Hypnosis, Quantum Physics and Time Travel


Can we really travel through time? The modern science of quantum physics absolutely acknowledges the relativity of time and space and supports what great mystics have declared for centuries.

Well before the great scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century, those who have explored meditation and altered states such as hypnosis have found that time and space were indeed illusions and that we were not as bound to the limitations of our bodies as many others have thought. Now modern science backs up these realizations in profound ways.

To keep it simple, imagine looking up at a star filled sky at night. It takes millions upon millions of years for the light of those stars to reach our earth. Some stars are so far away that by the time we see them through the light they have emitted they are long since gone and do not even exist anymore. Even our own sun is 8 minutes older before we see its light. As each star is a different distance from us, then we literally are looking back into time every moment that we look into the night sky. However, this does not imply time travel, yet merely shows that light takes time to reach the point of the observer, yet who is this observer?

In the ancient wisdom traditions, the observer is not a body, yet is an immortal and eternal spirit that exists forever beyond time and space. While observing time and space, our true self is not necessarily in time and space, nor is bound by time and space. Through hypnosis and the practice of out-of-body experiences, we can indeed transcend the limitations of our body and our physical world and experience the past in the form of time travel – the only difference here is that we do not take our bodies with us!

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