Clinical Hypnotherapist Training & Certification

Clinical Hypnotherapist Training:

To become an IAIH Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through IIH and to receive State-Licensed diplomas a student must take the following three sections that make up the Program of Study – Hypnotherapist, as well as the Program of Study – Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Clinical Hypnotherapist Training includes:

  • FH – Fundamentals of Hypnotism – 100 Hours
  • AH – Advanced Hypnotism – 100 Hours
  • HT – Hypnotherapist – 100 Hours
  • CH – Clinical Hypnotherapist – 100 Hours

Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification is granted after these 400 hours are successfully completed.

See the Certified Hypnotherapist Page for more information about the courses contained within the Hypnotherapist Program of Study.

CH – Clinical Hypnotherapist

Program of Study – Clinical Hypnotherapist

A diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapist is granted for the successful completion of this Program. Completion of the Hypnotherapist Program is required for attending this Program.

Program Objective
To study and learn the concepts that relate to the use of hypnosis in therapeutic and medical settings and to establish clear scope of practice assessment guidelines. To offer students practical methods for employing hypnosis in coordination with other health care professionals, such as in the fields of medicine, chiropractic, dentistry and child birthing. To ensure that students operate within the scope of their training and know when issues are medical or psychiatric problems which require referrals, supervision or prescriptions.

Program Description
A comprehensive 100 clock hour Program centered upon the therapeutic and medical aspects of hypnosis. Accelerated healing methods, pain management and working with medical professionals are the primary emphasis of this Program. Clinical training also teaches the theory and practice of more advanced regression methods with a strong emphasis on practical hours to ensure successful application of all previously learned methods.

Completion of all preceding Programs is required to attend this Program. Upon completion of this Program, the Institute will award a diploma (received when all training is complete.)

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Course Photo

Course Descriptions

CH401 – Natal Regression – (5 clock hours)
Instructs the student in the model of Natal Regression and the indications and contraindications. Lays the foundation for regression methods to early memories and the means of processing them thoroughly.

CH402 – Transactional Analysis – (2.5 clock hours)
Reviews the basics of Transactional Analysis and deepens the students understanding of working with the three major ego-states. Explores the deeper dynamics of these three states and explains further methods of integration.

CH403 – Analytical Hypnotherapy – (2.5 clock hours)
Prepares the student to work with the Analytical techniques as found in E.A. Barnett’s book Analytical Hypnotherapy. Includes the use of regression and the Transactional Analysis model

CH404 – Integrating Modalities – (2.5 clock hours)
This Course ensures that students are able to integrate what they have learned thus far into comprehensive treatment protocols that yield powerful results. Works to incorporate the many modalities of all previous Courses into personalized strategies aimed at positive and long-lasting change.

CH405 – Breathwork – (5 clock hours)
Prepares the student to facilitate Breathwork sessions where a client is lead in the primary method of Rebirthing to uncover suppressed emotions and resolve deep seated memories. Works to understand the nature of emotional release and prepares the student to provide a safe space for clients to truly open up and heal.

CH406 – Medical Hypnotherapy – (5 clock hours)
Helps the student to have a deeper appreciation of the Florida Statutes for the practice of hypnosis for medical conditions in coordination with “Licensed Practitioners of the Healing Arts.” Teaches scope of practice assessment and the importance of integrative and preventative health care, especially in regards to the model of complementary medicine.

CH407 – Anatomy and Physiology – (5 clock hours)
An introduction to the human body and its many systems, as well as theories on the mind/body connection and how the brain can control the bodies sensations and healing mechanisms.

CH408 – Hypnosis in Pain Management – (10 clock hours)
An introduction to the practice of using hypnosis in managing and/or eliminating pain. A thorough introduction to the limits and scope of the practice of a hypnotist are covered, as well as discussions on the needs for referrals and the ethics of the practice.

CH409 – Psychoneurophysiology – (5 clock hours)
A thorough exploration of the theories and techniques used in healing and pain management. Methods include the use of visualization, suggestions, metaphors, control rooms and other creative tools for controlling sensations and bodily functions.

CH410 – Hypnosis in Childbirth – (5 clock hours)
Prepares the student for working with pregnant women to facilitate a more comfortable or even pain-free childbirth. Uses various techniques for relaxation, stress reduction and pain management, while also working to deepen the mother/child bond and eliminate all fear and negativity.

CH411 – Hypnosis in Dentistry – (5 clock hours)
Prepares the hypnotist to work one-on-one with a dentist in helping patients to relax, eliminate fear and even undergo dental procedures without analgesia or anesthesia.

CH412 – Hypnosis in Medical Settings – (5 clock hours)
Provides students practical ways to integrate their hypnotherapy practice into medical and hospital settings. Instructs the student in the use of hypnosis for medical emergencies to teach first responders enhanced communication skills with those with whom they attend.

CH413 – Healing with Hypnosis – (10 clock hours)
A thorough exploration of the healing power of the mind as found within many traditions including; Mesmerism, Hypnotism, Psychoneurophysiology, New Thought Movements, Faith Healing, the Placebo Effect, as well as in depth reviews of the books The Sutras on Healing and Enlightenment and A Course in Miracles.

CH414 – Practical Hour – (30 clock hours)
Practical (hands-on) hours are interspersed throughout this Program to encourage students to practice each and every technique that they have been taught on their fellow students. This allows students to not only practice what they are learning, but also to experience it for themselves.

“Originally, I intended to come to The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy to acquire some helpful tools for my main career path towards Doctoral Psychology. I had plans of moving down to Florida to acquire the basic 300 hours, earn my Hypnotherapist certificate, then return home in the spring to attend Graduate School. Yet, on a break from Hypnotherapy classes, I travelled back home to set up all my upcoming graduate classes, but something didn’t feel right. My original path was shadowed by my overwhelming desire to continue my career in Hypnotherapy. I dropped out of upcoming graduate school and decided to remain at The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy for all 500 hours, and I am eternally grateful I made that choice. Not only did I discover my true passion in life through such brilliant teachings, but I also discovered a Spiritual peace of which I had never previously known. Matthew did not impose any Spiritual teaching upon me, but after a great deal of reflection, I embraced the peaceful loving teachings he offered. Now, I continue to practice and share these teachings with others through my current thriving hypnotherapy business. Thanks Matthew, you helped me discover the highest path for myself.”

Sam Choura – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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