Oneness Consciousness and Hypnosis Training: The Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Model

interpersonal hypnotherapy model

In the model of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy there are some basic presuppositions that lead to our unique style of hypnosis.  Together we will explore how hypnosis training, when rooted in deeper wisdom traditions, becomes an exceptionally deep, meaningful and rewarding experience both during the training and also once a student graduates and begins seeing clients.  When […]

Quality in Hypnotherapy Training: Growing with Us

quality hypnotherapy training

Transforming people’s lives through hypnotherapy is one of the most rewarding things that I have ever personally discovered and therefore it has been a life’s calling for me to share this with others.  When we first opened the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy (formerly known as the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy), I was truly honored to […]

Energy Healing and Hypnotherapist Certification

energy healing hypnotherapist certification

Many of us have a deep inner calling to be healers.  We understand that the traditional medicalmodel has its place, but that a person is more than just a set of imbalanced bio-chemicals.  We want to create change on deeper levels and on the levels where only true and lasting change can occur.  We want […]

Expanding Consciousness and Hypnotherapy Training

expanding consciousness hypnotherapy

Those who are interested in the fields of hypnosis and hypnosis training will most likely find a fascinating connection between the field of hypnotism (the science and study of hypnosis) and the ancient mystery traditions that acknowledge consciousness to be the very essence of our being. When we explore hypnosis we directly tap into not […]

Out with the Old and Out with the Old

out with the old

With a New Year approaching people often say that it is time to be “out with the old” and “in with the new”, however our theme here is “Out with the Old and Out with the Old.”  This model implies that we already have all that we need within us and that through hypnotherapy and […]

New Year, New Fear, Quantum Leaps into New Being   An approaching New Year can be a profound time for personal growth and reflection.  It can also be a profound time to take inventory about what has been working and what has not.  It is a time where we can set new goals, dream even bigger and manifest even more powerfully.  Through the […]

Hypnotherapy, Death and Dying

hypnotherapy death and dying

Hypnotherapy has a profound place in the healing of grief and loss.  Many people believe that the grieving process must go on for very long periods of time, yet in my own personal experience, through the use of very skillful hypnotherapy, we actually can move through stages of grief in relatively few sessions.  The reason […]

Your Chakras, Your Cat, and Your Television

chakras cat television

Within each one of us is an ocean of peace, yet in our everyday lives we tend to forget this and to live in the realms of change and externally focused realities.  However, with so much love inside of us, it is a wonder that we ever turn to the outer world at all.  The […]

Need a Fast Fix? Stop and Meditate.

stop and meditate

“I don’t have time to meditate!” I hear people say that often and, I have to admit, have tried to convince myself of it at times.  However, the truth is that I have experienced the opposite.  Time to meditate is imperative.  Incorporating it into your daily routine can be extremely beneficial.  Like a part of […]

Zen Mind, Neurotic Heart and Hypnosis

neurotic heart zen mind hypnotherapy

Zen philosophy and Zen practice has a very synergistic relationship with hypnosis.  In the traditions of Zen we hear about “Zen Mind” and in hypnotherapy the attention is always led back to the mind.  No matter what path we take in life, in the end, we simply all want to be at peace.  Some spend […]