Does Hypnosis Always Lead to Transformation

Does Hypnosis Always Lead to Transformation

Does Hypnosis Always Lead to Transformation?

People are becoming increasingly aware of the power of the mind and how to tap into it with hypnosis.  More and more people are becoming trained as Hypnotherapists and we are honored that our hypnotherapy school is regarded as one of the major leaders in our field.  However, despite the incredible results which come from hypnosis, we should not consider this to be a panacea, but rather approach it professionally by educating the public properly about who we are, what we do and how transformation occurs using hypnosis.  Read more here about holding realistic expectations about the use of hypnosis and how it transforms lives.


What is Hypnosis and how does it transform lives?

The altered state of hypnosis is a natural state of mind where we have increased responsiveness with the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is the seat of our memories, emotions, imagination, and creativity.  It is the dynamo that directs our energy, and it is that which primarily motivates our behaviors.  It is where our memories are stored, where our core belief systems reside, and where our triggered emotions spring forth.  Hypnosis gains access to this part of our mind and allows us to make change on deep levels with long-lasting results.  Transformation is simply about making positive shifts on this deeper level of our being to cause core changes in our lives.


Does transformation always occur?

We encourage students not to consider hypnosis a panacea, thereby telling people that it can resolve issues which it cannot.  However, anything that the mind affects hypnosis can work on.  There is no limit to how often we go into hypnosis, no limit to how much positive programming we can engage in, and there is no limit to how much hypnotherapy we can perform.  Whenever we enter the altered state of hypnosis, we are empowered to make positive changes.  Transformations even occur by just entering the state itself.  Hypnosis causes a rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system, where we shift from ‘flight or fight mode’ to ‘rest, digest and heal mode’.  Therefore, comprehensive hypnosis training should always empower its students to embrace this state and to utilize it on a daily basis.


Does hypnosis alone cause transformation?

Yes and no.  Yes, in that the altered state is by definition different than before the alteration occurred.  No, in that deeper change requires specialized training, powerful transformational modalities, and a willingness on the part of the client to truly change.  The mind is truly amazing, and shifts in the way we think should be natural and even effortless.  True transformation is available for everyone however, the hypnotherapist can never tell what is happening on the deeper levels of mind during, or even after the session.  When we intend for positive change to occur, generally it does because of the mere power of intention itself. 


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