Free Online Meditation Certification Course – Learn Anahat Meditation

Free Online Meditation Certification Course – Learn Anahat Meditation

Introducing The Anahat Meditation System

This is a rare chance to be a part of something very special. Aside from the Hypnotherapy School and our Association, a huge part of my life’s work has been something called The Anahat Meditation System.

This is introduced in the School’s Transpersonal Training and it is found in my books The Sacred Geometry of Meditation and The Anahat Meditation System. It is a life-changing comprehensive study and practice of extremely powerful meditations that bring about self-realization, personal wholeness and deep insight into the nature of who we truly are and what our purpose is on the planet. You may have noticed these sacred geometrical images in the School’s and Association’s logos and now it is time to truly share what all of this means.

These teachings are a combination of my degrees in Philosophy and Religion and my time living in monasteries, ashrams and spiritual communities, and my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, yet even more than that they are a set of revelations which occurred to me in 1996 while engaging intense meditation while living in the woods outside of an ashram.

The teachings came to me as a sort of initiation into a meditation system unlike anything that I had ever experienced before. Energy moved through my body in sacred geometrical patterns and an inner wisdom taught me what the patterns meant and how to teach this as a system to others. The revelations came to be known as The Anahat Teachings, and this style of meditation came to be known as The Anahat Meditation System. The system works in harmony with any religion or spiritual path.

It can stand alone as a spiritual path and yet from my experience it truly complements any or all paths that you may be walking. It is universal and not dogmatic, yet the depth of teachings and guidance are profound enough to make this its own unique system just like Yoga, Tai Chi, or Chi Kung.

The system honors the idea of the importance of a meditation teacher, a solid set of teachings, and a community of practitioners. Those who make it through the entire training become Certified Anahat Meditation Teachers – all at no charge.

COVID-19, while devastating on so many levels, has caused so many of us to stay-at-home and to dive deep into that which is truly valuable. My spirituality has always been most valuable to me and that always involves my being of service to others. I, therefore, invested in the domain name www.OnlineMonastery.com and have begun a new way of disseminating The Anahat Teachings yet again. I am excited to be sharing something very special with you here using technology that did not exist back in 1996 when these revelations began.

Upon completion of the training, we will issue a Certification of Completion and for those who wish to continue, we will offer a Certified Anahat Meditation Teacher certification as well. There is no charge for these courses or certifications at this time.

For more information and to learn a lot more about the system, please check out my new project at www.OnlineMonastery.com. These classes are open to the public, so feel free to invite your friends and share this information with anyone who might be interested.

Anahat Meditation System

Free Certification

Upon completion of the training we will issue a Certification of Completion and for those who wish to continue we will offer a Certified Anahat Meditation Teacher certification as well. There is no charge for these courses or certifications at this time.

Sunday nights 7pm est

Here are some of the benefits of Anahat Meditation:

  • feel grounded and solid in your body
  • open your heart and clear out old emotional blocks
  • attain a seat of Higher Consciousness—also known as Witness Consciousness
  • tap into the power of the sexual energy and transform it into higher spiritual energies
  • clear out and balance the chakra system
  • clear out and balance the meridian systems
  • integrate your spirituality into your daily life
  • establish a clear connection to Source/God
  • purify the system in preparation for Kundalini Awakening
  • realign the sacred geometrical grids that underlie the human form
  • acquaint you with the wisdom contained within these grids
  • develop a clear, precise and focused mind
  • align the energy system to open to profound mystical experiences including out-of-body experiences
  • fully integrate the physical, etheric, astral, mental and causal bodies with Spirit
  • move through the stages of Samadhi into Absolute Oneness with Source.

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Lesson I Descending

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