be intimidating, yet with the power of our subconscious mind on our side we are empowered to reach undreamed of heights in our lives. A comprehensive hypnotherapy training offers us the chance to help others to reach their goals while we simultaneously use hypnosis to reach our own goals as well. This article will focus on the incredible power of the subconscious mind to go beyond our current programming and into an unforgettable life-changing experience.


The altered state, known as hypnosis, allows us to access our deep inner mind. This part of our being is responsible for our emotions, habits, behaviors, imagination, creativity, as well as being the dynamo that directs our life-force energy. Through hypnotic programming and many other transformational modalities, such as we find in hypnotherapy training, we consciously and intentionally direct this powerhouse to work towards our greatest good.


Unlike basic hypnotic programming, we can use the altered-state with many proven techniques to resolve inner conflicts, clear blockages and find the root cause of many of our present day issues. In a 500+ hour hypnosis training, the student is given ample opportunity to practice on classmates, receive hypnotherapy from classmates, as well as to book private sessions with supervisors, instructors or with Location Directors. The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy recommends that new students of hypnotherapy receive at least five sessions to work through their own personal issues.

Hypnotherapy Training

Learning hypnosis is one of the most powerful things we can do because we essentially become masters of our own subconscious selves. The more we learn, the more empowered we are. Every new technique yields exciting new insight into who we are and why we do the things that we do. Once empowered with complete protocols, the possibilities are limitless as to what we can do for ourselves and others. Our theme is that “Everything the mind affects, hypnosis can heal.”

A Career as a Professional Hypnotherapist

After having graduated from a State-Licensed school with legitimate diplomas in Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, we have countless opportunities in store for us. Many go on to open their own private practices. Some work full- or part-time. Others enjoy working out of holistic health or medical offices. This freedom leads to a life where we have a career that we can always fall back upon, and it allows us to continually work on ourselves as our knowledge of our training advances through practice. In time, we come to the realization that the power that we now have opens us to a life where excellence becomes a norm and where fulfillment becomes a way of being.