How to Take Your Hypnotherapy Practice Online

How to Take Your Hypnotherapy Practice Online

Covid-19 caused many businesses to have to readjust how they function and unfortunately, many went out of business and will never be seen again.  Of course, we in the field of hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy training had our concerns.  Fortunately, 2020 opened many doors for the field of hypnotherapy that have been quite beneficial.  We saw an increase in Zoom and phone sessions, many graduates stepped up to the plate to learn the technology needed to thrive in this new environment, and techniques were adapted for remote sessions when in-person was just not safe.  We are all grateful to see more and more vaccinations happening and we are honored to be helping more and more graduates to thrive in this new environment, both online and in their own offices.  Read more here about how things have changed for the better…

Can hypnotherapy still work through Zoom or on the phone?

Yes.  Hypnotherapy is largely an auditory profession.  We use language patterns to induce trance, to reprogram the subconscious, and to facilitate powerful transformative experiences.  We seldom need to touch our clients and we have been able to eliminate all touch completely from our protocols.  Out of our 500 hours of hypnosis training, only about .05 percent of the training involves the need for touch.  We therefore have adapted our protocols quite easily for Zoom or phone.  On Zoom, we can see our clients easily, we do not need to wear masks, and we can work from the comfort of our own homes or offices.  Our profession very easily adapted to this, and we only see good coming out of it.

How to conduct online hypnotherapy sessions

Professionalism is still paramount.  We still need to dress up, provide client intake forms, get proper medical referrals when necessary, and to be on time and ethical.  A simple Zoom account is all that is needed, along with a good background and a high-quality camera and microphone.  We recommend a solid internet connection that you can trust and a good online scheduling system to make booking appointments easy for clients.  Anyone who is able to have an office and see clients in person will find the technology for conducting online sessions to be simple and easy.

How do we build rapport during online hypnosis sessions?

Rapport is a matter of trust and commonality between two or more people.  We build rapport by listening well to our clients, by validating their feelings, by checking for clarity, and speaking from our hearts in empathic and caring ways.  Reflective/empathic listening, also known as active listening, is a powerful rapport building technique which we teach thoroughly in our hypnotherapy school, and these techniques can easily be executed and taught online.  No rapport seems to be lost through online sessions at all. In fact, the results that we are seeing are truly just as good as in-person sessions.

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