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Hypnotherapy and the Cycle of Growth: Guest Column by Dani Fox

Fall is such a beautiful time of year no matter where you live.  If you look around and pay attention to the landscape, you see it is filled with evidence of nature’s cycle of preparing for a magnificent transformation – release, hibernate, awaken, transform, and grow.

Dani Fox Tomlinson It’s a cycle we have come to appreciate as the “change of the season” and it’s not unlike the cycle of growth we experience ourselves many times throughout our lifetime where we turn within to refine and leverage resources to awaken refreshed and renewed.  It is a process of inner alchemy where old becomes new in the continual pursuit of growth.

In the same vein, many regard “seasons” as opportunities for growth in the areas of personal development, career enhancement and overall quality of life. Studying to become a hypnotist isn’t likely the first thing you think of when exploring the path to personal or professional growth and fulfillment.  While it’s widely known that hypnosis helps create change in a wide variety of life areas, rarely would you give thought to the training and skill of the practitioner who facilitates such experiences, much less how their lives were enriched in the process of becoming a hypnotherapist. Perhaps the thought is even crossing your mind right now “what could a career in hypnotherapy do for me?”  Yet, what if the decision to study hypnotherapy online was the catalyst for dynamic inner transformation with a happy byproduct called a rewarding career helping others transform their own lives?

That is exactly my experience. When I first started exploring Hypnotherapy Training Schools, I did not have the forethought to look for a program that offered a State Licensed Diploma in Hypnotherapy, much less one that offered Hypnotherapy Classes Online.  Yet 8 years into my career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I am grateful I found both at the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.  In a few short months, I graduated with over 500 hours of in-depth training crafted by an industry leader drawing from the best of his 20 plus year career and his mentorship with pioneers in the field.  Plus, the hybrid online / in person approach allowed me to make the change while maintaining work / life balance.

The training gave me a powerful tool for facilitating dynamic lasting shift in others while providing a solid foundation to build a thriving six-figure professional private practice booked weeks in advance. (I still receive thank you notes and emails from clients whose lives remain transformed by our sessions and they still send me referrals.)

Even more rewarding is that the experience saved my life. By learning how to let go, turn within, connect to, and leverage my inner resources, I released a 30-year struggle with bulimia during my training. A life-long struggle transformed with the tools I learned, through the skills I gained and under the masterful guidance of seasoned professionals.

The cycle is now coming full circle as I give back in the capacity of Lead Instructor and Director of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy’s Raleigh Durham North Carolina location:  Release. Hibernate. Awaken. Transform. Grow. Give.

That, for me, is a fulfilled life.  Very fulfilled.

In some ways, you could say I went to sleep in the Fall of 2012 and awoke in the Spring of 2013 refreshed, renewed, re-invigorated and rewarded with a new career, a new outlook on life and a precious gift of a skill that has be integral in helping transform the lives of many….but most importantly, my own.

So, that’s what a career in hypnotherapy can do for you.

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