Master NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) Certification

Master NeuroLinguistic Programming
(NLP) – Certification

Topics Covered:

  1. Advanced Rapport Building
  2. Waking Hypnosis and Covert Inductions
  3. Advanced Fractionation Patterns
  4. Success Tracking
  5. The Structure of Persuasion
  6. Personal Trance Words
  7. Split Consciousness
  8. NLP Meta Motivational Metaprograms
  9. The Milton-Model and the Meta Model
  10. Ericksonian Hypnosis
  11. Time Line Therapy
  12. Verbal and Non-Verbal Pacing and Leading
  13. Strategies and Logical Levels
  14. Magic Words / Trance Words
  15. Embedded Commands and Analog Marking
  16. Advanced Use of Anchors and Triggers
  17. The More/More Pattern
  18. Therapeutic Storytelling
  19. New Behavior Generator
  20. Softening Phrases
  21. The Stop and Don’t Pattern
  22. Forced Choice/Double-Binds
  23. Compulsion Blow Out
  24. The Secret Sentence
  25. Initiation or Instruction
  26. Strategies for Change
  27. Eye Movement Therapy
  28. Core Transformation
  29. Advanced Modeling Skillsets
  30. Healing States of the Masters
  31. Grieving Pattern and Pre Grieving/Loss
  32. Drop Down Through Techniques
  33. Animal Pattern
  34. Nested Loops
  35. Accelerated Learning
  36. Advanced Self-Esteem Enhancement
  37. 6-Step Reframing Outline
  38. Kinesthetic Swish Exercise
  39. Auto Pilot to Success
  40. Awareness, Temporal, Cause and Effect, and Spatial Patterns
  41. Advanced NLP Language Patterns
National Foundation of NeuroLinguistic Programming

TBD 2021

Program Title: Master NLP – NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioner Training
Number of Clock Hours: 40
Credential Awarded: Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming
Certified Master Trainer:  Dr. Will Horton
Location:  Online
Dates: TBD
Cost:  $1095 (Note:  Basic NLP Training is required through the Institute to enroll in Master level training.  Hours from other trainings are non-transferable)

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