20-Hour Course

Introduction to Hypnosis

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Explore the Field of Hypnotherapy with our 20-Hour Introductory Course

This program gives you the first 20 hours of training to explore the field of hypnotherapy and hypnosis. These hours also count towards your overall training and Hypnotherapy Certification. *Being signed up for these 20 hours does not mean you are “officially” enrolled in our school, however, if you want to continue your training with us, we will happily apply these hours to the full training and credit what you’ve paid for this course towards the full tuition cost.

Course Description

You’ll get instant lifetime access to the first 20 hours of our Hypnotherapist training and certification course*, including our training manual and 15 video lessons:

Introduction to Hypnosis - 20 Hrs

Achieve fundamental skills in the use of hypnotic induction and the effective delivery of suggestions.

Earn Your Hypnotherapy Certification

After completing 300 hours of state-licensed training and passing the IAIH written and practicals skills exam, you'll be awarded the IAIH Hypnotherapist Certification. This gives you the credentials of "CHt", among many other benefits!

An Incredibly Rewarding Work-From-Home Career

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, you can work safely from home, 100% online, using Zoom as a revolutionary way to help others treat mental health disorders and achieve personal transformation. As an online career, you can work with clients around the globe seamlessly integrating traditional hypnotherapy techniques and protocols.

With nothing more than your phone or laptop, not only can you provide clients with a unique experience that offers relief from stress, fear & self-doubt – but also provides instant results!

IIH School Catalog and Schedule - Everything You Need To Know

In order to provide you with everything you need to know about our state-licensed Hypnotherapy Certification program, we’ve put together all the details in one easy-to-read document. Get information on tuition costs, course content, certification, instruction staff, and much more in our IIH School Catalog.

Matthew J. Brownstein

IIH Director, CIHt

The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy welcomes you to our school and congratulates you for having selected an exceptionally exciting path for your future education. Our common efforts will allow you to develop skills and practical knowledge that will enhance your life as well as the lives of the many people you will help to facilitate change in.

IIH offers two ways for you to get started with your hypnotherapy training for no cost or obligation.

Option 1 : Download our Hypnotherapy Care Package for access to courses 101-103 for free.

Option 2 : Contact our Admissions Director Monica Watermann to have any questions answered.

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