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Hypnotherapy as a Career During COVID

Hypnotherapy as a Career During COVID

Hypnotherapy as a Career During COVID

With so many schools and professions being affected during the global pandemic, many people are looking for new career options that are not limited because of COVID-19.  Many professions, such as massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic all require touch and many people are suffering because of that.  We can only imagine how many schools went out of business because they cannot train their students.

We feel blessed that the field of Hypnotherapy can easily adapt to these modern and challenging times.  Our education is 70% online and only 30% requires in-house practical hours.  Hypnotherapy sessions can be done on Zoom and we are even modifying our curriculum and styles of delivery to match the concerns of modern day students and practitioners.

We encourage you to read on about how Hypnotherapy can become a career to always fall back upon, especially during these difficult times, where you do not have to touch others and where sessions can occur from the comfort of your own home.

What will happen to massage, acupuncture and other caregiving professions that involve touch?

Unfortunately, many people are understandably afraid of being close to others right now.  Many people are postponing haircuts, dental visits and even doctors visits.  If people are not willing to see doctors and dentists, then we can imagine that they do not want to get massages or chiropractic adjustments either.  Hypnotherapy offers a way to supplement your income until things get back to normal.

The vast majority of our graduates and staff are doing sessions on Zoom from the comfort of their own home.  We only have to modify our techniques in small ways to make for amazing online sessions that still truly transform peoples’ lives.

What would life look like as a Online Hypnotherapist?

Life actually is super nice doing sessions online.  You can work from the safety of your own home.  You can make your own hours. You can see clients anywhere in the world, which opens up huge income potentials.  You can travel as much as you’d like and do Hypnotherapy from virtually any country in the world.  With Airbnb you can literally choose to live anywhere for months at a time while enjoying exotic locales and while working much less than a full-time 40 hour per week job.

You can be your own boss, travel, relax, and be safe while earning a good living from anywhere that you want to be.

We invite you to learn more by giving us a call at 800-551-9247 or visit us online at www.InstituteofHypnotherapy.com. We’re here for you, continuing to operate as a strong State-Licensed Career School with many flexible options to help you to thrive during a global pandemic.

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