How to leverage the power of your imagination

In A Course in Miracles, we are reminded that the mind is far more powerful than most of us realize and none of us ever truly appreciate just how powerful it really is.  We now know that we literally have within us a power that can move mountains.

The same mind in you is the same mind in anyone who created a global empire, started a multi-million-dollar company, or who created a spiritual movement that has transformed hundreds of thousands of lives.

By leveraging the power of your imagination, and more specifically the power of your entire mind, you can truly live the life that you want to live, create success for yourself and your family, and find true purpose and meaning.

For us, hypnosis and hypnotherapy training are truly ways to tap into your mind power.  Read more here…

How Healing and Transformation Occur Through Leveraging the Power of Imagination

When we learn about hypnosis and the power of the mind, we discover a model that says that we are already perfect, whole, and complete within the essence of our being, and yet when we look at how we use our minds we wonder how could this be so.

When the imagery in the mind is used in an upside-down orientation, then everything in our life suffers.

For example, worry can be seen as being an inverted form of imagination.  We do not realize the power of our own minds and we think that we have idle thoughts which lack power.  The truth is that there are no idle thoughts and every thought has creative power.

Learning to think your own thoughts and to think thoughts that are in harmony with your highest intentions is the first basic step towards getting your imagination to work for you.

Yes, but how do I do this?

Realizing that your mind is that powerful is truly the first step.

Seeing that your thoughts are not where you want them to be is truly the next good step. However, once you own that your mind needs healing, then hypnotherapy skillsets become incredibly valuable.

When we learn to visualize what we want, then we begin to use our imagination to focus on where we want to go and not where we do not want to go.  When we learn to see things as if they are already so, then the mind can work to bring that into our reality.

We learn to get our internal imagery to align with the power of positive emotions, and we align our conscious thinking mind with deliberately selected images and feelings.

Combining visualizations, positive emotions, and clear thinking is a truly powerful way to begin to consciously shift your mind to think the thoughts that you’d rather think.

Yes, but how do I do that?

In our hypnosis training, we teach something called The Life Mastery Course, which is one of many ways that we guide people into living their best lives.

We need systems that help us and not just abstract thoughts about how powerful we really are.

The Life Mastery Course aligns with hypnotic programming, visualization work, goal setting, creating and manifesting skills, and countless transformational modalities which give us the power to do what we are talking about here.

Our positive intentions are only the beginning.  We need to learn the skills to align our minds with our highest intentions.

Therefore, there is no one simple answer in a short blog.  What any sincere student needs to do is study, heal him/herself, and start using powerful skillsets to leverage the power of the imagination to work for your greatest good.

Anyone who can read this article can learn hypnosis, get hypnotherapy training, and activate their mind power for their greatest good.  Leveraging your imagination all starts with learning the skills to do exactly that.

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