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Hypnotherapy Tip of the Day – Manifesting Prosperity

Hypnotherapy Tip of the Day – Manifesting Prosperity


Manifesting Prosperity – Financial Success and Hypnotherapy

Your mind is extremely powerful and there are no limits to your financial prosperity.

Honor the power of ideas.

Ideas can move mountains.

Consider the idea that you can double your income.


Now consider it again.

You can double your income.

Now go ahead and do what you need to do to double your income.

Now look at what happened to you because of one simple idea!

— Matthew Brownstein, CIHt

How could hypnosis help me to make more money?

Your financial self-worth is determined by your early upbringing and early programming; in short: you will never live outside of your self-esteem.  Think about the most amount of money you’ve ever made per year.  That’s the size of your financial self-esteem.  It’s easy to measure and therefore it is easy to change.  What if your subconscious programming went from “I only make $40,000 per year” to “I now make $100,000 per year or more”?  And if you are already in the six-figure income bracket, ask yourself why your programming has not yet become “I now make one-million dollars per year and more”?

The limitation is only in your mind.  Hypnosis can therefore be used to reprogram these old beliefs and self-imposed limitations.

But I am just not that into making more money!

Money is nothing.  It is an illusion.  In the United States there is no gold standard anymore and money is now, more than ever, a simple agreement about an illusion being real.  If money is an illusion then have as much of it as you want.  Yet you might not feel that money is a priority for you. That is very respectable, and for a Hypnotherapist helping others is the priority, and therefore the money follows.

If your subconscious programming only believes that you can see five clients per week, then you are not helping a lot of people and you are not making a lot of money. It’s only your mind that holds you back from this success.

Therefore, you can use the same techniques which we will cover in this Monday Night’s class to increase the amount of good that you do in the world – then the money will follow, and if you are honest with yourself, you will be happy that it does.

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