Hypnotherapy Certification: A Life of Meaning and Purpose

Many of us struggle day-to-day wondering why we are here on this planet. We long for a life that has value and meaning. Many are spiritual seekers longing for deeper truths, while many just suffer and want to be free. From the many forms of questioning we inevitably want to feel that our lives mean […]

Oneness Consciousness and Hypnotherapy

This year’s Annual International Association of Hypnotherapists (IAIH) Conference, to be held on June 10th through the 12th, is expected to bring our community together in ever-stronger ways. We look forward to the interactions of conference attendees with our IAIH presenters to help in continuing our theme of Oneness Consciousness. Our intention is to enhance […]

Hypnosis, Healing and A Course in Miracles

Join Matthew Brownstein, President of the IAIH at the June 2016 Conference for an empowering workshop that looks into the nature of the healing process as explained through A Course in Miracles. This interactive workshop allows Conference participants to share their own experiences as a more Socratic Method of teaching allows for group wisdom to […]

June 2016 IAIH Conference with Jan T. Govan

For the IAIH June 2016 Conference, we are pleased to welcome Jan Govan: Attorney at Law, Govan Law Group, P.A. Jan is one of two IAIH Attorneys working with us on Law and Legislative Efforts and Business and Practice Management. Join us to learn the ins and outs of safely running a hypnotherapy practice and […]

June 2016 IAIH Conference with Dani Fox, MBA, CHT

Join us at the June 2016 IAIH Conference with Dani Fox, MBA, CHT for Working with Kids (and Their Handlers). You know the story. You get a call from a frazzled mom or dad at their wits end trying to help their child. They are doing everything humanly possible to help their child and nothing […]

IAIH June 2016 Annual Conference: Spotlighting Rene Brent

rene brent hypnotherapy conference

Adapting your message for any audience and increasing your bottom line. Rene will help you craft and adapt your business elevator speech for any audience. She will review why and how to communicate your point of view and skill set effectively. This will help you to attract a diversity of clients and increase your income. […]

Third Annual IAIH Conference of 2016: Dee Woolridge

dee woolridge annual IAIH conference

IAIH is pleased to spotlight Dee Woolridge, MBA, CIHt for the June 2016 Conference with her presentation, entitled Radical Forgiveness – Moving from Victim Consciousness to Divine Peace.  In this presentation we discuss two models of forgiveness. Traditional (ego driven) and Spiritually Awakened. Traditional Forgiveness is firmly rooted in the World of Humanity. In the same way that the World of Humanity holds […]

Oneness in Healing: Medicine and Hypnotherapy

dr wes rocki md hypnotherapy conference

In this week’s IIH newsletter we are pleased to offer a Presentation Outline for the annual IAIH meeting spotlighting, Dr. Wes Rocki MD, PhD.  Join us on June 10th through June 12th, 2016.  To learn more about The 2016 IAIH Conference, Click Here.    Direct therapeutic interventions, medicine and other modalities (including hypnotherapy) share the […]

June 2016 IAIH Conference: Presenter Spotlight: Cheryl Mitchell

cheryl mitchell hypnotherapy conference

Workshop description: Cheryl Mitchell, CIHt, shares how she incorporates the Interpersonal Hypnotherapy model of everything being about relationships into her overall practice.  Cheryl will share with you ideas on how to connect with your clients from the first interactions, including advertising and phone calls, into the intake and throughout the session and beyond. Cheryl will […]

Announcing the Third Annual IAIH Conference of 2016

third annual IAIH conference of 2016

“Oneness Consciousness: Exploring the Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Model” The International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists (IAIH) is pleased to announce the official dates of our Annual Hypnotherapy Conference.  From Friday, June 10th through Sunday, June 12th, 2016, the IAIH will host a dynamic team of presenters with a shared theme called Oneness Consciousness: Exploring the Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Model. […]