Hypnotherapy Continuing Education Units (CEU) Courses

Continuing Education Courses

Interpersonal Hypnotherapist CEU Certification:

22-hour CEU Course

Welcome to the exciting and revolutionary world of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy!  Here you will discover the power of combining highly-refined hypnotherapy skillsets with deep spiritual traditions.  Interpersonal Hypnotherapy simply takes everything you’ve already learned to the next level.

This course consists of:

  1. Direct training with Matthew Brownstein, CIHt – Founder and Current IAIH President.
  2. Videos from the 2015 IAIH Conference, including theory, meditations, group exercises, and PowerPoint Presentations.
  3. Two complete Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Sessions to watch and learn from.

This training is meant for FIH/IIH graduates with over 500 hours of training, yet can be taken by any hypnotherapist with 300 hours or more of State-Licensed Training.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a CEU Certification as an Interpersonal Hypnotherapist through the IAIH and are entitled to use the letters CIHt after your name.

Order Directly Online for Institute Graduates and those with over 300 hours of training from a State-Licensed Hypnotherapy school.  For more information about qualifying to take this course or to order over the phone please call us at 1-800-551-9247.

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Intuition and Psychic Development

8-Hour CEU Course

Have you ever desired to be able to instantly tap into your own inner-knowingness to make truly inspired life decisions? Perhaps you’ve wondered about ways to develop your intuitive and even psychic abilities in a way that you can use both personally and professionally? And perhaps there is simply a part of you that desires to connect with a deeper source, your spirit guides or what you may even call “The Voice for God Within”?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions then we are pleased to introduce you to Intuitive Counselor, Mary Hayes. Mary is a very gifted clairvoyant, channel and medium who brings her gifts to the world while empowering others to realize that we all have these intuitive gifts as well. This 8-Hour CEU Course was designed to help you to tap into your own inner guidance and to find your YES!

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Self-Hypnosis and Meditation

8-Hour CEU Course

It is with great pleasure that I offer you this course on the basics of self-hypnosis and meditation. For me it was extraordinarily pleasurable to create these videos as for every meditation that I shared with you I got to go into myself.

With the essential aim of this course to be that of being more calm, relaxed and at peace, I can truly say that anyone who watches these videos will find more serenity and more ease within their bodies and their minds. The teachings here are far more experiential rather than intellectual, as students inevitably learn all of the information while in an altered state.

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Advanced Eye Movement Therapy

8-Hour CEU Course

Welcome to this powerful series of videos that will guide you through an advanced understanding of Eye Movement Therapy as taught at the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and through the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists. Each of the 7 videos that account for 8 total hours of training can be accessed immediately for instant download.

Upon completing all videos in this CEU course you receive your IAIH CEU Certification.

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“I spent a long time researching programs in Clinical Hypnosis. As a doctor, I knew I wasn’t interested in any fast, fly-by-night program. Real change-work, the ability to powerfully and effectively transform people’s lives, only comes from in-depth study, ample practice, and the wisdom of a genuine guide. I found all of these and more, in Matthew. The program he has built is one of the best in country and I am much richer for having attended it. I now have a professional practice that is both heart-centered and financially prosperous. I owe both to Matthew.”

David Sewell – Sarasota, Florida

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